14 brilliant Bonfire night activities for kids

Check out these bonfire night activities for kids for sizzling fun bonfire night parties and celebrations

Remember, remember the 5th of November. Bonfires, sparklers and firework fun!

Check out these great Bonfire night activities to make your family celebrations go off with a bang.

From sparkling recipes, explosive crafts and fun party games – we’ve got everything you need for a sizzling evening!


Have fun finger painting with this easy bonfire night craft. Get printing with fingers and paints to make this beautiful kids painting

Flaming Bonfire finger paintings

Get messy with these fiery Bonfire night finger paintings.

Little kids will love dipping their fingers in paint, and swooshing them around to make the flames.

And with a touch of glitter to add extra sparkle, these Bonfire paintings wow everyone. Find out how to make them here.



Hot (Bonfire night) potato game

Who will end up holding the hot potato and be out of the game?

Gather all your family or party guests in a circle.

When the music starts, they must throw a potato from person to person around the circle. Whoever is left holding the ‘hot’ potato when the music stops is out.

Continue playing until only one player remains to claim victory! 


Check out these bonfire night activities for kids for sizzling fun bonfire night parties and celebrations

Marshmallow rockets

Make these marshmallow rockets in minutes and watch them disappear swiftly into hungry tums at your Bonfire night feast.

Start by sticking marshmallows onto the end of a wooden skewer.

Then dip them into melted chocolate and dip them again into sprinkles. Stand them upright until they set.

For extra fun you can add some popping candy to your sprinkles, so that it crackles in their mouths when they eat them!

Either way these sizzling rocket sticks are bound to go down a treat on Bonfire night.



The Catherine Wheel dizzy whizzy game

Teens and tweens will giggle at this fun party game.

Spin each party guest around like a Catherine Wheel firework. Then say ‘GO’ and watch them do their best to walk to the other end of the room while they are dizzy.

The first one to reach the finish line is the winner. To be extra harsh, you can see if they can balance a beanbag or book on their head as they cross the room!


fireworks craft - scratch art fireworks

Scratchwork firework craft

Do you remember doing scratch art as a child?

These scratch art firework pictures are easy to make and a great way to spend a crafty afternoon with the kids.

You end up with a beautiful firework painting at the end to hang up! Find out how to make them here.



Fizzing fireworks dancing game

Dance around like fizzing fireworks while the music plays and make your own firework shapes when the music stops. When you shout:

Catherine Wheel – everyone must spin round and round with their arms stretched out.

Rocket – everyone must crouch down low and then jump up as high as they can.

Sparklers – everyone must put their hands up, stretch out their fingers and dance up and down and round and round.

Bangers – everyone must clap their hands and count 1, 2, 3 and shout ‘Bang’.

You can play for as long as you like. There are no winners or losers. This one’s just for fun!


Fabulous indoor firework craft - have fun with this fun bonfire night craft for kids

Paper roll fireworks craft

While you’re waiting for the fireworks to light up the night sky, why not make your very own indoor fireworks with this fun craft for kids?

Made using leftover toilet rolls, they’re super quick and easy to make, and make beautiful decorations. Find the step by step instructions here.



Glow stick treasure hunt

Have you ever had a treasure hunt in the dark? It adds an extra element of fun to a scavenger hunt.

Hide glow sticks all over the garden. Make some of them trickier to find by hiding them high up in bushes or trees and behind plant pots.

Ask your party guests to set them off and see how many they can find.


bonfire night craft - kids craft - salt fireworks

Salt paint firework pictures

Glue some salt onto black card and then drip paints onto them to watch the colours blend into each other. Easy to make and you end up with these vibrant and colourful firework pictures.

Find the step by step instructions for this salt fireworks craft here.



In the bonfire circle game

Gather your guests into a circle for this fun game that will get everyone grooving and moving.

Ask everyone to stand in a circle and if you like you can pop some music on to get everyone boogying. Choose one person as the caller to shout out 4 phrases in no particular order.

When they shout:

‘In the bonfire’ – everyone has to put their hands out in front of them towards an imaginary bonfire.

‘Out of the bonfire’ – everyone has to put their hands high up in the air.

‘On the logs’ – everyone has to put their hands on their knees.

‘Sparklers’ – everyone has to put their hands in the air and shake them around.

If anyone does the wrong action, they are out. Speed up how fast you shout the actions and have great fun watching everyone try to keep up.


fabulous fireworks prints - fireworks craft

Paper roll fireworks printers

Don’t throw away those toilet rolls!

You can also use them to make great printers for stunning firework paintings.

This is a quick, easy and exciting craft for little ones. The results are amazing! Find out how to make firework stampers here.



The Rattlin’ Bog campfire song

Have brilliant fun gathering your friends and family around the bonfire and teaching them the Rattlin’ Bog song.

Once you learn it as a family, it will become your campfire song for life.

You can’t help but tap your feet, clap your hands and smile as you sing it together. 




Sparkling names in the night sky

Write your names in the night sky.

Give everyone a sparkler and ask them to try and write their names with them.

If you take photos (or photo bursts on a smart phone) you can capture some great images of their names lit up against the dark.


Party desserts - smores - bonfire night smores

Gooey baked smores bars

There are smores and then there are these ultimate gooey, decadant, baked Bonfire night smores bars. They’re divine.

The recipe comes with a hearty oat base, or you can replace it with a classic Digestive biscuit layer. Either way they’re quick and easy to make and kids will LOVE to join in when you start topping them with Marshmallows.

You may well adopt these smores as one of your family Bonfire night favourites! 

With these fab bonfire nights crafts, party games, recipes and activities you’ve got all you need to make your 5th of November a family night to remember.

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