Pointillism Trees

Kids Crafts Pointillism Tree with falling leaves

Fun Kids Craft

Pointillism Trees

This is a lovely way to introduce children to pointillism, a painting technique used by some of the great artists, including Monet and Van Gogh.

Instead of using paintbrushes artists make lots of little prints of dots and slowly build them up to make their finished picture.

This is a very simple way of printing dots, using cotton ear buds to make a stunning painting of a tree.

What you need:

A piece of paper or card



Cotton ear buds

Kids Crafts Pointillism Tree what you need paints earbuds paintbrushes

Step 1: Paint the tree trunk and branches

Kids Crafts Pointillism Tree step one paint trunk and branches

First paint a simple tree trunk and a few branches using a paint brush and brown paint.

Step 2: Choose your leaf colours

Kids Crafts Pointillism Tree step 2 choose your leaf colours and add with earbud

Choose a selection of colours and pour into a paint tray or onto a paper plate.

We chose lots of autumnal colours, such as oranges, reds, yellows and browns.

Any paint works well for this painting. We used acrylics here.

Now dip an ear bud into one colour and start printing dots all around the tree branches.

Step 3: Build up the leaves

Kids Crafts Pointillism Tree step 3 build up leaves with pointillism

Choose another colour and keep printing little dots with your ear buds.

We painted a very stylised tree, keeping the dots in a circle but let your child happily print away however they choose.

Step 4: Keep on printing!
Kids Crafts Pointillism Tree full set of autumn leaves added

Keep on printing with different colours, making sure the dots are quite close together.

Step 5: Add some falling leaves for Autumn trees

Kids Crafts Pointillism Tree finished result with falling leavesIf you like, add a few dots at the foot of the tree to look like falling leaves.

Once your child is happy then they can sit back and admire their finished tree.

Tip for Doing this with Toddlers:

 Ear buds will be too small for toddlers to hold and print with.

To make it easier you could use corks to print big dots with instead.