Ollie vs Pet Plate Review – Should you Switch to Fresh Dog Food?

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Ollie vs Pet Plate Review: Which is the Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Service?

If you’ve ever looked closely at the list of ingredients in your dog’s dry food, you might be shocked to see the number of unhealthy additives and preservatives that go into making it.

As a result of this, many dog owners have been looking around for more nutritious alternatives.

Ollie and Pet Plate have are two fresh dog food delivery companies that have been growing in popularity. They appeal in particular to pet parents who want to provide healthier meals to their dogs.

Not only do they sell human-grade dog food made from fresh, wholesome ingredients. They pre-portion it and deliver it straight to your door as well.

If you’re thinking about trying one of these two brands, it can be tricky to decide which service is better for your pup.

This in-depth guide will give you all the information you need to know about them so you can make a better decision for you and your dog.

In this review I will discuss:

  • Is Fresh Dog Food Better than Kibble or Canned Dog Food?
  • What do Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services Offer?
  • Comparison Table: Ollie vs Pet Plate 
  • Full Ollie Dog Food Review
  • Full Pet Plate Review
  • Would I Recommend Ollie or Pet Plate?
  • FAQs About Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services

Is Fresh Dog Food Better than Kibble or Canned Dog Food?

Research so far shows that fresh dog food is more nutritious and healthier than dry dog food and canned dog meals.

Pet owners report seeing a number of benefits to their dog’s health when making the switch to fresh dog food deliveries. From healthier stools, better smelling breath, to seeing chronic health problems apparently subsiding.

If you haven’t looked into fresh dog food, you may be wondering why it’s any better than regular kibble.

Many of us don’t think twice about giving our dogs the usual dry food. After all, it’s specially made for them so it should be healthy, right?

Is Kibble Bad for Dogs?

The sad reality is that many dry and wet dog foods aren’t great for your dog’s health. There are a number of reasons why this is:

  • Dry dog food usually contains meat byproducts and fillers (like soybean meal and corn) with poor nutritional value.
  • It is then cooked at very high heat which can remove nutrients, and dried to remove 90% of moisture.
  • It is often loaded with preservatives to help it last longer.

This process increases the shelf-life of the food to make things more convenient for pet owners. However, the nutritional value of kibble is further reduced because of this process.

Many animal experts are now attributing the rise in health problems seen in dogs to their diets.

For example, obesity is one of the biggest problems seen in the modern-day dog. Up to 40% of dogs are obese in Western society. Experts have linked this to the carbohydrate-dense kibble that we’re feeding them.

Even the use of certain preservatives has been linked to cancer in dogs.

Is Canned Dog Food Good for Dogs?

Canned dog food is slightly better than dry dog food. It provides higher protein content and has less low-quality carbohydrate fillers. However, many are still highly processed and some are made with toxic preservatives and chemicals which could be linked to cancer.

At the end of the day, dry and wet dog food is thought to be pretty much fast food for dogs — it may fill them up, but it’s not great for their health.

What do Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services Offer?

Freshly prepared dog food made from good-quality ingredients which is a much better choice for the overall health of your dog.

Ollie and Pet Plate are two of the most popular fresh dog food delivery services in the US. Both create well-balanced, pre-portioned meals that are customized to your dog’s needs and deliver them straight to your home. They use human-grade ingredients that are free from preservatives, hormones, and other nasty chemicals.

As they have their own veterinary nutritionists formulating the meals they are able to offer pet owners the correct balance of foods and nutrients for their dog.

You could quickly see the benefits to your dog’s health, including:

  1. Better digestion
  2. Weight maintenance
  3. Increased energy
  4. Shiny, healthy coat
  5. Disease prevention and longer lifespan

Fresh dog food delivery services have become a convenient way for pet parents to provide their dogs with fresh, nutritious food, which is customised to their own dog’s needs.

Ollie vs Pet Plate Compared – Which Fresh Dog Food is Best?

Here is a side by side comparison table of where Ollie and Pet Plate stand on a few main points. You can also link to the full review of each brand which is below.

Full Review Jump to full review Jump to full review
Ingredient quality

High-quality meat and other ingredients are sourced from US and Australian farms.

Their meats are certified free from hormones.

Pet Plate’s ingredients are all sourced from human-grade farms in the US.
Free from Hormones
Artificial flavors
Animal by-products
Artificial flavors
Animal by-products
Price (USD) Starting from $2 a day for a small dog.

Get a personalised quote: myollie.com

Starting from $1.50 a day for a small dog.

Get a personalised quote: petplate.com

Free shipping offered? Yes Yes
Personalized meal plans Meals plans vary based on:
Current and ideal weight
Spayed or neutered
Level of energy
Body shape
Current food type
Allergy to ingredients
Meals plans vary based on:
Ideal weight
Spayed or neutered
Activity level
Who formulates the meals?  Veterinary nutritionist Veterinary nutritionist
Meet AAFCO and USDA standards Yes Yes
Fresh Meal Options Healthy Beef Eats
Healthy Turkey Feast
Chicken Goodness
Tasty Lamb Fare
Barkin’ Beef
Chompin’ Chicken
Tail Waggin’ Turkey
Lip Lickin’ Lamb
Treat options Savory Beef Strips
Sweet Potato Slices
Tasty Chicken Strips
Trusty Turkey Strips
Organic Chicken Apple Sausage Bites can be added to meal plans when checking out.
Free trial options or meal samples No free trials or smaller meal samples.

Offers 100% money-back guarantee on the first box.

No free trials or smaller meal samples.

Offers 100% money-back guarantee on the first box.

Special Offers 50% Off Your First Box

Click here to claim offer:


40% Off Your First Order

Click here to claim offer:


Customizable delivery plan Yes. You can change:

Date of delivery
Skip a box
Pause your deliveries
Ship to a holiday address (within mainland US)

All through your online account

Yes, you can:

Skip a box
Pause your deliveries

All through your online account.

Packaging Food comes in compact, soft, airtight plastic packets.

Most of the packets (except for the seal) are recyclable.

They also provide:

Hard plastic tupperware container (for leftover food) Custom scoop for serving.

Food comes in hard plastic tubs with resealable lids.

The tub is microwavable and it’s made from recyclable plastic.

Storage Store meals in the freezer. The slim packages help to save space.

Place meals for serving in the fridge for 24 hours to defrost.

Store meals in the freezer.

Place meals for serving in the fridge for 24 hours to defrost.

How long can food last? Up to 5 days defrosted and up to 6 months frozen. Up to 5 days defrosted and up to 12 months frozen.
Social contributions Donates 1% of its revenue to partner dog rescue organization the Sato Project.
Website myollie.com petplate.com


Ollie vs Pet Plate – Price Comparison

Both brands ask a number of questions before providing a meal plan and quotation. As so many factors affect the price, it’s very difficult to give an exact price range.

So in order to give you a rough guide of the different quotes you may receive, we have created sample profiles for a number of dogs of different sizes. We then applied the same profiles to each brand’s questionnaire to see what prices would be quoted:

Dog Size 

Ollie Price Estimate

Pet Plate Price Estimate

Small dog $2-$4 per day
Our quote: $2.70/day based on 7lb dog.
$1.50-$4.50 per day
Our quote: $3.37/day based on 7lb dog.
 Medium dog $7-$8.50 per day
Our quote: $6.90/day based on 40lb dog.
$7-$9 per day
Our quote: $7.10/day based on 40lb dog
 Large dog $10-$13 per day
Our quote: $10.90/day based on 110lb dog.
$16-$20 per day
Our quote: $16.85/day based on 110lb dog.
Shipping Free Free
Money-back guarantee 100% money-back guarantee on your first box. 100% money-back guarantee on your first box.
Personalised quote Start Ollie Quiz Start Pet Plate quiz


According to the information on their websites, Pet Plate starts at a lower price point of $1.50/day versus Ollie at $2/day.

There is then little difference in quotation for the small or medium sized dogs. However there appeared to be a larger difference in the quote for large breeds of dogs with Ollie being more economical.

It’s important to note though that these are rough guides and a number of factors could result in different quotes from each brand.

The only way to do a true comparison is to answer the questions with your own pet’s details. That way you can get a customised quotation for your dog:


Ollie vs pet plate - ollie review - pet plate review - best fresh dog food delivery service - ollie meals review - my ollie review

Full Ollie Dog Food Review

Ollie is a New York-based dog food company started by Gabby Slome, Alex Douzet, and Randy Jimenez in 2016.

They themselves are dog owners who wanted to make healthier food more easily available to dogs. With this idea in mind, Ollie was born.

They are committed to using only fresh, nutritious ingredients that are cooked and customized to suit each dog’s needs.

Is Ollie a Good Dog Food?

Ollie is considered to be one of the best fresh dog food delivery services in the US. They have 4 dog meal recipes that are all made from fresh ingredients.

The meals offered are free from hormones, artificial flavors, by-products, fillers, or preservatives.

What goes into each recipe is screened by their own veterinary nutritionist and third-party testers to ensure the best taste and nutrition from each batch of food. They also make sure that they prepare meals at a low temperature using a low-heat kettle cooker, in order to retain the best nutritional value of the ingredients.

They say their ingredients are so good, that it’s even suitable for human consumption! The meats for example come from farms in the US and Australia.

Ollie meals are delivered to your door as part of a subscription service. You can set your preferred delivery frequency and meal selections and your dog’s fresh meals will automatically be sent to your home.

How Do I Get Started with Ollie Meals?

I found Ollie’s ordering process to be really simple. You start with a short quiz which has questions about your dog.

This is so that they are able to personalize a meal plan for your dog’s own needs. It includes their:

  • breed
  • age
  • gender
  • current and ideal weight
  • spayed or neutered
  • level of energy
  • body shape
  • current type of food
  • allergies

After you’ve provided all your dog’s information, Ollie’s software calculates your dog’s recommended calorie intake for the day.

It also suggests which of their recipes is the best choice (although these are just recommendations and you can still choose your own meals too).

Once you’ve decided on your choice of recipe and delivery frequency you will be given a quote for your pet’s meals.

What Do I Get with Each Ollie Meal Delivery?

You will receive the food packets in a cardboard box lined with padding and dry ice.

This maintains a cold enough temperature to keep the food frozen through the delivery process.

Ollie also includes detailed instructions on how to best store and serve the food. So you are guided through the whole process of transitioning onto their meals.

Inside the box will be the meal packets.

Your first delivery is automatically 14 packets (2 weeks’ worth of food). After that you will continue to get deliveries every 2 weeks for the full meal plans.

If you’ve selected their partial meal plans then it depends on what you’ve selected. If it’s the 25% plan for example, you would get 7 packets of food every 4 weeks.

All meals are shipped for free.

Ollie vs pet plate - ollie review - pet plate review - best fresh dog food delivery service - ollie meals review - my ollie review

Are Ollie Meals Easy to Store?

Ollie has recently done a revamp of the individual food packaging which makes the storage process even more convenient.

Each packet of food now comes in a standard-sized, soft plastic, airtight wrapping (rather than in their old hard trays). As they’re compact they take up as little space as possible in the freezer.

So once you’ve received your meals in the cardboard box, you’re advised to transfer the bulk of the food to the freezer so that it can remain fresh.

For food that you want to serve soon, leave it in the fridge to defrost for about 24 hours.

How do I Serve Ollie Meals to my Dog?

Once the food is defrosted, it’s immediately ready to serve.

It’s easy to open the packets as you just peel off the top seal, so you don’t even need scissors.

Because each dog’s food portioning is different, Ollie provides a plastic scooper. This helps you to measure the right serving size for your dog.

To reduce the size of each packet, Ollie’s food comes a little mashed. That means you may not really see bits of food and it feels soft and mushy.

It’s not recommended that you further heat up the food by cooking as that could reduce its nutritional value.

However, if you still feel like serving the food warm, the best way to do it is to place the dish in a bath of hot water to warm it up gradually.

How to Store Leftover Meals

You will also be provided with a reusable hard plastic container (with a resealable lid). This is so that you can store leftovers from each packet.

Once opened, the food from each packet can last up to 5 days in the fridge. If the packet is unopened and kept in the fridge, it will remain good for serving for up to 14 days.

Frozen packets can last up to 6 months in the freezer.

What if I Want to Change my Delivery Settings?

Ollie are also very flexible with their delivery settings. Pausing or skipping a box can also be easily done through your Ollie account.

You are able to set your preferred date for delivery and can change it as long as it’s 4 days before the default delivery date.

If you’re travelling within the Continental US, you can even temporarily update your address, and Ollie will be able to ship the food to your new location.

What Did Dogs and Their Parents Think of Ollie Meals?

Based on 197 online reviews across 2 different websites, 87% of dog parents gave Ollie a 4 or 5-star rating.

Taking into account these opinions here are some of the common themes:

Fussy Eater Approved

I found quite a few reviews saying that they’ve always had trouble during feeding time with their dog. After trying many different food brands, they eventually settled on Ollie because their dogs loved the food.

For many pet parents it was a great relief to see their dogs enjoying mealtime because it was stressful trying to get them to eat enough.

Food Taste and Appearance

Most dog parents reported that their dogs enjoyed the food a lot more than dry dog food. They were excited about mealtime, and finished all their food in minutes.

A small minority of reviewers said that their dogs did not like the food. However, this could be the case for any type of food as dogs have their personal preferences too. Some reviewers felt upset that their dogs rejected the food because it looked very high-quality to them.

A few reviews made comments about the appearance of the food. Ollie mashes the meals quite finely to make their packets as compact as possible.

This helps the packets to fit in the freezer more easily but it does give it a mushy look which appeared less appetizing to some owners. They would have preferred if they could actually see chunks of food. Their dogs didn’t seem to mind though.

Health Benefits Seen

Many reviewers reported that they could see their difference in their dog’s health and well-being after switching them to Ollie.

They found that their dogs had shinier coats, more regular poops, less itching, didn’t smell so bad, and had more energy.


Many reviewers liked that the meals are delivered straight to their door, so they didn’t have to go out and buy food for their dog anymore.

A number of them appreciated that the delivery dates were easily adjustable through their online account, which gave them flexibility around when to receive the food.

Many also found it more convenient than making homemade dog food, where you are unsure whether you are creating a well-balanced meal. They felt that having a service which formulates well-balanced dog meals was much more convenient than cooking on their own.

Soft Plastic Packaging

The majority liked the new slim packaging which makes it easier to store the food in the freezer. It’s compact so it takes up little space.

There was a lot of praise for the reusable plastic container for storing leftovers, and for the scoop which made serving the right amount of food easier.


Most reviews acknowledged that fresh dog food is more expensive than the alternative traditional dry or canned dog food. However, the majority of people felt it was worth it.

They could see that their dogs were enjoying their food a lot more and that it was beneficial to their overall health and well-being.

Customer Service

There were mixed reviews about customer service. Most seemed to be satisfied with the customer service as they easily got a refund when they had accidentally forgotten to change their shipment date through their account.

Some also received quick replacements for their meals when they were not 100% satisfied with the food.

A small minority had logistical problems like not receiving their confirmation email or having confusion over an order’s delivery or charging. Overall, Ollie seems to have a helpful customer service team.

Recent Ollie Dog Food Review:

I love this food and this company! After years of sensitive stomach issues, we had Stewie on prescription canned food from the vet. I felt awful about the junk that was in it, but he couldn’t tolerate anything else. I even tried cooking my own organic ingredient food, but he was lacking nutrition. He was always low energy, had stomach and yeast problems, ear infections and bad breath.

After 1 week on Ollie beef formula, he became more alert and more active. We are about 4 weeks in, his coat is beautiful, his eyes are clear, his breath is great and so are his ears! I love the recyclable products and the customer service is wonderful!! I feel so good about the quality ingredients I am feeding our little guy.

Special Offer

50% Off Your First Box of Ollie Meals:


Ollie vs pet plate - ollie review - pet plate review - best fresh dog food delivery service - ollie meals review - my ollie review

Full Pet Plate Review

Pet Plate was started in 2016 by Renaldo Webb, an MIT alumnus who was working as a consultant in the mass-market pet food industry.

As a pet parent himself, he was shocked to see the number of inferior ingredients and chemicals that went into dog food.

Webb decided he wanted to give a healthier alternative to the current choices in the dog food market, and that was how Pet Plate was born.

Today they are a fresh dog food company that makes and delivers customized meals for dogs made from nutritious, wholesome ingredients.

Is Pet Plate Good for Dogs?

Pet Plate only sources its ingredients from human-grade food farms in the US, so whatever your dog is eating is also good enough for humans.

There are no preservatives, colors, artificial flavoring, or low-quality meats allowed in their recipes. Only wholesome, nutritious food goes into making these meals. Their recipes are also kettle-cooked at low temperatures to allow the ingredients to retain as much of their nutrition as possible.

To ensure that your dog receives well-balanced meals, Pet Plate consults their own veterinary nutritionist. This ensures that the meals give dogs all the nutrition they need in the long term and to maintain a wide variety of ingredients.

Each small batch of food that is made is also tested by third parties to ensure the best meal quality is maintained.

Pet Plate runs on a subscription basis and delivers your dog’s meals straight to your door every few weeks.

So there’s no more running out to the store to buy dog food or having to repeatedly place your order.

You are able to set your own preferred delivery frequency and wait for the meals to come to you.

How Do I Get Started with  Pet Plate?

Pet Plate’s ordering process was very straightforward and easy to follow.

You will be asked some questions about your dog so that they can create the optimal, customized plan for him or her.

The information they require about your dog includes:

  • breed
  • age
  • gender
  • current and ideal weight
  • spayed or neutered
  • activity level
  • waistline

Based on your dog’s own details, Pet Plate’s online system will calculate their recommended calorie intake. It will also suggest which of their recipes would best suit it.

What Do I Get With Each Pet Plate Delivery?

Following the initial questions you complete about your dog, you will be asked to select whether you’d like the full meal or topper plan.

Full meal plans get delivered every 3 weeks. The food delivered will be enough to form 100% of your dog’s meals.

The topper plan gets delivered every 4 weeks and will cater to 25% of your dog’s meals. You will need to top up the remaining 75% of your dog’s meals with alternative food.

The meals come in a hard plastic circular tub with a lid. They will arrive frozen in an insulated box with dry ice to keep temperatures cool.

You will find instructions on the tub on the amount to serve your dog, but here are the general guidelines:

  • Dogs under 9 pounds: 3-4 full meals/container
  • Medium dogs: 2 full meals/container
  • Large dogs (a.k.a. big boys & girls): 1 full meal/container

Like Ollie, Pet Plate offers free shipping on all meals.

Billing is linked to your chosen delivery frequency, and you will be billed 3 days before your food is shipped out.

Ollie vs pet plate - ollie review - pet plate review - best fresh dog food delivery service

How do I Store Pet Plate Meals?

You will need to transfer the individual tubs of food to the freezer so that it can stay fresh.

To serve the food, leave it in the fridge to defrost for about 24 hours. It can then be served straight from the fridge.

If you’d like you can defrost it in the microwave as well. The tub itself is microwave safe.

Pet Plate doesn’t mash its food up too finely, so you will still be able to see chunks of vegetables and meat. It also remains good for consumption for up to 5 days after defrosting. The frozen meals can be kept in the freezer for up to 12 months.

What if I Want to Change my Delivery Settings?

Pet Plate allows you flexibility in your arrangements. You can always pause or skip a box through your online account with them.

Skipping a box means your subscription will resume after your specified no-delivery period has ended.

Pausing means no more meals will be sent to your home until you choose to resume delivery.

It also offers a 100% money-back guarantee on the first box, which makes it a risk-free way of trying out fresh food for your dog.

What Did Dogs and Dog Parents Have to Say About Pet Plate?

94% gave Pet Plate a 4 or 5-star rating on the Pet Plate website. Taking into account these opinions and other online reviews, here are some of the common themes:

Fussy Eater Approved

Many reviewers reported that their usually fussy dogs devoured Pet Plate. It was a great relief for the pet parents who always had to coax their dogs to eat. Some added that they’d never seen their dogs finish meals that fast.

Food Taste and Appearance

The overwhelming majority reported that their dogs were enjoying their Pet Plate meals. The moment they opened the lid of the Pet Plate tubs, their dogs would get excited.

The food appeared appetizing to most. Although some did add that they wish the food was less mashed because their dogs were used to eating bigger chunks of food. But this didn’t really stop their dogs from finishing their meals.

Health Benefits Seen

The majority of reviewers reported that their dogs appeared healthier after eating Pet Plate meals. They added that their dogs’ coats looked healthier, they were more active, and had fewer allergies.

I also found reviews saying it was great for their dog’s digestion as they were seeing more regular stools, and their dogs stopped eating their own poop.


Many reviewers liked that the meals were delivered straight to their door, so they no longer had to go out to buy food for their dogs.

For those that had previously tried cooking for their dogs, they found that Pet Plate helped save a lot of meal preparation time as well as uncertainty about including the right nutrients.


Most liked their hard plastic tub packaging as it has a resealable lid which makes it easy for them to store leftovers in the fridge.

The fact that it was microwaveable was a big plus for several pet parents because it was a convenient way to defrost the food if they forgot to put it in the fridge the night before.

There were a few reviews that stated the hard tubs came cracked in the delivery box. It was not a big issue because the food came frozen, so there was no leakage. But they had to transfer the food from the cracked tubs to a new container. Some also reported that the delivery box was quite heavy because it’s all frozen food in solid tubs.


Many pet parents acknowledged that the price of fresh dog food was a lot more expensive than regular kibble. But they felt that providing their dogs with more nutritious meals is better for their health in the long-run and was worth the expense.

Some added that they were saving in a different way with this food. Because they were seeing fewer health problems in their dogs as a result of the food, this also meant fewer trips to the vet.

Customer Service

The majority were pleased with the customer service and managed to receive refunds easily if there were any problems with their order. A very small minority reported some issues with late deliveries, but most said their meals always came on time.

Recent Customer Review of Pet Plate:

My dogs love their food. I like the packaging and the ability to microwave it in the container. I also feel good about being able to see vegetables and chunks of meat in the food.

Special Offer

40% Off Your First Pet Plate Order:


Would I Recommend Ollie or Pet Plate?

It was very difficult choosing which brand I prefer because both companies do a great job of sourcing the best ingredients for your dogs. The fact that all recipes are screened by a veterinary nutritionist means you’ll be getting well-balanced meals for your dog.

Also, the vast majority of reviews for both brands praised their food quality and reported that their dogs enjoyed it. Therefore, I couldn’t really see the advantage of one over the other just by looking at the food alone.

To determine the winner for me, I considered the next 2 biggest factors that could influence a pet parent’s decision-making: price and storage.

Pet Plate wins on price as the cheaper starting point, although they seem to be more expensive for larger dogs. Actual quotes can vary from dog to dog though as each meal plan is customized. This means that a direct price comparison isn’t clear enough to draw any real conclusions.

The packaging on the other hand, did seem to be more storage-friendly for Ollie. The meals come in compact pouches instead of hard tubs. When you’ve got 14-28 packets of food to store in the freezer, every little inch of space counts.

Ollie mashes its food more which helps it to take up less space. It then delivers it in slim, soft plastic packaging.

This does mean that Ollie’s food consistency is a bit mushier, whereas with Pet Plate you can actually see the chunks of food. Dog owners may have a preference on this (although I haven’t found a review where a dog has minded).

As long as the prices were similar, I would pay a little extra to get more space in my freezer. For this reason, Ollie is the winner for me.

If you’re still on the fence about a long-term subscription, you can always try each one out knowing that you can get a 100% money-back guarantee if your pup doesn’t take to it.

Whichever brand you choose, I highly recommend making the switch to fresh food and I hope that it helps you to enjoy a healthier, happier dog.

FAQs About Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services

How do I transition my dog from kibble to fresh dog food?

The best way to transition your dog to a new type of food is to do it gradually.

Generally, you start with about 10-20% of the new fresh food mixed with 90-80% current food.

Then you slowly increase the portion for new food by 10% each day, while decreasing the portion of current food until you end up with 100% fresh dog food.

Do Ollie and Pet Plate have grain-free options?

Yes. Both have recipes with and without grains in their ingredients.

Do Ollie and Pet Plate use organic ingredients?

While it’s not organic, both companies source all their ingredients from USDA human-grade farms. Ollie also sources some ingredients from Australian farms.

How Much Does Fresh Dog Food Cost?

If you’re thinking of making the switch from dry to fresh food for your dog, price will be one of your main factors to consider.

The exact price depends on the size and breed of your dog as each meal plan is customised.

A price range for each brand is provided in the table below. However these are only rough estimates. You will receive a quote which is customised around your dog’s details. It will take into account their:

  • breed
  • size
  • age
  • portion (whole meal or partial meal)

Fresh dog food is more expensive than dry or canned food as it’s made from fresh ingredients that are nutritionally balanced.

You may think that you’re saving money by choosing more affordable dry dog food. But some dog owners consider that it could actually be more more costly. If you consider the ongoing costs of trips to the vet because of your dog’s diet-related health problems, fresh dog food may make more sense.

What About Homemade Dog Food?

Some pet owners have tried to make homemade dog food. But they have struggled to get the right balance of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

A study was conducted of 200 homemade recipes – some even created by veterinarians. It found that the majority were not appropriate for canine health in the long term, as they didn’t provide the required levels of essential nutrients.

Partial Meal Plans

One way to provide your dog with fresh food in a more affordable way is to go for Ollie or Pet Plate’s partial meal plans.

When you opt for this arrangement, you will receive fewer portions of food in each delivery and the frequency of delivery will also be reduced.

The fresh food will serve as a top up for your dog’s current food. This can be a great way to give your pup a nutritional boost without it costing as much as a full meal.

Special Offers from Pet Plate and Ollie

Both offer fresh made dog food delivered straight to your door:

Get 50% OFF Your First Box of Ollie

Get 40% off your first box of Pet Plate

What’s Inside Ollie’s Dog Meals?

We took a deeper look at what’s inside their 4 dog meal recipes:

Healthy Beef Eats Main ingredients: You’ll find a mixture of beef ingredients including beef, beef heart, beef kidney, and beef liver.

Other ingredients: Sweet potato, peas, potato, carrot, spinach, chia seeds, blueberries, fish oil, rosemary, fish oil, and Vitamin E.

Why it’s good for dogs:

  • Beef ingredients are high in protein, Vitamins A, C, D, and B12, iron, and folate.
  • No grains or gluten which is a good choice for dogs with allergies.
  • It contains fruit and vegetables that are high in fiber which help to promote good digestive health.
  • Fish oil contains fatty acids which are important to promoting healthy skin and coat.
Healthy Turkey Feast Main ingredients: Turkey breast and turkey liver.

Other ingredients: Kale, carrots, lentils, blueberries, coconut oil, pumpkin, chia seeds, cod liver oil, and Vitamin E.

Why it’s good for dogs:

  • Turkey is easily-digestible white meat that is a great source of protein. It’s also a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
  • The mixture of fruits and vegetables like blueberries and kale are a source of antioxidants and fiber.
  • Cod liver oil and chia seeds help to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy and shiny.
Chicken Goodness Main ingredients: Chicken, chicken gizzard, chicken liver, and whole dried eggs.

Other ingredients: Carrots, peas, rice, chia seeds, spinach, potatoes, blueberries, fish oil, rosemary, and Vitamin E.

Why it’s good for dogs:

  • Chicken meat, gizzard, and liver are good sources of protein and are also high in iron, fat, and Vitamin A.
  • The fruit and vegetable mixture (including spinach, potatoes, and blueberries) are great for antioxidants, carbohydrates, and fiber.
  • Cod liver oil and chia seeds help to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy and shiny.
Tasty Lamb Fare


Main ingredients: Lamb and lamb liver.

Other ingredients: Butternut squash, kale, chickpeas, cranberries, potato, chia seeds, folic acid, and Vitamin E.

Why it’s good for dogs:

  • Lamb is high in protein, iron, zinc, fat, Vitamin A.
  • Fruits and vegetables like butternut squash, potatoes, cranberries, and kale are sources of: carbohydrates for energy, Vitamin C for immunity, and fiber for healthy digestion.
  • Chia seeds are high in Omega-3 fatty acids which helps to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy and shiny.


Mix and Match Meal Options

You will be prompted to choose a recipe for your dog. If you’re finding it hard to choose between the recipes, you can always mix and match up to 2 different recipes in 1 delivery.

And with your first delivery, you’ll be allowed to try all 4 recipes if you’d like. That way your dog gets some variety at mealtimes.

Ollie Snacks can be Added onto Orders

You can also always add on Ollie treats for your dog in your order request.

Their treat range includes: Savory Beef Strips, Sweet Potato Slices, Tasty Chicken Strips, and Trusty Turkey Strips.

How Easy is it to Make Changes to Your Account?

You can always make updates to your dog’s online account to inform Ollie of any changes to your dog, which includes things like weight or activity level.

Customer Service Line

If you’d like to report any issues with your dog’s food or cancel your subscription, you will need to call or email Ollie’s customer service.

It also offers a 100% money-back guarantee on the first box, which makes it a risk-free way of trying out fresh food for your dog.

Pet Plate

We took a deeper look at what’s inside their 4 dog meal recipes: 

Barkin’ Beef Main ingredients: Ground beef and beef liver.

Other ingredients: Sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, apples, green peas, pumpkin, sunflower oil, salmon oil, Vitamins (E, D3), and minerals.

Why it’s good for dogs:

  • The beef ingredients are an excellent source of protein, iron, zinc, and B12 which are important for energy and muscle building.
  • Carbohydrates from sweet potatoes, potatoes, and peas will provide your dog with its energy needs.
  • Sunflower and salmon oil is rich in fatty acids which will help to maintain your dog’s healthy skin and coat.
Chompin’ Chicken Main ingredients: Ground chicken and chicken liver.

Other ingredients: Sweet potatoes, broccoli, butternut squash, apples, safflower oil, salmon oil, parsley, Vitamins (E, D3), and minerals.

Why it’s good for dogs:

  • Chicken is a good source of protein and chicken liver, in particular, has high fat content. This is good for young, growing puppies or those that are underweight.
  • The mixture of fruit and vegetables like butternut squash, broccoli, and apple will provide your dog with the carbohydrates it needs for energy and fiber for healthy digestion.
  • Safflower and salmon oil will help to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat for your dog.
Tail Waggin’ Turkey Main ingredients: Ground turkey and turkey liver.

Other ingredients: Brown rice, carrots, apples, pumpkin, salmon oil, Vitamins (E, D3), and minerals.

Why it’s good for dogs:

  • Turkey is lean protein-packed meat that is great for building lean muscle mass. It also contains essential minerals like iron, zinc, and Vitamin A.
  • The fruit and vegetable mixture provides your dog with Vitamins, minerals, and fiber to boost immunity and keep their digestive system healthy.
  • Salmon oil is full of fatty acids to keep your dogs skin and coat looking healthy.
Lip Lickin’ Lamb Main ingredients: Ground lamb and lamb liver.

Other ingredients: Sweet potatoes, quinoa, apples, broccoli, salmon oil, Vitamins (E, D3), and minerals.

Why it’s good for dogs:

  • Lamb is a source of protein, fat, and Vitamin A which are essential for building muscle tissue. It’s also great alternative meat if your dog has allergies to chicken or beef.
  • Sweet potatoes, apples, and broccoli provide vitamins and fiber which are essential for maintaining good digestion and immunity.
  • Salmon oil is full of fatty acids to keep your dogs skin and coat looking healthy.


You will then be asked to select which of their 4 recipes you’d like for your dog.

If you’d like you can mix and match and choose all of them — especially if you would like to test it out for the first time.

On checking out you also have the option to add chicken and apple bites for snack time as well.

If you want to get started, here are the first order offers from each brand.

Special Offers from Pet Plate and Ollie

Both offer freshly made, nutritionally balanced dog meals, delivered straight to your door:

Get 50% OFF Your First Box of Ollie

Get 40% off your first box of Pet Plate

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