10 top music classes for babies and toddlers in North London

Top music classes for babies and toddlers in north london

Going to a music class for babies might be the most fun half hour you will have in your week. Little ones love songs and music. Classes bring the tunes to life with puppets, bubbles and props to add to the magic.

If you’re no Beyonce or Ed Sheeran, don’t panic. The classes are welcoming and relaxed and you’ll soon find yourself joining in the songs and enjoying it too. 

Parents in north London are spoilt for choice when it comes to baby music classes. Here are 10 of the best.



Monkey Music

Your baby will fall in love with Monkey – a lovable puppet who loves music and rhythm. His enthusiasm is infectious.

Monkey has been bringing smiles to hundreds and thousands of babies since 1993. And the magic keeps on growing. Monkey will teach your baby all sorts of catchy songs and soothing lullabies. They can join in too by shaking and banging instruments and exploring the sounds they make. One dad calls it “the highlight of my girls’ week.”

You can find out more about Monkey Music on their website: Monkeymusic.co.uk



Boogie Babies

Stories are the heart of Boogie Babies classes. You’ll find all your favourites, such as ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘Dear Zoo’.

Songs, puppets and props bring each story to life. Boogie Babies classes are hugely popular. More than 300 mums flock to their classes each week. They’re even a hit with celeb mums too. Past clients include Rachel Stevens from S-Club 7 and Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) with baby Tate.

You can find out more about Boogie Babies on their website: Boogiebabies.co.uk



Baby Jazz

This could be the coolest baby music class in town. Familiar songs and nursery rhymes are all given a new twist by setting them to calm jazz music.

Ruby, the class leader, is a talented singer and musician who makes each song unique. She sings, beatboxes and makes each song captivating. Your baby gets plenty of chances to join in too.

They’ll love the colourful props, scarves and puppets. And the chance to add to the rhythm by shaking their own percussion instruments. The result is a funky class, which is so much fun.

You can find out about the next Baby Jazz event here: Babyjazz.co.uk 



Mini Mozart

Mini Mozart classes show your baby real instruments and let them touch and feel them too! All while playing and singing along to classical music. Your baby will hear the sounds of the piano, flute, saxophone, french horn, violin – and so much more. It’s described by one mum as ‘like going to a mini concert every week!’.

It’s not just listening to classical music though. Babies can join in the music making with percussion instruments. The classes are often built around a theme or story to bring the music to life too. 

You can find out more about Mini Mozart classes here: Minimozart.com.



Caterpillar Music

Caterpillar music classes are all about fun and joining in. There’s a lovely relaxed feel as soon as you walk in. And the joy is infectious. Little ones are encouraged to move, jump and dance to the music.

There’s an exciting theme each week, with songs, dances and games to bring it to life. Your baby will love the exciting props, beautiful puppets and colourful percussion instruments. One mums says:

It’s easy to tell (my daughter) loves the class by the big grin and twinkle in her eyes as soon as the music starts.

You can search for your Caterpillar Music class here: Caterpillarmusic.com



Humpty Dumpty Singalong

There’s something special about some smaller classes. And the Humpty Dumpty Singlalong is a rare find.

It’s welcoming, it’s gentle and you’re not rushed away at the end of the class. You’re invited to stay to chat with other mums and enjoy a cup of tea and biscuits.

You’ll sing along to a mix of nursery rhymes and other favourite songs, all accompanied by a ukelele.

Your baby can join in too with shakers and bells.  And it also has puppets, toys, bubbles and more!

You can find out more and get in touch via their Facebook page: Humpty Dumpty Singalong




At a Baby Beeps class your little one will love the music. But they’ll also be amazed by the sparkly parachutes, cool lighting effects and tons of bubbles. From the moment they walk in the magic begins. Hartbeeps classes are a little bit special with loads of special effects. There’s a real feel that everyone is welcome and encouraged to have fun and enjoy the class.

If your little one doesn’t want to sit in a circle and listen to a song and wants to stand up and dance – that’s fine. More than fine. It’s welcomed. Hartbeeps describe their classes as: enchanting, extraordinary, fascinating, wonderful… and magical!”

Find out more about their North London classes on their website: Hartbeeps.com




Colourstrings are passionate about teaching children music – right from the early years.

In classes your baby will learn all about musical concepts such as high and low, loud and soft and fast and slow. It sounds technical. But your little one will be having so much fun they’ll hardly realise that they are learning too.

It’s all taught through songs, rhymes, games, dancing and movement. Your baby can join in by shaking and banging colourful percussion instruments. And the classes are so much fun.

You can find out more about Colourstrings on their website: NLCcolourstrings.co.uk



Jenny’s Jam

Another smaller and welcoming class that feels a little bit special.

Join Jenny (and her ukelele) to sing along to baby some familiar songs and some new ones too. Each week there’s a different theme. There are instruments, parachutes, puppets and bubbles for the babies.

And the icing on the cake is that there’s tea and biscuits for the grown ups as well. So you get time to chat to other mums and dads too. One of the friendliest baby music classes in town.

You can find Jenny’s Jam classes on their Facebook page: Jenny’s Jam



Tempo Tots

One mum describes Tempo Tots as 

A really fab sensory experience which never fails to engage, in fact, it’s a pretty much guaranteed half hour of happy baby for me. Definitely recommended

The fun is infectious. Emma and her guitar lead the way. Puppets, bubbles and sensory play hold your little one’s attention too. Tempo Tots classes are all drop-in, so you don’t have to sign up for a whole term.

You can find details of Tempo Tots North London classes here: Tempototsnorthlondon.co.uk.

Baby music classes are great fun for both you and your baby.

They can be a beautiful way to bond with your little one while enjoying the classes together. They’re also a lovely way to meet other mums and dads with babies the same age.

We especially like the ones where you can stay for a cuppa afterwards.

So pick your favourite and give them a go. You’re bound to find a class that you and your baby will love. And it could be one of the highlights of your week.