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Top 10 Creative Easter Crafts for Kids

10 Creative and Easy Easter Crafts

Fun Kids Crafts

Creative Easter Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for some creative and easy makes to enjoy with the kids on rainy afternoons?

If so, making some arts and crafts projects can really help keep them engaged. And you usually end up with something beautiful at the end to decorate the house with too.

Here is a round up of our top 10 creative Easter crafts for kids. All are easy to set up and make. They can keep kids busy indoors and help them get creative this Easter.


Fork painting - enjoy these funky fork print Easter chicks as a great Easter craft for kids rev 1

Easter Chick Fork Printing

An easy peasy Easter craft that even toddlers can enjoy too.

Just dip a fork in yellow paint and make forkprints around in a circle to build up your Easter chicks.

A few added details like little legs, eyes and a beak and he’s good to go!

You can find the full Easter Chick Fork Printing craft here. 


Paper plate hatching chicks Easter craft for kids

Hatching Chicks Paper Plate Craft

Using just paper plates and some paint, you can make little hatching eggs.

You can make the little chicks inside the egg using yellow felt or card and even feathers too if you have them.

Find the Hatching Chicks Paper Plate craft here.



Thumbprint Easter Eggs

This is such a fun way to decorate Easter eggs. Dip fingers or thumbs in paint and print them onto eggs to make the bodies of the Easter animals. Then all you need to do is add on a few details to complete the chicks and bunnies with Sharpie pens.

You can do this craft on coloured or white eggs. Or if you can’t get hold of eggs at the moment you can use plastic eggs instead.

You can find the Thumbprint Easter Egg craft here.


Easter handprint craft - make these cute little hand print Easter bunnies with this fun toddler craft

Handprint Easter Bunnies

Make handprint Easter bunnies by dipping little hands in white paint and printing them on coloured card.

Then you can add on details for the ears, whiskers and face.

You can find the full Handprint Easter Bunny craft here.


Paper plate Easter egg basket craft for kids

Paper Plate Easter Egg Basket

Make a pretty Easter egg basket using just paper plates and paint. Then have fun decorating some eggs to go in it too.

You can find the full Paper Plate Easter Egg Basket craft here.


Cork print craft - Easter chick paintings - a perfect Easter craft for kids

Cork Print Easter Chicks

Using those old wine corks, you can make little cork prints in yellow paint.

Draw on some eyes, legs and wings to turn them into little chicks.

You can find the full Cork Print Chick craft here.

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DIY Easter decorations. Make your own Easter table decorations with these fun Easter crafts for kids.

3 Creative DIY Easter Decorations

Make little paper cup bunnies, DIY Easter napkin holders and even an little Easter egg tree this year.

You can find the instructions for all 3 Easter decorations here.


Easter rock painting - make these great easter chicks by painting pebbles - a great easter craft for kids

Easter Pebble Chicks

Collect up some smooth pebbles and paint them in white and yellow paints to make little pebble chicks.

They’re easy to make and these cute chicks can be used as decorations afterwards.

Find the full Easter rock painting craft here.


Egg carton craft - enjoy making these cute hatching pom pom chicks as an Easter craft with the kids

Egg Carton Chicks

Make little pom pom chicks hatch from egg carton shells this Easter.

An easy peasy craft that toddlers especially will love.

You can find the full Hatching Pom Pom Chick craft here.


Easter egg bunnies and chicks craft - decorate your Easter eggs this year to look like little Easter animals

Easter Egg Animals

Jazz up Easter eggs this year by turning them into Easter chicks or bunnies.

It uses dyed eggs but you can also use plastic eggs instead.

Then it just needs some card, strong glue and a black Sharpie.

You can find the full craft for Easter Egg Animals here.

Happy Easter!

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Top 10 Creative Easter Crafts - easy Easter crafts for kids and preschoolers

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