12 of the best backpacks for school

From backpacks for highschool to toddler backpacks check out our top 12 backpacks for school

One must-have item on every parent’s Back to School shopping list is the school bag. 

We need one that’s the right size, has enough space to fit in all the essential kit and that’s easy to carry.

We also want something that’s well made and sturdy enough to last for the whole school year.

With so many stylish designs out there, we’ve put together a list of 12 of the best backpacks for school, ranging from cute toddler animals to slick teen designs.

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Best young child and toddler backpacks

Our pick of the best backpacks that toddlers and little kids will be excited to carry around.



John Deere Tractor backpack

Does your kid love cars and tractors? If so – this is the bag for them!

The 3D tractor wheels of this John Deere Tractor backpack make a big statement from the iconic brand of John Deere.

It’s a small backpack which makes it easy for toddlers or small children to carry. The adjustable straps help it to fit comfortably.

Considered to be well-made and durable, this backpack should also withstand the bumps and scrapes of a busy cloakroom at nursery or school.



Reversible sequin Mermaid backpack

If your little girl loves sparkly things and wants a school bag that stands out from the crowd, then she will love this Mermaid backpack with reversible sequins.

You brush them with your hand to reveal new colours with each swipe. You can even write a draw shapes on them.

As it’s a larger backpack it works well for children who are 4-8 years old. It features side pockets, front pockets and plenty of room in the main compartment.

Because it’s sequined you might think it will fall apart easily but online purchasers found it to be durable and well made.

One to set the school corridors sparkling!



Cutest Yodo animal backpacks

If your child is starting preschool or junior school then this is a super cute bag for them.

Made in charming animal designs you can pick from a shark, dino fins or little pin owl.

It has zippers, which open in two directions and are easy for little hands to undo and a chest strap to stop it falling down off little shoulders.

Reviewers love the quality of this bag.

Adorable and a great choice for younger kids. You can find the Yodo Owl bag here.



OFUN Dino backpack

With its 3D scales along the straps and a flap to open its mouth, this cute little backpack will be a big hit for any dino-lovers.

The Ofun dino backpack is small so little ones can carry it easily but it has enough space to pack everything they need for a day at nursery or school.

The easy open zip is an added bonus for little hands.



Vaschy preschool backpack

Got a child who knows what they want?

If so then these Vaschy preschool backpacks might help you out.

They come in a big range of gorgeous designs so your child is bound to find one they love.

From unicorns to flamingoes, dinos to space. There’s something for everyone.

They’re considered to be well made and durable and are also water resistant. They feature loads of pockets and room for all the school kit as well as padded shoulder straps to make it easier to carry.

Although it’s a larger backpack it’s also got a chest strap to stop it dropping down from the shoulders – perfect for smaller kids. And it comes with a one year warranty for added peace of mind. You can find this unicorn design here. 



Arc en Ciel Kids Backpack

If you’re looking for a backpack that stands out from the crowd then this Arc-en-ciel Robo backpack might be the choice for you! It looks a bit like a cross robot with fun shapes and colours.

Rave reviewers love it’s quality and durability but most of all they love that you can fit a folder comfortably into the backpack as well as loads of other school kit.

If it gets grubby you can machine wash it too.

It’s got loads of pockets, including an insulated one for snacks. And it has a nice padded strap to make it comfortable to carry. 



Gimay Unicorn Backpack

If your child loves all things unicorn then this is the bag for them.

It’s considered to be a durable backpack with side pockets for a water bottle and front and little inside pockets for smaller bits and pieces.

And it has bits of glitter to make it shimmer.

The shoulder straps are adjustable so you can make it more comfortable for your child to carry.

But the best thing is that it comes with a matching lunch box and pencil case so you can tick three things off your back to school shopping list with just one click. Check it out here.

Backpacks for high school

These backpacks have classic and stylish designs for tweens and teens.

We’ve made sure that these are all big enough to pack folders and textbooks for high school, as well as all the other school kit they need.



Jansport Superbreak backpack

If you’re looking for a school backpack that will last forever, then this is the one for you.

Each Jansport rucksack comes with a lifetime warranty.

Any faults or breaks will be fixed for free if you send them back to the manufacturer. These classic backpacks are made from a super strong water resistant material to withstand the soggiest of school runs.

One roomy main compartment and a front pocket.

These bags are a great size – not too big, not too small and lightweight to carry. They come in a load of different colours and designs too. 



Teens love Kanken Classic Backpack

The iconic backpack that every teen wants. Kanken backpacks feature a classic design in a variety of colours.

This one’s pricey but it should last for years and without ever going out of fashion. As far as teens are concerned this backpack’s top of the class.



Sqoto Luminous backpacks

Looking for something a little um different?

Luminous backpacks are all the rage right now.

With glow in the dark cool anime designs, these bags will definitely stand out.

They come with USB chargers for phones, but you do need to buy a battery pack to make these work. The bags also have loads of room and pockets.

Out of all the features though it will probably be the cool luminous designs like these Sqoto luminous backpacks, that your child loves best.



Jinx Minecraft backpack

A must-have for any Minecraft fans.

We love the nice wide shoulder straps and padded back to make it comfy to carry.

It has tons of pockets to keep all the school bits and pieces organised. And it’s also considered really durable too so it will withstand all the bumps it gets when it’s thrown on the floor when your child comes home from school.

If your child loves Minecraft they’ll really appreciate all the little details from the game on the zips, straps and the inside pockets of this Jinx Minecraft backpack.



Scione stripy backpack 

This is a great school bag for tweens or teens, who are looking for something a little more grown up and stylish.

There’s even a padded laptop pocket for teens’ laptop and it comes with a USB charger so your child can charge their phone on the way to and from school.

It’s a good size, with plenty of pockets and storage space. And it comes with a cute insulated lunch bag and mini pouch.

Our favourite feature is that it comes with a waterproof cover to save books and folders getting soaked on a rainy walk to or from school.  You can find this range of Scione backpacks in different colours here.

From classic to cute, from waterproof to glow in the dark you’re bound to find the perfect school backpack for the new term.

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