20 Best Children’s Party Entertainers in London

best children's party entertainers in london - find the best kids party entertainers in north london and all of london - top kids party entertainment

Emma Wright

When kids birthdays come around, we want to give them an awesomely fun time. A day that they’ll love and that their friends will rave about.

But when the big day looms ahead we start to wonder…how on earth can we keep a roomful of excited little party guests entertained? 

This is where party entertainers are a godsend. They take all the stress out of party planning, and leave you with just the food and party bags to organise.

To cut through the searching around, here’s a list of our 20 best children’s party entertainers in London to make their birthday celebrations go off with a bang. 

From tots to teens. From arty parties, animal encounters, boogie bashes and mind-blowing science experiments. There’s something here for everyone here.

We hope they give you a fantastic party and even better memories! And may they help make your party planning that little bit easier. 


20 Best Children’s Party Entertainers in London



The Giggle Company

Awesome toddler and kids party entertainment

We love: their fun and engaging toddler parties for 2-4 years olds.

Good for: Personalised themed party entertainment
Ages: 1-14 yrs
Parties last: 2 hours
Extras: Offer quieter or more specialised events for special needs children. Able to do events in hospitals too.
Website: www.thegigglecompany.co.uk

The Giggle company deliver awesomely fun parties for ages all the way up to 14 years old, but we love their toddler parties in particular!

They come with a trunk load of party equipment, bags full of energy and fun games and songs for the kids.

They’re also great at delivering party themes that are specially tailored to your birthday boy or girl. They can organise everything from Jedi Training Camp Star Wars parties for Tweens to a ‘Princess Party’ and or a gentle ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ for tinies.

And if they haven’t already got a party package to fit your theme, they’ll do their best to create one! The Giggle Company definitely keep all the kids entertained, with music, games, songs and dancing.

The energy in the room was incredible and every child was engaged, happy and loving every moment. Chantal

See more Facebook reviews here.



Safari Pete

Wildlife parties – the mini safari zoo that comes to you

We love: how children learn how to safely catch toads and take a lizard for a walk

Good for: Animal mad kids
Ideal ages: 5-12 yrs
Parties last: 1-2 hours
Website: www.safaripete.co.uk

Animal parties are always really popular with kids. And these Safari parties are even more so. After all, it’s not everyday that they get to hold a tarantula or take a lizard for a walk.

Safari Pete brings all sorts of exciting animals to your party for the guests to meet and hold. It’s not cute bunnies and guinea pigs though. There are some really cool animals like Tallulah the Meerkat, Drake the Snake, Lady Gaga the Tarantula and (arguably the star of the show) Jayz the crocodile.

Safari Pete is so passionate about animals and wildlife and it really shows. One parent said:

I cannot emphasize just how great the show was and how fabulous Pete was!! Not only were the children captivated but the adults were blown away as well. Sacha

Find this and more reviews here.



Captain Fantastic

Party entertainer and party planning

We love: the UV Glow Discos, where guests glow in neon lights

Good for: High energy parties for kids and tweens
Ideal ages: 3-11 years
Extras: You can order party bags too as extra items
Website: captain-fantastic.co.uk

If you’re inviting a room full of energetic kids to your party and want to keep them entertained then it’s worth checking out Captain Fantastic.

They run some super high energy parties such as street dance parties and UV glow discos. You can also add some cool extras such as a photo booth with props, inflatable instruments or a light up dance floor.

They’ve won a ton of awards and have thousands of reviews from happy customers. One parent said:

Kris from Captain Fantastic was absolutely amazing! We hired Kris for our sons 4th birthday party. He had the children fully engaged from start to finish. Even during lunch Kris worked the room keeping the kids entertained. Although, every child was sporting a huge smile during the event, Kris ensured our son was the focus of attention. He was professional and fun. We would highly recommend him! Martin and Arshia




Lucas Jet

Circus parties

We love: how kids learn circus tricks too!

Good for: Your very own circus performance
Parties last: 40 mins – 2 hours
Ideal ages: 4-12 years
Extras: FREE invites. Birthday girl or boy gets a free canvas bag with a spinning plate.
Website: www.lucasjet.party

Find out more and contact Lucas Jet on Mas & Pas LOCAL here.

A creative new idea for kids party entertainment is to get your very own circus show.

Lucas Jet provides circus entertainment around the country with tricks, stunts and exciting performances at your own venue.

They can even bring a striped big top tent if you want to really surprise your kids with a circus in the back garden! Here’s what one parent had to say: 

Just home from an AMAZING birthday party featuring Lucas. He kept all the kids and adults entertained spectacularly well and is highly skilled in all things circus. Would definitely recommend. Jenny

See more Facebook page reviews here.



Jo Jo Fun

Party entertainers and planners

We love: the Krazee Kids Parties for older kids where they can learn circus skills.

Good for: Magical parties for kids of all ages
Ages: 1-10 years
Extras: FREE invites. Balloon decorations and party bags offered as extras too.
Website: www.jojofun.co.uk

Find out more and contact JoJoFun on Mas & Pas LOCAL here.

From pirate parties, bug parties, Shrek parties to magic parties Jo Jo Fun offer a huge range of fun themes. Each party comes with an entertainer who will keep all your party guests involved and excited.

Jo Jo Fun has even entertained royals. They’ve done parties on river boats and even some abroad. And to make your life easier, they can organise the party bags too. 

Very simply, every parent there, me included, said that Lisa…was the best entertainer we have had at any party – and we have had a few! The booking process was fast and efficient and Lisa phoned me before the event to ensure that the party was tailored to meet our daughter’s wishes. Lisa was bursting with energy and worked her socks off for 2 hours making sure that all the children had a great time. It is the only party that all I have been to where ALL the children joined in for all of the time. Very highly recommended. Simon

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The Fab Lab

Science parties that wow kids

We love: the sweet making where kids create their own popcorn and sherbet

Good for: Science mad kids who love experiments
Ideal Ages: 5-12 years
Extras: FREE invitations
Website: thefablab.co.uk

Find out more and contact the Fab Lab on Mas & Pas LOCAL here.

Imagine a party full of fizzing potions and gloopy slime. Where the guests can see what dragon’s breath looks like and watch little explosions erupt in front of their eyes.

Fab Lab parties bring everything they need to your venue to set up exciting science experiments to impress the guests.

Worried about the mess? They’ll make sure everything is cleaned up once the party’s over. 

It exceeded even my most wildly optimistic hopes and I pretty much want him to come back and do it again for me and my own, adult friends. He was friendly, professional, completely brilliant with the kids, completely mesmerising. So thank you very much for delivering a perfect day for my son and his friends and making my life a little easier.

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Froggle Parties

High energy party entertainment and discos

We love: their gigantic bubbles that are big enough for kids to stand inside

Good for: High octane parties packed with fun
Ideal Ages: 2-6 years
Extras: FREE invites. Balloon and gift for the birthday girl/boy. Can organise party bags as extras.
Website: www.froggleparties.com

Find out more and contact Froggle Parties on Mas & Pas LOCAL here.

Looking for a party entertainer that you know will be tuned into your child and make sure they love their party?

For all sorts of party ideas, check out Froggle. You can pick from drama parties, science parties, bubble parties, discos, magicians and so much more.

Another bonus is that Froggle parties are eco friendly and only use biodegradable balloons, party bags and plastic free gifts!

Many thanks! The girls had an absolute ball and we heard several children saying it was the best party they had been to. Girls were very happy- it was the most successful (and stress free!) party we’ve ever done. Please do pass our thanks on again to our entertainer. Sofia

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Sleepee Teepee

The most magical sleepover parties

We love: their gorgeous vintage sweet cart and sweet hampers for each guest

Good for: Amazing sleepover parties
Ideal Ages: 6 – 16 years
Extras: They can all sorts of extras to your sleepover party
Website: www.sleepyteepeeuk.co.uk

If you want to throw your child a sleepover party that they’ll never forget check out Sleepee Teepee.  They set up stunning teepees decorated with bunting and decked out with snuggly bedding and cushions.

Or you can choose a huge bell tent with a little cosy bed for each guest inside. It’s not all about the sleeping though, they can provide magical activities before bedtime – such as crafts, pamper hampers, a movie cart, spy missions, midnight snacks and much more. 

It was more than I could of imagined. Thank you Sleepee Teepee UK for waving your magic wand. You’re the absolute best! Myleene Klass

Source. Check out more reviews on their Facebook Page.



Little Rascals

Themed party entertainment

We love: their parachute games that get all the kids involved in the fun

Good for: Themed parties
Ages: 3-8 years
Parties last for: 2 hours
Extras: They can help you source other party supplies too.
Website: www.littlerascalsparties.co.uk

Find out more and contact Little Rascals Parties on Mas & Pas LOCAL here.

Whether you want a fairy party, a unicorn party or a jungle explorers party Little Rascals create magical parties to your theme. They send not just one but two entertainers to add to the fun.

During the party all your guests enjoy fun activities – such as bubbles, parachute games, treasure hunts, tram games, dancing, arts and crafts and balloon modelling.

Little Rascals entertainers make extra sure the birthday girl or boy is enjoying their party – whether they’re outgoing or a little bit quieter.

Little rascals…won over reluctant kids and held the attention of lively ones. It was like having cbeebies presenters in our house and nothing was too much trouble……the proof of the pudding, we’ve booked them again this year.

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Magic Mikey

Magic show and entertainer

We love: the flying table magic trick that’s got even the parents stumped

Good for: Magic show and fun parties with an experienced entertainer
Ideal Ages: 3-8 years
Extras: Birthday boy or girl gets a free model animal balloon if you book a magic party.
Website: magicmikey.co.uk

If you’re looking for an experienced party entertainer that you can trust, take a look at Magic Mikey. He provides the full range of party entertainment from great magic shows, fun games, puppet shows and disco dancing.

You should have Magic Mikey at all possible parties! Sarah Beeny

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Creation Station

Art Parties

We love: their unicorn parties, where children make their own magical 2D and 3D models of unicorns to take home.

Good for: Kids who love arts and creative activities.
Ideal Ages: 2-6 years
Parties last: Up to 2 hours
Extras: FREE invites, party bags for each child to take their creations home in
Website: www.thecreationstation.co.uk

If you’re looking for creative activities for your birthday celebrations then an arty party might be the answer.

Creation Station are one of the most popular choices for art and craft parties. So much so, that they can get booked up 10 months in advance.

They bring everything you need to your venue. That way all your party guests can enjoy making 2 or 3 gorgeous crafts that they can take home with them at the end of the party. They even get their own personalised party bag to pop their creations inside.

A perfect party for my 5 year old. It was very well managed and organised. All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, it kept them engaged throughout and taking their creations home at the end was great! Would highly recommend.

See this and more reviews here.




Creative Movements 

Drama and movement imaginative parties

We love: their rainbow river, kids lie underneath it and watch the waves flow.

Good for: Magical parties for younger kids
Parties last: 1-2 hours
Ages: 18 months – 7 years
Website: www.creativemovements.co.uk

Creative Movements gives a truly unique way to transport children into a story.

Their classes are all about combining movement and music with a theme or story book for children to explore. They use loads of colourful props along the way. And their parties are all the more enchanting.

Designed around your preferred theme, they immerse children in an imaginary world throughout the party. With songs, games, enactment, music and art, your little ones will have a magical time.

 We have used creative movements for two fantastic parties. Michelle and Jasmine are brilliant at getting all the children involved and making a birthday really special. We have had the Under the Sea and Magic Carpet themes both of which were great fun and had the children enthralled. Helen F




Sharkey and George

Party entertainer and party planning

We love: their warrior parties, where kids can become Vikings, knights of Musketeers and make shields and banners and take part in exciting raids.

Good for: every kind of party theme
Ideal Ages: 2-6 year olds
Parties last for: 2 hours
Extras: able to organise everything from decorations, to the food and cake, to party bags.
Website: sharkyandgeorge.com

Not sure what sort of party you’re looking for? Try out Sharkey and George. They organise some really exciting parties, including – survival parties in the woodlands, spy parties, movie making, chocolate making and much more.

If you’re looking for a more traditional retro party with classic games, they can do that too. There’s have so much variety they even organise parties for grown-ups as well.

If you like they can also sort out other things for you too from balloons to the cake, from decorations to party bags. So you can just relax and enjoy the party, knowing that everything is sorted.

Coco and all the kiddies LOVED them – and it was so lovely to see even the most shy of her friends joining in and having fun. Abigail

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Mother Nature Science

Science parties that wow kids

We love: how guests learn to make elephant toothpaste! And get to make and take home their own pot of slime. 

Good for: Kids who love slime and exciting science experiments
Ages: 5-12 yrs
Parties last: 1-1.5 hours
Extras: FREE invitations, Party bags to buy.
Website: www.mnature.co.uk/science-party

Parties with some whizz, pop and bang. And a lot of bubbles, slime (and even snow).

Mother Nature Science brings all the kit to your home (or venue) and set up loads of exciting science experiments to wow your party guests. Don’t worry though as they clean up all the mess at the end.

To make your party more unique you can choose a theme too – everything from Frozen to Harry Potter. You get free invitations to send out and they can organise party bags – two more jobs you can tick off the list!

Thank you so much to the Professor – who was FABULOUS. The kids loved her and she kept them engaged for a solid 2 hours. The content was excellent and the children absolutely loved the dry ice, eating their own burps and playing with the slime. My son also loved being her assistant and had a blast (no pun intended)! Melanie

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Bushcraft Parties

Outdoor, active parties

We love: how children can take part in their own Bushtucker trials (eating bugs!)

Good for: Kids who love the great outdoors and a bit of adventure.
Ages: 5-15 yrs
Website: bushcraftparties.com

Not all parties have to take place at home or in a village hall. You could shake things up and have an outdoor party – filled with active fun and adventures.

At a Bushcraft party your child and their guests can enjoy all sorts of activities – building dens in the woods, learning survival skills, making their own bows and arrows and even cooking the party tea over a campfire (entertainment and party food done in one!)

You might worry about booking an outdoor party when the great British weather is so unreliable. But if it rains on your party day then Bushcraft bring tarps for the kids to shelter under.

They find that most children don’t mind the rain and still enjoy the outdoor fun in raincoats and wellies.

The party was run by Michael, who was fun and energetic with the children (mainly girls ages 10/11!). They played tug o’ war, made a shelter, lit the fire (practised first with the flints to make sparks), cooked sausages over the fire and then were split into teams to hide a scarf and then had to retrieve the other teams scarf back to their base camp. It was a cold, wet November day and sprints were kept high to get them revved up!! Only complaint……the kids (and I) wished it could have been 4 hours long and not 2, we weren’t ready to split the party up.

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Party entertainer and planning service

We love: their huge choice of parties available – everything from Build a Bear parties, discos, treasure hunt parties, slime parties and more.

Good for: Bespoke magical parties
Ages: 1-15 yrs
Parties last: 1-2 hours
Extras: Free invites to print out
Website: www.puddles.london

Puddles is like a one stop party company.You can pick a theme and Puddles will tailor the decorations, costumes, story, treasure loot and prizes to fit.

They organise all sorts of different parties – from treasure hunt parties, slime and arty parties, magicians and discos. And much more. A costumed entertainer leads each party. They start all the activities and keep all the guests entertained.

We love that Puddles can help organise every single detail of your party – from the venue, decorations and entertainment. To the food, party bags and cake. 

A massive thank you for a brilliant party! I can’t credit your team enough. The kids were totally engaged the whole party, they had a ball and I had so many compliments from parents on the great theme. Jacqui

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Starting with Art

Art parties with creative projects

We love: their superhero cape making crafts

Good for: Kids who love arts and crafts
Ages: 3 years+
Extras: Arty party bags can be provided
Website: www.startingwithart.com

Starting with Art run really lovely arty parties for children. They bring everything to your home or venue for your guests to enjoy making some beautiful works of art to take home. They can provide party bags too. 

We had a fantastic 5th birthday party for our daughter thanks to Natalie at Starting with Art.  She was happy to work with our daughter’s ideas and come up with an art activity for the children – they all made dream catchers with lots of threading, beads, sparkles and plasticine.  Natalie arrived in plenty of time to set up the activity before the children arrived (all we had to do was clear some floor space!) She got all the children (and plenty of the parents!) involved and had them all engrossed.  She even had a second activity lined up for anyone who finished quickly. Starting with Art also did the party bags for us which included an activity sheet related to the party as well as little presents, trinkets and treats for the children. It was a great party and very original.  It was a huge success with all the children and parents. Thank you for a memorable 5th birthday! Shama

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Children Party Planet

Magical parties with fun and games

We love: their parachute games and fun for little ones.

Good for: personalised party
Ages:  1-10 years
Parties last for: 1-2 hours
Website: www.childrenpartyplanet.co.uk

Stella from Children Party Planet arrives dressed as a character of your choice – whether it’s Elsa from Frozen or Pirate Choppy.

She transports your party guests into an imaginary world through drama games, dancing, games, stories and activities such as a magic show, bubbles and face painting or glitter tattoos. Each guest goes home with their very own balloon animal too.

A brilliant party! Stella was in control all throughout and so talented, that both children and adults loved her. Even granny enjoyed watching her. My daughter felt so special and she couldn’t stop talking about the magic she did. Laura

See this and more reviews here.



Mystical Fairies

Magical themed parties

Good for: Parties with a bit of extra magic
Ideal ages: 1-10 years
Parties last for: 2 hours
Extras: They can organise party bags and decorations
Website: mysticalfairies.co.uk
We love: The fairy training and flying lessons that really get the children involved in the magic.

Mystical Fairies send an entertainer in a magical costume to lead your party. They don’t have to be dressed as fairies. They can also be pirates and favourite characters, such as Elsa from Frozen or Peter Pan.

You can work with the Magical Fairies to tailor a theme that your child will love. They then bring everything they need to host a great party.

There’s traditional party games, music and dancing, treasure hunts, and balloon modelling. The birthday girl or boy even gets a birthday gift from the Fairy Queen.

These parties aren’t just for young children either. There are plenty of themes and packages to choose from, which older kids will love too – including spa parties, mocktail making, potion and wizard parties, Jedi training and spy school.

Mystical fairies provided the most wonderful memories for my little Fairies. Thank you very much; everything was perfect from the fairy queen to Peter Pan and a fabulous face painter!! From start to finish…great advise all the way, very supportive …allowing me to concentrated in hosting. Children and parents had a great time!! A very happy mummy!! Angie

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Anywhere Parties

Party entertainers

We love: The football parties with training, games and bubble challenges

Good for: High energy parties
Ideal ages: 4-12 years
Parties last for: 1-2 hours
Website: www.anywhereparties.co.uk

Would your child love a football party? A disco party? A Star Wars party? Anywhere Parties have some fab party entertainments with amazing props and themes. 

And if you have got a special theme that you can’t see listed on their website then they’ll create a unique party around it. The parties are packed with fun.

The party entertainers will lead exciting games, dancing, bubbles, balloon modelling, fun with parachutes and so much more.

Want a bit of added wow factor? You can add a snow machine or smoke machine to your party package too. 

Highly recommend. So glad I booked my sons 5th birthday party with anywhere parties. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment. Was a great afternoon. My son had an amazing birthday and there were a lot of complements regarding the entertainment. Thank you Kirsty

See more Facebook reviews here.



And one more for fun!

We couldn’t finish our party list without mentioning one amazing party entertainment provider.

Emily’s Entertainment

She offers:

We highly recommend Emily’s face painting in particular.



Which children’s party entertainer will you go for?

If you’re still not sure, head on over to our Party Entertainer Listings on Mas & Pas LOCAL to find more details about each one.

Whichever entertainer you go with and whatever theme you choose we hope you and your kids have an awesomely great time together!

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