FOREO BEAR vs NuFACE: We Tried Both Microcurrent Devices to See Which Was Best


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Foreo vs NuFACE Trinity Review
Foreo vs NuFACE Trinity Review

Melanie Leahy

I always thought that moisturizing, anti-aging creams and religiously applying sunscreen would be enough to fight the signs of aging.

But after crossing the 30-year-old mark, the inevitable happened. I started having fine lines on my forehead, and my cheeks just didn’t look at taut as they once were.

I knew that I had to start putting in more effort to rejuvenate my skin, and I soon discovered microcurrent technology through my research.

There are many brands out there, but two that really stood out to me were the FOREO BEAR and NuFACE Trinity.

FOREO is famous for its silicone facial cleaning devices, and the BEAR is their latest move into microcurrent beauty treatments. So I wanted to see how it would compare with the NuFACE Trinity which has a more established reputation in microcurrent facial toning.

In this review, I’ll share my experience and results with you after testing both devices. And I’ll also be taking an in-depth look at: how to use them, how much each one costs, what other users think about them, and more.

Hopefully I will cover all the major differences between these 2 devices, so by the end of it, you’ll be able to choose which is better for your needs!

What are microcurrent devices

What Is a Microcurrent Device?

Microcurrent devices help with facial wrinkle reduction and lifting by passing low-strength electric currents through the skin. 

The microcurrents give the lifting and skin-tightening effect because they stimulate the facial muscles. They have also been shown to increase collagen synthesis at a cellular level. (1, 2) 

Microcurrent devices are a non-invasive alternative to other anti-aging solutions (like Botox) and are painless when used correctly. 

What Are the Benefits of Microcurrent Facial Treatments?

The main benefits of microcurrent treatments are their anti-aging effects. They help to improve fine lines, lift sagging skin, and sculpt facial features. 

Microcurrent treatments are a good choice if you’re looking for something that goes beyond skin-deep treatments like creams or serums. 

Many also like the fact that microcurrent facials are non-invasive treatments and are painless when used as directed. 

Foreo vs NuFACE Trinity Review

FOREO BEAR vs. NuFACE Trinity: What’s the Difference?

NuFACE is one of the most well-known names in the microcurrent industry, with a huge fan base that swears by its effectiveness. In contrast, the BEAR is a relatively new addition to FOREO’s lineup of products (they are famous for the LUNA, which is a popular silicon facial cleansing brush). 

The main difference between the 2 is that each treatment session for NuFACE (5-20 mins) is longer than FOREO BEAR (3 mins).

The BEAR also is slightly more “high-tech” with added T-Sonic pulsations and Anti-Shock System technology. But NuFACE has a lot more optional attachments to target specific problem areas like wrinkles or delicate areas like your eyes and lips. 

FOREO BEAR vs NuFACE: Device Comparison

FOREO Bear vs NuFACE Trinity FOREO BEAR Logo NuFACE Trinity
Device size Weight: 9.17oz
Size: 1.77 x 4.72 x 5.91 in
Weight: 6.4oz
Dimensions: 5¼ x 3 x 1 in
Technology Microcurrent
T-Sonic pulsations
Anti-Shock System
Microcurrent intensity Exact unknown (but in ≤335 microamps range) 335 microamps
How often you use it 3 minutes per day 5-20 minutes daily
(5x per week at the start)
Price (US) $299 $325
What you get BEAR device
USB charging cable
Drawstring bag
2ml serum conductive gel sample
NuFACE Trinity device
Base station
59ml of Gel Primer
Facial trainer attachment (silver balls)
Other attachments None Lip and eye (ELE) attachment
Red LED wrinkle reducer
FDA approval Yes Yes
Warranty 2 years 1 year
Review summary 4 out of 5 stars from 238 reviews across 4 websites 4.4 out of 5 stars from 462 reviews across 3 websites
Special offers Up to 20% off: FOREO BEAR
Amazon prices: FOREO BEAR
25% off: NuFACE Trinity
SkinStore: NuFACE Trinity



Up to 20% off: FOREO BEAR

FOREO BEAR Toning Device Review 

FOREO is a Swedish beauty brand that was launched in 2013. The founder, Filip Sedic, started the company after his wife shared with him that a facial cleansing brush she was using at the time was causing her skin problems. 

This sparked the idea for their famous product, the LUNA — a silicone facial cleansing device that’s changed beauty hygiene and technology. Since then, they’ve continued to expand their product range to include microcurrent and oral care devices. 


The BEAR (launched in 2020) is one of the latest additions to FOREO’s line of skin and oral care devices. It’s a facial toning device that transmits low-voltage microcurrents through your skin to help with lifting and smoothing wrinkles. 

Foreo BEAR review - Box contents green background

Up to 20% off: FOREO BEAR

What Does FOREO BEAR Do?

The FOREO BEAR has the following anti-aging benefits: 

  • Sculpts and lifts facial features by working out underlying muscles
  • It helps reduce wrinkles by stimulating cellular-level collagen synthesis
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Lessens puffiness
  • Improves blood flow
  • Enhances product absorption (e.g., when serum is applied to the face while using the BEAR)

A stand-out feature of the FOREO BEAR is the use of its patented T-Sonic pulsations technology alongside microcurrents. 

Sonic pulsations are very quick vibrations (up to 8,000 per minute) that get sent through your skin. And the “T” stands for “transdermal,” which means they can go deep into your skin to have a greater effect. 

The benefit of this technology is that it can help increase circulation and the removal of toxins which results in glowing, healthier-looking skin. (3)

It also has a special Anti-Shock System that can sense your skin’s specific electricity resistance and adjust the current accordingly. This means that you won’t feel any uncomfortable static from the microcurrents during use.

In terms of the microcurrent strength, FOREO was, unfortunately, unable to disclose the exact microamps to me. But they did mention it’s in the ≤335 microamps range.

FOREO Bear Review - Device tried and tested

Up to 20% off: FOREO BEAR

FOREO BEAR Pros and Cons



Defines and lifts facial features Not meant for delicate areas like the eyes or lips
Smooths fine lines and wrinkles Microcurrent intensity is undisclosed
Tightens skin
Reduces dark circles
T-Sonic pulsations help with blood circulation and toxin removal
Non-invasive beauty treatment
Anti-Shock System to ensure treatment is painless


Up to 20% off: FOREO BEAR

Amazon best price: FOREO BEAR

FOREO Bear Review - Device tried and tested

Up to 20% off: FOREO BEAR


The first time you use the BEAR, you will need to pair the device to the FOREO app (free) on your smartphone.

After that, you can either choose to use the app to activate the device for each treatment session (it comes with an accompanying instructional video) or use the BEAR manually without syncing to the app.

Here are the general steps once you’ve set up the first sync with your app: 

  1. Cleanse your skin (the microcurrent cannot work well when there is oil on your skin)
  2. Apply FOREO’s SERUM (or any water-based conductive gel) as a conductive primer to the treatment area.
  3. Turn the device on and set your intensity level (there are 5 levels) through the app. This can also be done manually through the single button on the device.
  4. When it’s on, simply move the device in smooth motions around your face. It’s probably a good idea to follow the instructional video on the app if it’s your first time.
  5. After that, it will automatically turn off after the 3-minute treatment.

The battery life is also pretty good. After a 1.5 hour full charge, you can get 90 3-minutes sessions out of it. 

How Often Should I Use FOREO BEAR?

The BEAR can be used daily, either in the morning or evening, for a maximum of 3 minutes per session.

What Did I Think of FOREO BEAR? 

Overall, I loved the BEAR! Certain things made it great for me: 

  • It took less than 3 minutes to complete a session (crucial for me as a busy mum!)
  • It actually worked to sculpt and lift my facial features (see my results below) 
  • I felt and looked more refreshed after using it — Because of work and mom duties, I’d been looking tired a lot of the time and was looking for something to fix this. 

At this point, I don’t have too many wrinkles. So this was the only area where I wasn’t really able to put it to the test. But I have seen others with positive results reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles online.

I also liked that the microcurrent treatment was totally painless (the Anti-Shock System works!) and non-invasive. To me, the design also looks quite fun, and I don’t find it a chore to use it each day!

FOREO BEAR Before and After

My Results After 1 Use

I was a bit of a skeptic before trying the BEAR and didn’t think it would really have that much of an effect. 

But I was so glad that I took before and after photos because the results actually surprised me. And this was only my first treatment!

Before starting I had some slight sagging around my lip area (you can see the shadows in the images below). 

FOREO Bear Before and After

Up to 20% off: FOREO BEAR

And even after just doing just 1 side, I could see the difference between the 2 halves of my face.

FOREO Bear Before and After

Up to 20% off: FOREO BEAR

After completing the other side, I was stunned by the difference!

FOREO Bear Before and After

Up to 20% off: FOREO BEAR

Here’s a before and after side-by-side comparison, where you can see the lifting effect.

Considering that this was only my first treatment, I believe the FOREO is very effective. And I’m definitely eager to continue using this product to see the effects in the long term.

FOREO Bear Before and After

Up to 20% off: FOREO BEAR

FOREO BEAR Reviews from Customers 

It seems that other users were also happy with the BEAR. After looking at 238 reviews across 4 websites (FOREO, Amazon, Mecca, and Adore Beauty), the BEAR got an impressive average score of 4.01/5 stars.

Here’s what others have been saying about it: 

  • Many saw the same lifting effects that I did (you can see other photo testimonials too)
  • They liked that treatments are really short (3 minutes), which makes it easy to fit into busy schedules
  • It helped others to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • It made faces appear more refreshed and awakened
  • Some liked the feeling of the sonic vibrations as it felt like a massage
  • It helped with lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness
  • 1 full charge can be used for many treatments
  • Anti-Shock System prevented zapping feeling
  • It’s a great non-invasive beauty treatment

Of course, there were some negative reviews. Some felt that it wasn’t effective in improving their skin condition. This is to be expected with any beauty treatment as no device or cream can be 100% effective. 

I also saw that others had trouble operating the app or were unable to register their device on the app for the first time to start using it. I personally found it easy to connect the device to the app, and most other users had no issues. 

Here’s a look at some other reviews:



Does FOREO BEAR Work? 

Based on my experience and looking at reviews from other customers, the FOREO does work for most users to help lift and tighten the skin. I saw visible sculpting of my jaw and lip area from the first session, and many others have reported the same. 

What I liked most about the FOREO was the fact that each treatment was short (3 minutes), and I still saw positive results. This was particularly important for me because I have a busy schedule. And if a treatment process takes too long, I’m sure I would not stay motivated enough to stick to it in the long run. 

The FOREO is non-invasive and completely painless to use — I applied the serum primer liberally to avoid any static. I don’t have a great pain tolerance, so I felt reassured knowing that it has the Anti-Shock System in its technology to prevent any zapping. 


Up to 20% off: FOREO BEAR

Amazon best price: FOREO BEAR

Is FOREO BEAR Stronger than NuFACE?

The FOREO BEAR is either as strong as the NuFACE Trinity or slightly weaker. Unfortunately, their customer service could only reveal to me that their microamps strength of the BEAR is in the ≤335 range (NuFACE Trinity is 335 microamps). 

Given that the exact microamps strength of the BEAR is unknown, I was curious to see if the NuFACE Trinity would be more effective. It is, after all, a more well-known microcurrent brand, and its product range is totally focused on microcurrent toning as well. 

Keep reading to find out what the difference is between these 2 great products and which one might be the best option for you.


Up to 20% off: FOREO BEAR

Amazon best price: FOREO BEAR

NUFACE Trinity Review

25% off: NuFACE Trinity

NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device 

Carol and Tera Cole are the mother-daughter team behind NuFACE. Carol is a licensed aesthetician. She had clients who wanted to do their own home “touch-ups” between their full microcurrent treatments at the salon.

This motivated Carol and Tera to create the NuFACE Trinity, to offer a microcurrent facial that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Since then, NuFACE has developed a steady following over the years and can now be found in many major beauty stores.

What is the NuFACE Trinity?

The NuFACE Trinity is a compact handheld microcurrent device that passes small electrical currents through the skin.

It can be used to tone facial features, lift sagging skin, and smoothen wrinkles. To achieve this, it uses microcurrent technology which gives the muscles underneath the skin a “workout” and can also stimulate collagen production at the cellular level. 


Nuface Trinity review

25% off: NuFACE Trinity

What Does NuFACE Trinity Do?

NuFACE Trinity can benefit your skin in a few ways: 

  • It helps tone sagging skin
  • It sculpts facial features for a more contoured look
  • It helps make wrinkles less visible
  • Treatments are as short as 5 minutes a day (and up to 20 mins)

One of the best parts about NuFACE is the option to add other attachments to target specific areas around the face. For example, the ELE attachment is for eyes and lips, and the Wrinkle Reducer (red LED light) attachment targets fine lines, especially in the forehead area. 

This is great for those who want to upgrade their basic device for a complete at-home facial. 

Like the BEAR, its microcurrent technology makes it a non-invasive and non-painful treatment. A big plus for those who have a low pain tolerance. 

It’s also well-designed and easy to use. You can use their free app with video instructions to learn how to move the NuFACE in different ways to maximize the effects on certain target areas.

NuFace review - best facial toning device

25% off: NuFACE Trinity

NuFACE Trinity Pros and Cons



Defines facial features Gel primer can be expensive
Lifts droopy skin
Improves the appearance of wrinkles
Reputable brand
Small, compact device
Ergonomic design makes it easy to handle
Not painful when used correctly
Additional attachments available for more targeted treatments

Special Offer on NuFACE Trinity

Get 25% off for a limited time: NuFACE Trinity

Up to 20% off SkinStore: NuFACE Trinity

How Do I Use NuFACE Trinity?

  1. Wash your face (skin needs to be oil-free for microcurrent treatments to work).
  2. Spread the NuFACE Primer Gel on your skin (use liberally to prevent shocks.)
  3. Turn on the device and select your microcurrent intensity level. (More blue lights mean greater intensity.)
  4. Glide the silver balls of the NuFACE around your treatment areas smoothly in linear, upward movements.
  5. You can download the free app, which has video tutorials demonstrating how the treatment motions. 
  6. It will automatically turn off after 20 minutes of use.

Nuface Review - Nuface trinity review - best facial toning device

25% off: NuFACE Trinity

NuFACE Trinity Before and After: My Results 

I stopped my BEAR treatments for a few weeks before starting the NuFACE Trinity. And after a few sessions, I was equally impressed with my results:

  • It was able to lift areas that had begun to droop a little to give me a more contoured look.
  • I saw some smoothing of fine lines that had started to form on the forehead area.  
  • The cheek area and jawline appeared more toned like everything was lifted with better form.

I also didn’t experience any tingling or zapping sensations, so the treatment is painless. However I did apply a generous amount of the primer for each treatment while  most zapping sensations can happen if there isn’t enough primer on the skin.

Others like this user also had similar results to me, as you can see in the images below: 


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Aarvica Skin Bar (@aarvica_skinbar)

25% off: NuFACE Trinity

In terms of how long it took for each session, you can use NuFACE for 5-20 minutes a day. I chose to use it for 15-20 minutes a day to see the most results.

It was a commitment, but I didn’t find it was too long. I would usually do it while watching a TV show in the evenings.

NuFACE Treatment 0-10 minutes

For the first 10 minutes of the treatment, I used the standard silver ball attachment on the neck, jawline, and cheek areas.

After covering each facial area in the water-based gel, I passed the NuFACE device along each section in 3 lifting motions for 5 seconds per motion. A beep goes off when 5 seconds has passed so you know when to repeat the motion or move onto the next section.

NuFACE Treatment 10-20 minutes

I spent the second 5-10 minutes with the ELE attachment on the forehead area, smile lines, and around the eyes.

If you choose to purchase the Red LED Wrinkle Reducer, you can use this instead of the ELE.

NuFACE Toning Device Reviews

The NuFACE Trinity has a solid online reputation with a great average score of 4.32/5 stars from 3 platforms (Amazon, Sephora, and Influenster) based on a total of 966 reviews. 

Here are some of the positive things that are being said about it online:

  • Able to reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Tightens skin well for a lifted look
  • Gives facial features a more toned appearance
  • Brightens eyes and makes them appear more refreshed
  • Several saw fast results from the first few sessions
  • Not painful when used correctly

The majority of people were happy with the effect that NuFACE Trinity had on their skin. Some even posted photo evidence, and I could see similar effects to what I experienced.  

Some of the 3-4 star reviews explained that they felt that the device was a little time-consuming, but they still thought that the positive effects were worth the time commitment. 

When I looked at the negative reviews, I found that most of them were about the units having technical issues. NuFACE does offer a 1-year warranty, so you can be reassured that you’re covered by this if you happen to receive a unit that’s not working. 

A few users also felt some slight tingling when using the Trinity. This could be due to not enough primer gel being used, which can lead to small pangs, so make sure you apply enough primer. I personally didn’t experience any discomfort. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the positive user experiences:  

Nuface Trinity Review

Nuface Trinity Review

Should You Get the NuFACE Trinity? Here’s My Verdict 

Based on my own results and looking at the photo results of other reviewers online, I think that the NuFACE is an effective non-invasive anti-aging treatment. It works both to lift the facial muscles and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

If you’re currently dissatisfied with any creams or serums that you’re using, the NuFACE Trinity is a good step up from these treatment options. It goes beyond the surface level to target your muscular and cellular levels to achieve longer-lasting effects. 

It’s also easy to use and non-painful, so it’s a good alternative for those who may not be keen on other invasive anti-aging treatments.   

Which NuFACE Product Should I Buy?

NuFACE has a great range of microcurrent products for different needs. And which one you choose really depends on what you want to achieve. 

Here’s a quick look at some of them:

ELE (eyes and lips) attachment and Red LED wrinkle reducer are extra attachments that can be used with the Trinity for more targeted treatment options. You can also get the NuFACE Trinity Complete Kit which has both attachments included alongside the standard silver balls.

NuFACE Mini is the next most popular product. It’s a smaller version of the NuFACE Trinity that’s designed for travel. You can see our full review here comparing NuFACE Trinity vs. NuFACE Mini. 

NuFACE FIX is a skinny version of the Trinity that’s designed for use around delicate areas like the eyes and lips. 

The main difference between using the FIX versus the Trinity with the ELE attachments is that the Fix’s microcurrent output is only 200 microamps (Trinity has 335 microamps). So you may find that the currents on the FIX may not go as deep as the Trinity. However, the FIX is much more portable.

The bigger version called NuBODY is for body-sculpting. 

Special Offer on NuFACE Trinity

Get 25% off for a limited time: NuFACE Trinity

Up to 20% off SkinStore: NuFACE Trinity

FOREO vs NuFACE Review

FOREO BEAR or NuFACE Trinity, Which is the Best Facial Toning Device?

Based on my own testing, I can say that both the FOREO BEAR and NuFACE Trinity worked to lift the skin and give a more toned appearance.

I feel that which one is better for your needs may depend more on other factors. Firstly, the NuFACE Trinity is slightly more expensive than the BEAR. But, it comes with a large tube of gel primer (the BEAR only comes with a small sample). 

The NuFACE Trinity also has more add-on attachments like the ELE (eyes and lips) and Red Light Wrinkle Reducer to treat more specific areas of your face. This will suit you if you want a really complete facial. However, they do come at an extra cost. 

Another factor is time. NuFACE treatments take between 5-20 minutes, while the FOREO BEAR only takes 3 minutes. This makes the BEAR ideal for those that are really busy or find it hard to stay committed to treatments that take too long. 

Overall, I would say that the NuFACE Trinity is a better choice for those who want more comprehensive facial toning with the option for more in-depth treatments using the attachments. However, users will also need to commit slightly more time to achieve the best results.

The BEAR is ideal for those that want a fast treatment and are satisfied with targeting more “general” areas of the face. This works well for anyone with busy schedules who may only commit a few minutes to use this device daily. 

Now that you have a clearer idea about the difference between FOREO BEAR and NuFACE Trinity, give one of them a try to see its great anti-aging results!

Special Offer on NuFACE Trinity

Get 25% off for a limited time: NuFACE Trinity

Up to 20% off SkinStore: NuFACE Trinity

Special Offer on FOREO BEAR

Up to 20% off: FOREO BEAR

Amazon best price: FOREO BEAR


Is FOREO BEAR safe to use?

Yes, the FOREO BEAR is safe to use for the majority of people. It’s FDA approved and emits low-voltage microcurrents (≤335 microamps) that do not result in zapping or static when used with enough conductive gel. 

However, you may not be able to use it if you have any medical conditions, a pacemaker, or if you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have any concerns, it’s best to consult your doctor before starting any microcurrent treatment. 

Is FOREO BEAR FDA approved?

Yes, the FOREO BEAR is FDA approved.  

Does FOREO BEAR work without an app?

No, you will need to connect it to the app when you use it for the first time to activate it. After that first sync, you can either use the FOREO through the app or manually (without connecting to the app at all). 

How long does the FOREO BEAR last? 

The FOREO has a 2-year warranty. As a relatively new product that was launched in 2020, we have not seen that many reviews of the device breaking down. 

Special Offer on NuFACE Trinity

Get 25% off for a limited time: NuFACE Trinity

Up to 20% off SkinStore: NuFACE Trinity

Special Offer on FOREO BEAR

Up to 20% off: FOREO BEAR

Amazon best price: FOREO BEAR

NuFACE Trinity FAQs

Can I use NuFACE Trinity without a primer gel? 

No. The NuFACE Trinity needs to be used with a primer gel because skin is a poor conductor of electricity. Without the gel, you may feel painful zapping from the microcurrents. So it’s essential to apply the gel liberally before you make contact with the device.  

Are NuFACE Trinity results permanent?

No, results from the NuFACE Trinity last between 1-3 days. And when first beginning treatment, it’s essential to be consistent with using the NuFACE (5 times per week for 60 days, then 2-3 times a week during maintenance). 

Does microcurrent help sagging skin? 

Yes, microcurrent technology helps to improve the appearance of sagging skin by giving the muscles under the skin a “workout.”

How to use NuFACE Trinity on the face, neck, jowls, and eyes?

For the face, neck, and jowls, first, cleanse your face, then apply the gel primer, and finally move the NuFACE Trinity in smooth upward motions around your target areas. There are helpful instructional videos on their website and on the free app demonstrating these exact movements. 

You’ll need to get the ELE attachment before using the NuFACE Trinity for the area around the eyes. This is because the probes are much smaller and are able to reach this delicate area more effectively.

Special Offer on NuFACE Trinity

Get 25% off for a limited time: NuFACE Trinity

Up to 20% off SkinStore: NuFACE Trinity

Special Offer on FOREO BEAR

Up to 20% off: FOREO BEAR

Amazon best price: FOREO BEAR

Alternatives to FOREO Bear and NuFACE Trinity

Although the FOREO Bear and NuFACE Trinity are two of the best microcurrent devices on the market, there are alternatives to consider if you are still unsure. The main ones are: the older Nu Skin devices, ZIIP and MyoLift microcurrent devices. You can see more about each of these in our in-depth comparisons here:

NuFACE vs. NuSkin

NuFACE vs. MyoLift 


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