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Raising Teens

Emotional needs of a child by age - emotional needs of a baby - emotional needs of a toddler - emotional needs of a teenager

Emotional Needs of a Child by Age

From the day they’re born children have certain strong emotional needs. See what the experts have to say about the emotional needs of a child by age and how we can support them through all ages and stages.

25 powerful affirmations for kids to encourage a positive mindset to tackle any problems

25 powerful positive affirmations for kids

Helping your child to think positively can build their self esteem, develop their resilience and help them make better choices. Try one of our 25 powerfully positive affirmations for kids.

20 best Christmas movies to watch with kids and teens - have festive family fun this Christmas

20 best holiday movies for kids

Is there anything better than snuggling up together as a family to watch a Christmas movie (or two)? Here’s our pick of the best holiday movies for kids.