45 ways to annoy your teenager, guaranteed

annoy your teenager - 45 ways to annoy your teenager guaranteed

Teenagers are tricky beings. You never quite know what mood they will be in and what will annoy your teenager at any given moment.

They could be bubbly and over-the-moon one second and in a cross, dramatic episode the next. There are no warning signs between mood swings. Sometimes all you have to do is breathe in the wrong way to set them off.

Here are 45 surefire ways to annoy your teenager:

Say ‘Good morning‘ to them too cheerfully

Say ‘Goodbye‘ to them too cheerfully

Suggest that they ‘Have a good day

Ask them to put on a coat because it’s cold outside

Suggest they should put on more sensible shoes

Suggest they should change their outfit

Suggest they should wear a hat/take an umbrella

Eat too loudly

Laugh too loudly

Talk too loudly

Breathe too loudly

Drink your cup of tea too loudly

Not wash their favourite jeans fast enough

Lack the ability to read their minds

Wear ‘embarrassing’ (your everyday) clothes in public

Use teen slang words

Use old and ‘uncool’ words

Say ‘Goodbye’ to them too cheerfully

Utter even a syllable in front of their friends

Speak at all

Sing along to a song they like

Sing along to a song that comes on the radio

Sing the wrong words to any song

Sing at any given time and in any given moment

Ask if they’ve done their homework

Like one of their posts on Instagram

Don’t like one of their posts on Instagram

Post photos of them on your own Instagram feed

Ask ‘How was your day?

Neglect to ask them about their day

Attempt to talk to them at all when they come home after school

Attempt to do the floss

Attempt to ‘dab’

Dance. At any time. In any way


Try to hug them

Try to hold their hand

Show any form of affection, especially in public or in front of their friends

Ask them questions about their night out

Ask them to walk the dog

Ask them to stack the dishwasher

Ask them if maybe they perhaps wouldn’t leave wet towels on the floor


Yup – it’s a pretty exhausting list.

When you have a teenager almost everything you do will annoy them or embarrass them. And to think just a few years ago we were their heroes.

Many parents survive the teenage years by relishing embarrassing their teens. So – we say – bop in the supermarket aisles, sing out loud to your favourite tune on the radio and be as cheerful as you like. Even if you do get eye rolls and sighs along the way.

annoy your teenager - 45 ways to annoy your teenager guaranteed

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