BetterAir Biotica800 Review: Is This the Best Probiotic Air Purifier and How Does it Work?


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BetterAir Biotica 800 Probiotic Review

Alex Davies

Air quality can have a big impact on our health. 

We all know that outdoor air quality suffers from pollutants caused by emissions. Air pollution has been linked to asthma, emphysema, and other respiratory diseases. [1]

Outdoor air also contains allergens such as pollen, which circulate in the air and could trigger allergic reactions and symptoms. 

More recently, we’ve also become very concerned with the viruses and pathogens that exist in outdoor air.

When we’re indoors, we hope to escape from these particles and pathogens and enjoy clean air within the four walls of our home. 

Unfortunately, some studies have shown that indoor air pollution could actually be worse than outdoor air pollution.

For example, the EPA found that indoor air can have as many as 2-5 times the levels of air pollutants as outdoor air. [2]

BetterAir Biotica 800 Probiotic Review

Why is Indoor Air Pollution Worse Than Outdoor Air Pollution?

Indoor air contains dust mites, pet dander, bacteria and mold, which circulate in the air. They then settle on surfaces where they propagate and multiply. 

All these particles contribute to the quality of indoor air. They could also be asthmatic triggers or irritants for those with allergies.

Other causes of indoor air pollution involve the cleaning products that we use. These release chemicals into the air every time we use them, causing a different kind of pollution.

Although traditional cleaning products like antibacterial sprays are great for keeping surfaces clean, they work by killing off all bacteria – the good as well as the bad. 

How to Improve Air Quality in your Home?

A probiotic air and surface cleaner like BetterAir’s Biotica800, is a unique way to improve air quality in your home. It uses nature’s own cleaning system – probiotics – to remove natural allergens and pathogens.

The air purifier does this by releasing probiotics into the air at regular intervals.

These ‘good bacteria’ travel through the air and settle on surfaces in your home. There they aim to fight off pathogens and consume mold and allergen particles that have settled on these surfaces.

In this way, they prevent the build-up of natural allergens – like mold spores, pollen, pet dander, and dust mites – in the home. 

And when 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces rather than from breathing in air, it’s become more important than ever to keep our home environment clean.

BetterAir Biotica800

As the world’s first organic air and surface probiotic cleaner, Biotica800 claims to offer several benefits to indoor air. It promises to help the air in the home to be cleaner, safer, and healthier. 

But what else makes it unique? Read on to find out exactly how it works and the pros and cons of this probiotic air purifier.

BetterAir Biotica 800 Probiotic Review

BetterAir Biotica800

What are Probiotic Air Purifiers?

Probiotic air purifiers emit a mist of environmental probiotics into the home’s air to help provide a balance between good and bad bacteria.

These probiotics settle on surfaces that have started to gather particles of pathogens or allergens such as pet dander and dust mites.

They work against them to prevent them from multiplying and from creating unwanted odors indoors.

What is the Difference Between an Air Purifier and an Air Filter?

A traditional air filter removes certain particles from the air that passes through them. 

Exactly which particles they remove depends on the type that you choose, but in many cases, they could also be killing the good particles along with the bad. 

This can result in an over-sterilized indoor environment that doesn’t have a natural balance of microbes and other particles that challenge our immune system.

These devices also deal purely with particles in the air and not those that have already settled on indoor surfaces. 

In contrast, probiotic air purifiers eliminate unwanted microbes on indoor surfaces, which is where they propagate the most. 

The mist can even reach places that aren’t accessible for cleaning. 

They are a natural and chemical-free way of preventing the build-up of microbes and natural allergens in the home.

BetterAir Biotica800 Purifier Pros and Cons 

Like any device, the BetterAir Biotica800 has its pros and cons. We’ve summarized these in the table below, and we go into more detail about each one later on.

BetterAir Biotica800 Probiotic Review - Best Probiotic Air Purifier logo



Natural air cleaning Requires one month to “rebalance” the biome between good and bad bacteria
100% organic probiotics from soil and plants Requires cartridge replacement every 3 months
800 sq ft of protection offered from a single unit Unit effectivity can be subjective
Probiotics attack molds and spores
Probiotics work on surfaces and objects
Removes natural allergens such as asthmatic-causing pollens
Easy to install and set up
Night-time setting so that it doesn’t disturb sleep
30-day Moneyback Guarantee


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BetterAir Biotica800 Purifier In-Depth Review

How Do Probiotic Air Purifier Systems Help Improve Indoor Air Quality?

A probiotic air purifier works by releasing probiotics into the air to rebalance the indoor environment. 

Probiotics are also known as ‘good bacteria.’ They are naturally occurring live micro-organisms that work to consume allergens – like pollen, mold spores, and pet dander – as well as the food that certain germs and pathogens need in order to multiply.

In this way, probiotic air purifiers reduce the number of natural allergens in the home, which could be the cause of irritation or asthma. 

They do this without over-sterilizing the environment and by using an entirely natural process. 

How Does BetterAir Biotica800 Work?

The Betterair Biotica800 uses an exclusive blend of organic probiotics called Enviro-Biotics

After the release of the unique microscopic mist, the probiotics form beneficial microflora on hard surfaces. 

These probiotics consume organic contaminants, bacteria, and allergen particles on surfaces before they become airborne. 

In doing this, BetterAir aims to treat the root cause of indoor air pollution rather than just the symptoms.

BetterAir Biotica 800 Probiotic Review - Best Probiotic Air Purifier

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Benefits of BetterAir Biotica800 Purifier

Before you purchase a BetterAir Biotica800 Purifier, it’s important to feel confident that it’s the right choice for you and your family.

Here are some of the key benefits that BetterAir’s Biotica800 aims to provide when used regularly in the home:



Natural Allergen Levels in the Indoor Air Could Be Reduced

Allergens are everywhere, even inside your home. Common allergens include pollen, dust mite waste, and pet dander.

The probiotics in Air Better’s air purifier aim to consume allergens before they build up on surfaces, reducing the numbers circulating in the air of your home. 

This could reduce irritation or asthma caused by natural allergens in the home.



Could Reduce Numbers of Pathogens in the Home

Pathogens are living organisms that cause disease when they enter the body. They can also cause damage to the body’s cells and tissues.

BetterAir could help minimize the transmission of infectious diseases caused by pathogens by reducing the numbers in the home.

It does this by consuming the food on indoor surfaces that germs and pathogens need to consume in order to multiply.

In this way, the purifier uses good probiotics to reduce the presence of indoor pathogens inside your home. 


BetterAir Biotica 800 Probiotic Review

All Natural and Chemical-Free

Using probiotics to reduce allergens and natural odors is a natural and chemical-free way to purify the indoor air.

We often resort to using products with artificial compounds and chemicals to sterilize surfaces and air fresheners to mask bad odors.

A probiotic air purifier can reduce natural odors and rebalance the indoor air environment using a natural process.



Prevents the Build-Up of Mold Spores

BetterAir can help reduce mold spores in the air. 

Just like allergens, mold can trigger an overly sensitive immune system when inhaled.  

The human body identifies mold spores as invaders and produces antibodies to protect your body. Mold allergy symptoms include itchy and watery eyes, a runny nose, and sneezing.

BetterAir’s probiotics consume mold spores, preventing them from multiplying on surfaces. It catches them before they grow and are swept off of surfaces and into the air of the home.  

This can be an excellent way of proactively preventing mold accumulation before it builds up and causes irritation or allergies.



Could Reduce Natural Odors

Getting a BetterAir might help keep unwanted odors away without masking them with artificial scents.

We often associate a bad odor with sweat, rotten food, or trash. We don’t often think about all the other things that are responsible for those unwanted smells.

Bad odor is a result of mold or bacterial growth.

This can be from sweat, decomposing food, pet dander, or other types of bacteria that are allowed to build up in the home. 

BetterAir’s Enviro-Biotics consume the food that bacteria feed off of, preventing them from multiplying and causing unwanted smells. 



Helps Reduce Dust Mite Waste

Both the dust mites themselves and the waste they leave behind are leading causes of allergies and could trigger asthmatic symptoms.

BetterAir’s probiotic blend consumes dust mite waste, helping to reduce the levels in the home. 

Their aim is that this will reduce symptoms of congestion and asthma for those who suffer from allergies. 


BetterAir Biotica 800 Probiotic Review

Small, Compact Design

BetterAir Biotica800 is just 10 x 2 x 4 inches in size, so it’s a very small and compact device.

The unit’s white, minimalist design means it can sit discretely on a surface in most indoor settings.



Low Noise Levels

The Biotica800 quietly releases a probiotic mist every 30 minutes or so in your home on an automatic timer.

The sound is discrete and unobtrusive, unlike some other air filter and purifying machines.

You can also press the Pause button, which pauses the device for 10 hours for complete silence while you sleep.

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Do Probiotic Air Purifiers Work?

Research shows that probiotic air purifiers do help clean indoor air environments.

Initial studies on the BetterAir Biotica800 show that the probiotic air purifier had an effect on pathogen levels as well as mold and bacteria levels in controlled environments.

What Studies Have Been Done on the Biotica800?

The Biotica800 has been the subject of several studies. These focused on the effectiveness of probiotic strains in purifying indoor air.

Two studies in particular are worth noting and highlight the promising effects of the Biotica800.

Reduction of Bacteria and Mold Levels

The first study, conducted by the University of Oregon, a control group and a treated group were studied over two weeks.

The treatment showed a strong antagonistic effect against three common microbial pathogens that exist indoors:

  1. Escherichia coli (E. coli) – a pathogenic bacteria that causes a broad range of infections.
  2. Staphylococcus epidermidis (S. epidermidis) – a bacterium that infects certain patients, such as those with catheters or compromised immune systems.
  3. Cladosporium sp. – an indoor pathogenic mold whose spores are significant allergens for those with asthma. 

Following the 14-day treatment, it was found that counts of all three pathogens remained low due to the probiotic’s inhibitive effect.

In comparison, counts of pathogens and bacteria in the control group – which was not treated with BetterAir’s probiotics – increased dramatically over the same time period. 

Reduction of Three Fungi Strains and Multiple Pathogenic Bacteria Levels 

In the second study, a police department in Tel Aviv, Israel, whose workers were experiencing symptoms of allergic reactions – used the Biotica800 for 12 weeks. 

After only two weeks, three fungi strains and many strains of pathogenic bacteria were reduced to levels below detection.

The workers no longer complained of allergic symptoms such as congested sinuses, breathing difficulties, and headaches. [3]

BetterAir Biotica 800 Probiotic Review

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How Safe are the Probiotics in Enviro-Biotics?

Enviro-Biotics contain organic bacterial from soil and plants. But how did they do in safety tests?

  • No dermal and/or eye contact risks – passed dermal and/or eye contact testing.
  • Passed inhalation and lung tests – passed a test on any effects to inhalation or residual presence in the lungs. 
  • No risk of swallowing – passed testing of any oral impact.
  • No critical body cell membrane destruction – passed a test proving that the formulation does not produce a Lecithinase enzyme that breaks down lecithin, which is an important component of body cell membranes.
  • Accredited production facilities – facilities are GMP accredited, and hygiene standards and quality control are under stringent rules.

BetterAir Purifier Reviews

There are many 5 star reviews on BetterAir’s own website from existing customers.

They claim that it has helped them and their families immensely with their allergy symptoms.

Biotica800 also has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from 105 reviews on two independent websites. 

All positive reviews felt that the BetterAir Biotica800 made the air in their house fresher. They also observed lower dust levels in the home. 

Many reviewers experienced easier breathing and reduced symptoms of congestion, especially at night.

Compared with other air purifiers, the BetterAir probiotic was reported to have lower noise levels, so it caused less disturbance. It’s compact design was also popular among users. 

A small minority reported faults with their unit or breakdowns after a few weeks. Most received a replacement within the 30-day guarantee period. The device is also covered by a 1 year limited warranty.

Overall, customers were very happy with their purchase and grateful for having found BetterAir. They appreciated the relief that the probiotic air treatment had given them from their allergy symptoms. 

BetterAir Biotica800 Probiotic Review - Best Probiotic Air Purifier

BetterAir Biotica800 Probiotic Review - Best Probiotic Air Purifier

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BetterAir’s Story: How Did It Start? 

BetterAir was founded in 2010 in Israel. Since then, they have spent years researching environmental probiotics. It’s this research that has led to their proprietary probiotic blend in their Enviro-Biotics.

The current owner took over in 2018 and was impressed with BetterAir’s ability to improve their customer’s quality of life.

As he had philanthropic motivations for acquiring BetterAir, he has pledged to donate all his personal profits from the company to charity.

The shareholders of BetterAir are also bound to donate 10% of all corporate profits to charity.

BetterAir Biotica 800 Probiotic Review

Best Price on BetterAir: BetterAir Biotica800

What’s inside the Biotica800 Box?

When you purchase a Biotica800 unit, you will receive:

  • Biotica800 base unit: a mist-emitting unit that’s pre-filled with one liquid cartridge.
  • Cartridge with Enviro-Biotics: cartridges last 3 months.
  • Power cord: to plug the unit into the power supply.
  • Wall mount: bracket to hang the unit on a wall.
  • Stabilizing feet: that go under the unit to keep it stable when freestanding.
  • Manual: to explain how to use and care for the device.

BetterAir Biotica 800 Probiotic Review

Best Price on BetterAir: BetterAir Biotica800

How to Set-Up BetterAir Biotica800?

Setting up a Biotica800 unit is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Shake the pre-mixed cartridge and remove the foil seal.
  2. Insert the cartridge in your diffuser unit.
  3. Plug in the unit to a power outlet.

BetterAir recommend placing the device in the area where you are experiencing the most problems.

For example, in the basement if you have a smell of mold there or in the bedroom if you suffer from congestion at night

Is BetterAir Biotica800 Purifier Worth It?

The BetterAir Biotica800 is worth it if you’re someone who suffers from allergies, asthma, or who just wants a natural solution to better indoor air quality. 

The use of probiotics is a chemical-free way to reduce and prevent the build-up of allergens like dust mites and pet dander, as well as certain strains of bacteria and mold.

It does not guarantee to eliminate air contaminants completely but instead works to bring them to normal or below detectable levels. 

This means that your indoor air is clean but also in a more natural state. As opposed to one that is over-sterilized and unnatural to the immune system. 

Biotica800 might also help keep your home smelling fresh by preventing the build-up of bacteria that release bad odors.

On price it is an investment but it’s still more economical than many traditional air purifiers. 

All in all, we think the Biotica800 is a great device for anyone suffering from allergies or asthma or who is concerned about pathogens and mold spores circulating indoors.

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BetterAir Biotica800 Purifier FAQs

Where should you store Betterair products?

BetterAir products are best set up away from direct sunlight and in a room with a constant room temperature.

How long does each BetterAir probiotic cartridge last? 

In optimal conditions, each probiotic cartridge will last three months or 90 days. If you use the manual dispersion button (the snowflake) to give additional mist, it could be less. 

Where do BetterAir’s probiotics come from?

BetterAir’s proprietary blend of probiotics are strains that exist in nature in plants and the soil. 

If I own an operational UV light purification system, how will this affect the probiotics?

A UV light purification system might neutralize the effects of the probiotics. This is because the system destroys all bacteria it comes across. If you use them together, try to position your Biotic800 at a safe distance.

What is the warranty on the Biotica800? 

The Biotica800 comes with a 1-year limited warranty. You can register for it online. BetterAir also offer a 30-day full refund guarantee, so you can try it out for a few weeks.

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