Colourful Button Trees

kids crafts button tree finished tree

Fun Kids Craft

Colourful Button Trees

What you need:

Card or canvas

Selection of colourful buttons

PVA glue

Glue spreader

Brown paint


Kids Crafts Pointillism Tree what you need paints earbuds paintbrushes

Step 1: Paint the trunk and branches

Kids Crafts Pointillism Tree step one paint trunk and branches Take a piece of thick card or a stretched canvas. These pictures are so pretty that they look really nice on canvas.

You can buy them cheaply and easily from craft shops.

Paint the tree trunk and a few branches, using brown paint.

Step 2: Start gluing on buttons
kids crafts button trees start gluing on buttons

Start gluing on buttons, starting with the largest in your selection.

Step 3: Build up the buttons

kids crafts button tree build up buttons

Carry on sticking on buttons, overlapping them as you work and using different colours and sizes.

Carry on until you have a beautiful button tree.

kids crafts button tree finsihed result high res

Please remember: If you are doing this craft with very young children always supervise them carefully. Buttons are very small and, if swallowed, could prevent a choking risk.


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