Pebble Hedgehog Family

Hedgehog pebble family on leaves finished result - fun kids crafts

Fun Kids Crafts

Pebble Hedgehog Family


Step 1: What you need

 Selection of pebbles

Acrylic paints: yellow, brown and black

 Paintbrushes

fun kids crafts hedgehog pebbles what you need - stones paintbrushes and brown paints

Gather some pebbles on a family walk. Look for flat, oblong or round shapes pebbles. Wash with water and pat dry.

Step 2: Paint the pebbles

Fun kids crafts hedgehog pebbles step 2 paint pebbles step showing painted yellow

Paint the pebbles in yellow or light brown paint. Avoid using children’s paints and stick to acrylics.

If necessary paint 2 coats of paint on each. You don’t need to paint the bottoms

Step 3: Paint their bodies

Fun kids crafts hedgehog pebbles step 3 paint hedgehog step painting bodies dark brown

Now paint the back section of the pebbles dark brown to make the hedgehog bodies.

Step 4: Add faces and prickles

Fun kids crafts hedgehog pebbles step showing painting face and prickles

Paint on the eyes, noses and little zigzag patterns for the prickles, using a fine paintbrush.

You could use a black permanent marker instead if you want to be more precise.

Why not make a whole hedgehog family?