Scratch art fireworks craft

fireworks craft - scratch art fireworks

Did you know you can make your own scratch art paintings? Scratch art is such a fun activity for children! We used oil pastels and paint to make this fabulous firework craft.

fireworks craft - scratch art fireworks

You will need:

  • Oil pastels
  • White card
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Washing up liquid
  • Paintbrush
  • Toothpicks, cocktail sticks or a clay tool to use as a scraper


fireworks craft - scratch art fireworks

Step 1: Colour your sheet of card

Use oil pastels to cover your entire piece of card with colourful patterns.

Don’t worry too much about what patterns you colour and if they are a bit messy.

The main thing is to cover the entire area of white card with your pastel colours.


fireworks craft - scratch art fireworks

Step 2: Paint over your design

Mix up some black acrylic paint with a little squeeze of washing up liquid.

This makes your paint nice and thick and helps it stick to your oil pastels.

Now paint over your colourful design with the black paint mixture.

Make sure you paint a nice, thick coat of paint to cover the whole sheet of paper.


fireworks craft - scratch art fireworks

Step 3: Start scraping

Now for the really fun bit. Once your paint is completely dry you can start scraping the black paint to reveal the bright colours underneath.

You can use a toothpick or cocktail stick as a scraper or even the end of a paintbrush.

We used a wooden knife that is designed for cutting clay.

Scrape small lines into the black paint to make your fireworks begin to appear.

Fabulous fireworks

Keep scraping lines and patterns into the black paint until you have created some fabulous fireworks exploding in the night sky.

fireworks craft - scratch art fireworks


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