Amazing blow paint aliens

fun kids crafts blowpoint aliens feature image

Fun Kids Craft

Amazing blow paint aliens

What you need:

Paper or card



Drinking straws

Googly eyes

Glue and glue spreader

Black pen

fun kids crafts blowpoint aliens what you need

Step 1: Make a blob

fun kids crafts blowpoint aliens step 1 get paint

Mix paint with water. You need it to be quite thin and watery to work well.

Then gently pour or drop a blob of paint onto your paper with a fat paintbrush.

Step 2: Start blowing your alien shape

fun kids crafts blowpoint aliens step 2 blow paint

Now take a drinking straw and blow the paint from the middle of your blob.

Keep moving the paper round so that you can blow all the sides of your blob and carry on until you are happy with your alien shape.

ALWAYS remind your child to blow and not suck the straw. It’s worth letting them practice blowing air first just to make sure.

Step 3: Add some googly eyes

fun kids crafts blowpoint aliens add eyes

When your paint is dry stick on some googly eyes.

Will your aliens have one, two or three?

Step 4: Draw on the finishing details

fun kids crafts blowpoint aliens step 4 add arms and face

Using a felt tip pen add a mouth, teeth, arms, legs and whatever other details you want.

Why not make a whole family of aliens?

Each one could be different and have a personality of it’s own. Perhaps you can think of other things to turn your blow paint blobs into too?

fun kids crafts blowpoint aliens finished result

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