Ziip vs. NuFACE: Which Microcurrent Facial Is Better?


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Ziip vs Nuface review - best at home microcurrent device

Anna Sloane

Ever since passing the 30-year-old mark, I’ve been increasingly concerned about skincare after noticing fine lines and slight sagging starting to occur.

So when I heard about hand-held facial toning devices, which are pain-free, non-invasive, and essentially work like facial salon machines, I knew I had to learn more!

To me, having a mini-facial from the comfort of my home (and at a fraction of the price) sounded like it would be a good long-term investment.

But I also wondered about their effectiveness, whether they were worth the cost if they’re actually easy to use, and which brand was the best.

If you’re wondering these same things too, in this review, I’ll be taking an in-depth look into 2 of the most popular microcurrent devices on the market — NuFACE and Ziip.

While NuFACE is the more well-known brand, Ziip has been making waves as a newcomer with updated technology.

I’ll go through how they work, if they’re safe, their differences, customer reviews, and also the pros and cons of each. To give you all the information you need to choose the device that’s most suited to your needs.

NuFace microcurrent - best facial toning device

Up to 20% off: NuFACE

What are Ziip and NuFACE Trinity Microcurrent Facial Toning Devices?

Ziip and NuFACE are pain-free, non-invasive facial toning devices that use microcurrent technology to deliver a very low-voltage electrical current through your skin. 

This helps to stimulate your muscles and encourage skin cells to produce more elastin and collagen, which results in a firmer and more “lifted” appearance. [1]

Are Home Microcurrent Devices Safe to Use?

Microcurrent technology is safe and has been around for decades as a physical therapy treatment for pain relief and facial paralysis patients. [2]

However, it’s not recommended for people with pacemakers, mental implants, pregnant or nursing mothers, or if you have many open sores on your face (e.g. severe acne).

Ziip review - is it the best microcurrent device

Best price: Ziip Beauty

Ziip vs. NuFACE Trinity: What’s the Difference?

While Ziip and NuFACE both have the same underlying technology, the main difference is that Ziip also uses nanocurrents along with microcurrents.

Nanocurrents are smaller than microcurrents and are able to penetrate deeper into the skin. This means that apart from lifting and smoothing fine lines, it can address other issues like hyperpigmentation and lymphatic drainage.

NuFACE Trinity has two optional attachments — one for eyes and lips, as well as a red LED light wrinkle reducer for those who want to address more specific areas.

On the other hand, Ziip is a single device without any attachments but it can be used for nine different treatments like lifting, removing fine lines, lymphatic drainage, and clearing acne.

Ziip vs NuFace Review Ziip review - logo 1 NuFace review - Nuface logo
Device Size Approx. 4″ long Approx. 5.5″ long
Technology Used Microcurrents
Price $480-$495 with gel $325 with gel
What’s Included ZIIP device
Golden Gel (2.7 fl oz/80ml)
1 charging USB cable
1 padded travel bag
1 cleaning cloth
NuFACE Trinity device
Standard facial trainer attachment
Primer gel (2 fl oz/59ml)
Charging cradle
Power adapter
App available? 9 different skin treatments synced with app + how-to videos App with how-to-use videos for all attachments
Attachments (Extra cost) None Eye & Lip (ELE) attachment
Red LED (wrinkle-reducer) attachment
Intensity (microamps) at max strength 400 335
How often you use it 3 – 6 (max) times a week. Recommended 20 mins/day.
Results from 5 mins/day.
FDA Approved Yes Yes
Warranty Two-year limited warranty One-year limited warranty
Special Offers Best price: Ziip Beauty Up to 20% off: NuFACE


Ziip review - is it the best microcurrent device

Ziip Beauty Review

Ziip was started by Melanie Simon in 2015, a reputable Electrical Esthetician who had been providing skin treatments to clients all over the US for 20 years. 

By combining her entrepreneurial spirit with a desire to bring her expertise outside the treatment room, Ziip Beauty was born. Her revolutionary micro- and nanocurrent technology are set to bring home facials to the next level. 

Why Are People Talking About Ziip?

Here are some of the Ziip device’s key features and benefits:

  • Advanced micro- and nanocurrent technology to target more skin conditions.
  • 9 different treatment options in an app (which programs various currents) that you sync with your Ziip device. 
  • The app also comes with how-to videos to demonstrate how to move the device around your face for different treatment outcomes.
  • Comes in GX and OX models. The main difference is the color, formulation of the gel provided, and treatment program that is preloaded onto the device. Both are able to access all 9 treatment options from the app.
  • A pain-free and non-invasive beauty treatment.
  • Small, portable, and lightweight.
  • Sleek design.

What really stands out about Ziip is that it’s designed to be a one-device solution to all your skin toning, revitalizing, anti-bacterial, color-correcting needs. 

So unlike traditional microcurrent technology that mainly lifts, sculpts, and tightens, the Ziip can address hyperpigmentation, acne, puffiness and can be used on delicate areas (under eyes) without extra attachments.

Ziip review - is it the best microcurrent device

Best price: Ziip Beauty

How Do You Use Ziip Devices?

Sync the Ziip with the various treatment options on the Ziip app. This will program the device’s currents to the specific treatment.

Apply a layer of the primer gel to the treatment area, then glide the silver ball area of the Ziip over your skin for 5-20mins.

You can follow the treatment videos on the app for directions on how to move the device around your face.  

Ziip Microcurrent Device Customer Reviews 

With a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars across three platforms (Current Body, Amazon, and Influenster) and 161 reviews in total, this newcomer is doing well.

Customers found that Ziip was great for:

  • Lifting, sculpting, and toning skin.
  • Pigmentation issues like dark circles and many reported ‘glowing’ skin after use.
  • Skin spots, acne, reducing blackheads.
  • Lymphatic drainage (for those with swelling).
  • Being easy to use.
  • Being pain-free.
  • Its sleek design.

In terms of effectiveness, many users found it worked for them. Some even did treatments on only half their face and noticed the difference that the device made to their skin.

Ziip review - is it the best microcurrent device

Best price: Ziip Beauty

The biggest unique point for Ziip users was the wide range of treatments the product offered. 

It went beyond the usual lifting and sculpting to provide pigmentation, skin-clearing, and evening treatments. This one-device solution was a bonus for many users. 

In terms of ease of use, users found that the Ziip was ergonomic and comfortable to use. And many found the free app helpful in guiding them on how to use the product. 

Most importantly, it was enjoyable to use, with many comparing it to a spa treatment being carried out at home. 

There were many reviewers who enjoyed the gel’s fragrance and stated that it felt like it was salon-standard. 

Best price: Ziip Beauty

The cost of the Ziip device, as well as the price of the gel, was the biggest challenge for reviewers. 

While pointing out that the device was worth it, many reviewers did say it was still pricey when compared to the competition. But some also felt that if you compare the Ziip to the price of salon treatments, it’s actually an affordable substitute. 

No painful side effects were reported in online reviews, but some customers did find the tingling they experienced to be slightly uncomfortable. 

This was very true for women with acne or cysts, as Ziip creates tingles while fighting bacteria. Some reviewers pointed out that the tingling decreased as the device did its work.

Ziip reviews - Ziip device customer review

Ziip reviews - Ziip device customer review

Ziip Pros and Cons

Ziip review - is it the best microcurrent device



All-in-one facial toning and skin-brightening High price point
No extra attachments needed
9 different treatments on the app that syncs with the device
Targets a wide variety of skin issues
Fast results
Small and compact
Easy to use
Sleek design


Best price on Ziip Device: Ziip Beauty

Is Ziip a Good Device?

Let’s be honest, Ziip does have a higher price point. But it’s also a high-quality device that packs in a lot of value because of its versatility and effectiveness.

A lot of research has gone into the use of different currents to address different skin conditions (like pigmentation issues or acne) — not something that’s usually available with other microcurrent devices that focus on lifting and sculpting.

It’s very easy to use, with instructional videos readily available on the app and online. So you won’t feel like it’s a chore to keep up with your routine each day.

Plus, the design is super sleek and pleasing to the eye. I feel this really adds to the whole experience of pampering yourself with an at-home facial.

Check Ziip Discounts

Best price on Ziip Beauty: Ziip 

NuFace review - best facial toning device

NuFACE Review

NuFACE was started by the mom-daughter duo, Carol and Tera Cole, as a solution for their clients who desired home-based therapies in between professional treatments. 

Since then, NuFACE has become a tried and tested brand with an almost cult-like following. 

But does it really live up to the hype? Let’s take a deep dive into its features and see what customers have to say about it!

NuFace microcurrent - best facial toning device

Up to 20% off: NuFACE

Why is the NuFACE Trinity So Popular?

Here’s a quick look at the key benefits of the NuFACE Trinity that have made it one of the top microcurrent facial devices on the market. The device: 

  • Tightens skin, improves facial contour and reduces wrinkles.
  • Offers a pain-free and non-invasive beauty treatment.
  • Option to add on ELE (eye and lips) and Wrinkle Reducer (red LED light) attachments at an extra cost for customized treatments.
  • How-to videos on a free app show different ways to move the device around your face for varying treatment results.
  • Small, portable, and lightweight.
  • Sleek, ergonomic design.

Apart from the Trinity, NuFACE also offers several other models for those with more specific needs. 

One of their most popular products is the NuFACE Mini, which is a smaller version designed for easy transportation. You can find out more about this device and how it compares to the NuFACE Trinity in our article: NuFACE Mini vs. NuFACE Trinity: Which is Better?

There’s also a larger body-sculpting version called NuBODY and a streamlined, skinny version for targeting fine lines called NuFACE Fix.

NuFace microcurrent - best facial toning device

Up to 20% off: NuFACE

How Do You Use the NuFACE Trinity?

Apply a thick layer of the primer gel to the treatment area, then glide the silver ball area of the Trinity over your skin in an upward motion for 5-20 minutes. 

Start by using it 5 times a week for the first 60 days, and then reduce it to 2-3 times a week. You can follow the treatment videos on the app for directions on how to move the device around your face.  

NuFACE Trinity Reviews: What Customers Had to Say

NuFACE Trinity has an impressive average score of 4.3 out of 5 stars across three websites (Amazon, Sephora, and Influenster) with a total of 966 reviews. 

The vast majority of users had only positive things to say about the NuFACE Trinity, including that it:

  • Was effective at removing lines
  • Helped to tighten skin
  • Resulted in more sculpted-looking cheeks
  • Made their eyes look more awake and open with less puffiness
  • Fast results (from just 5 minutes a day)
  • Was painless
  • Was easy to use

Overall, the majority of reviewers shared that NuFACE made their skin look more youthful. 

Although there were a few who said it didn’t work for them, this could be because they had deeper lines that are harder to correct. 

There seemed to be quite a balanced effectiveness in treating finer lines as well as larger areas of droopiness around the necks and jawline areas — many were happy with the appearance of a more sculpted and lifted look. 

The extra attachments also received many positive reviews, with several saying that the red LED light wrinkle reducer was particularly effective. 

NuFace red LED review - best facial toning device

Up to 20% off: NuFACE

In general, five minutes of use a day was enough to see results for most. Many mentioned they would do their treatments while watching TV or while relaxing in bed to pass the time. Some were so impressed that they shared it with male partners, friends, or family members!

Many also liked that it was very refreshing to use. Some said it awakened them when used in the mornings. Others enjoyed the ‘massage’ offered by the device.

Some reviewers pointed out that they experienced mild shocks when using the device. However, this is most likely due to incorrect use. The gel needs to be applied quite liberally to prevent shocks, as it acts as a conductor of the current. 

NuFace reviews - Trinity customer review

NuFace reviews - Trinity customer review

Special Offer on NuFACE Trinity

Up to 20% off: NuFACE (US Delivery)

International Orders: NuFACE Trinity

NuFACE Trinity Pros and Cons

NuFace logo pros and cons



Effective at tightening, lifting, and toning skin The gel is expensive and finishes quickly
Salon-grade treatment at home Static effect if used incorrectly (not enough gel)
Fast results — improvements seen from 5 mins/day
Small and compact
Easy to use
Trusted brand


Special Offer on NuFACE Trinity

Up to 20% off: NuFACE (US Delivery)

International Orders: NuFACE Trinity

Is NuFACE Trinity a Good Device?

NuFACE Trinity has been effective for most users — many reported it was good for firming skin and sculpting the face. Even though it involves some investment of time and money, if you compare it to going to the salon on a weekly basis, the savings do add up. Treatments times can also be as little as five minutes a day.

The key is to be really consistent with using it as the effects of the treatments are cumulative.   

Overall, NuFACE Trinity is an effective, pain-free, non-invasive way to tighten and tone your skin. It’s a trusted brand in the industry and good for those who want a brand that’s known and tested. 

Special Offer on NuFACE Trinity

Up to 20% off: NuFACE (US Delivery)

International Orders: NuFACE Trinity

Ziip or NuFACE, Which is Better?

Both Ziip and NuFACE are effective devices for addressing skin issues like fine lines, sagging, and dullness. However, they do have strengths in different areas.

Overall, Ziip is the luxury option and the better choice for those who want a single device to treat a wide variety of issues, including wrinkles, sagging, hyperpigmentation, and acne.

While NuFACE is the slightly more affordable option that’s great if you’re specifically looking for a general lifting and contouring device.

While Ziip is more expensive, it does provide more value in terms of the number of ways it can improve your skin because of its advanced electrical current technology and slightly higher current intensity.

And if you think about all the extensions you’d need to buy for NuFACE to get a complete treatment (eye and lip area or red LED light for fine lines), the cost works out to be about the same. Plus, there’s no need for fiddling with attachments for Ziip.

However, Ziip is also a much newer brand with fewer reviews. So if having something that’s really tried and tested is important to you, then NuFACE may be a better choice.

Whichever you choose, you can be confident that both are effective at improving the appearance of your skin in their own ways.

The most important thing with either device is to be consistent in treating your skin, and you’ll be on your way to a glowing, post-facial look every day!

Special Offers on Microcurrent Devices

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Best price on Ziip Beauty: Ziip

Special Offer on NuFACE Trinity

Up to 20% off: NuFACE (US Delivery)

International Orders: NuFACE Trinity

FAQS: Ziip and NuFACE Microcurrent Facial Toning Device

Do microcurrent facial toning devices work? 

For the majority of users, good microcurrent facial toning devices have worked. They have helped improve the lift and smoothness of their skin — especially when used consistently. 

In fact, microcurrent technology has been around for decades and was even originally developed as a treatment for physical therapy patients to treat pain and facial paralysis. So it’s been demonstrated to be an effective beauty and medical treatment.  

How to use NuFACE and Ziip on your face?

Simply apply the conductive gel provided by NuFACE or Ziip, and run the device over the treatment areas in upward motions. Both brands provide many how-to videos online (or in-app) to walk you through this.

How long do NuFACE and Ziip results last? 

While it varies from person to person, the effects of good microcurrent facial toning devices like NuFACE and Ziip usually last between 1-3 days. To see optimal results, both devices need to be used regularly (several times a week). 

Do NuFACE and Ziip work on jowls?

Yes, they do work on jowls and can provide a lifting effect in that area, but it also depends on the condition of your skin and personal circumstance. Of course, the earlier you use microcurrent facial toning devices the better — as prevention is always better than cure. 

Special Offers on Microcurrent Devices

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Best price on Ziip Beauty: Ziip

Special Offer on NuFACE Trinity

Up to 20% off: NuFACE (US Delivery)

International Orders: NuFACE Trinity

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