Fab Button Bracelets

Fun kids crafts - button bracelets

Fun Kids Craft

Fab Button Bracelets

What you need:

Ribbons or pipe cleaners

Embroidery thread and needle

A selection of colourful buttons

fun kids craft button bracelets with ribbons what you need

Step 1: Position your first button

Button bracelet step 1 sew button onMeasure a length of thick ribbon to fit round your wrist (leave a little extra so you can tie it once it’s finished).

Then start sewing on your buttons. Younger children will need some adult help and supervision.

Thread a needle with embroidery thread, tie a knot at the end and then sew on your first button.

Bring the needle up from the bottom, through the ribbon and through a buttonhole.

Then poke the needle through the other buttonhole and back through the ribbon.

Step 2: Start Layering!

Fun kids craft - button bracelet step 2 layer buttonsCarry on adding as many buttons as you like to your ribbon.

You can add stacks of two or three buttons at a time for extra detail.

Step 3: Tie it on!

Fun kids craft - button bracelets finished medium res

Once you are happy with your design simply tie the bracelet round your wrist and wear with pride.

Why not make a whole stack in different colours?

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