Is TRX Better Than Rings? Two Suspension Training Systems Compared


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TRX vs Rings - which suspension trainer is better

Dawn Teh

Suspension training is becoming a popular alternative to traditional gym training because of its versatility and effectiveness. With just 2 straps, handles, and your body weight, this style of exercise is able to give a challenging workout for both beginners and pros.

But the great debate in the fitness community at the moment is which type of suspension trainer is better: TRX or gymnastics rings? While gymnastics rings have been around for decades as an Olympic sports apparatus, the TRX is a newer, modified version.

They both fundamentally work the same, but their setup convenience, physical benefits, possible exercises, and costs are slightly different. Here we’re going to walk you through these crucial differences so that you can make the best decision on which is the best suspension trainer for your needs.

What Is Suspension Training?

Suspension training is a type of exercise involving straps and handles to build mainly strength and endurance. It makes use of your own bodyweight to create resistance and work out your muscles.

Is Suspension Training Effective?

Research suggests that suspension training is effective as a holistic workout — covering aerobic exercise, core strength, muscle building, and flexibility. Studies have also concluded that it provides a moderate-intensity cardiovascular workout. [1,2,3,4]

TRX vs Rings - which suspension trainer is better

Up to $80 off bundles: TRX

What is TRX?

Total Resistance Exercises (TRX) is another type of suspension training. It looks similar to gymnastics rings in the sense that it uses straps, but the handles at the end have a “D” shape (rather than being round). It’s a lot more versatile in terms of the number of exercises you can do and is more accessible for beginners. 

The traditional ceiling or wall setup of the TRX is slightly easier as well because it only requires 1 anchor point (rings need 2 anchor points). 

It also has other convenient and quick setup options that do not involve any permanent anchor points. This includes a temporary door anchor, which can be used with any closed door. Or a suspension anchor that allows you to affix it to trees or steel beams.

What are Gymnastics Rings?

Rings are an apparatus used in the sport of artistic gymnastics, where two rings are hung from the ceiling using straps. The gymnast suspends his or her body in the air by holding each ring with one hand while performing different moves. 

Apart from being used in the sport of gymnastics, many modify some of the movements and use it as a general workout for suspension training.

Bestselling Gymnastics Rings



TRX vs Rings - which suspension trainer is better TRX vs Rings - which suspension trainer is better (4) Gymnastics rings review
What’s included? HOME2 System
TRX HOME2 suspension trainer
Door anchor
Suspension anchor (hook onto a pole)
Mesh Carry bag
PRO4 System
PRO4 Suspension trainer
Adjustable foot cradles
Barrel lock adjusters
Suspension anchor
Door anchor
Usually (depends on brand):
2 straps with adjustable buckles
2 rings
Non-slip hand tapes
Best for  Strength training
Total-body workout
Strength training (upper body)
Cost HOME2 System: $199.95
PRO4 System: $249.95
Bundles: $202.95-$479.85
Usually $20-$60 for home gyms
Set up options Hang from ceiling or wall with XMount (1 anchor point) – additional purchase for some models
Door anchor
Hook onto pole or tree with suspension anchor
2 anchor points needed to mount to ceiling

Hang from outdoor bar

Added Features TRX Training Club:
Live daily classes
On-demand videos
1:1 personal training
7 days free with any TRX suspension trainer purchase
After that, $19.99/month
Depends on brand
Reviews 4.8/5 stars from 4,346 review 4.7/5 stars from 1.943 reviews
Shipping Free US shipping Depends on brand
Money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee Depends on brand
Special Offers Up to $80 off bundles: TRX Bestselling: Gymnastics Rings


Other Considerations

TRX has a wide variety of suspension trainer bundles to help people tailor the system to their workout needs and more value from their purchase. All bundles come with a TRX suspension training system, and add-ons include things like resistance bands, workout mats, foam rollers, and more!

TRX Models:

HOME2 System
PRO4 System
Tactical (Tougher materials)
5 other bundles available

Other interesting products:

TRX has also expanded into offering a wide variety of exercise products like weights, resistance bands, and apparel. 

TRX Offer

Up to $80 off bundles: TRX

TRX vs Rings - which suspension trainer is better

Up to $80 off bundles: TRX

TRX Review

Who Founded TRX?

TRX was founded by Randy Hatrick, who was a former U.S. Navy Seal. While on deployment in Southeast Asia in the 90s, he was looking for an alternative way to work out apart from common exercises like push-ups. Using a combination of items like parachute webbing and jiu-jitsu belts he created the first prototype of the TRX suspension training system. 

After working with various fitness clubs, coaches, and gyms, the TRX system started to gain widespread adoption. Now it’s sold to consumers worldwide and is used by thousands of athletes, military personnel, and anyone interested in getting fit.

What Does The TRX Come With?

TRX’s most popular suspension training models are the HOME2 and PRO4 systems. Here’s what each comes with: 

HOME2 System 

  • TRX HOME2 suspension trainer
  • Door anchor
  • Suspension anchor (ceiling or wall)
  • Mesh Carry bag

PRO4 System

  • PRO4 Suspension trainer
  • Adjustable foot cradles
  • Carabiner
  • Barrel lock adjusters
  • Suspension anchor
  • Door anchor
  • Xtender
  • 1 year Premium App  access: online classes, on-demand videos, personal training available.

TRX Training Offer

Save 15% off your TRX Training order with AFFILTRX15: TRX Training

How Many Times a Week Should You Do TRX?

You can train between 3-6 times a week with the TRX. But this also depends on your goals and starting fitness level. For beginners, you may want to start 3 times a week, with 40-60 minutes for each session. As you progress, you can start adding another day per week progressively. [15]

How Does TRX Work At Home?

The TRX is a versatile workout system as it can be attached to several places in the home. The quickest way to set it up is by hooking it onto a door frame where no permanent fixtures are needed. You simply throw the TRX over the door with the stopper on and close the door to secure it.

How Do You Set Up The TRX At Home?

Alternatively, you can mount their metal XMount onto the wall or ceiling and then attach the TRX system to the XMount. Only 1 anchor point is required for this set-up, where you’ll need to drill 2 holes and insert 2 bolts. This setup is good for more advanced exercises.

How Does The TRX Work?

To use the TRX, you grip onto the 2 handles with your hands or legs to perform different exercises. Their 7 most basic moves include things like push-ups, pulls, planks, and lunges. But when you vary them, you can perform 100+ different exercises using the TRX.  

How Much Does TRX Cost?

Their most basic HOME2 system starts out at $199.95. Their other popular choice is the PRO4 system which costs $249.95 while TRX bundles can go up to $479.85. 

What’s awesome about the TRX is that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it a risk-free way to try it. If you ultimately find that their exercise system isn’t right for you, simply contact them within that period, and they will give you a refund.

TRX vs Rings - which suspension trainer is better

Up to $80 off bundles: TRX

What Are The Benefits Of TRX?

So what exactly are the unique benefits of the TRX system? Here’s a quick look at a few of them:

  • It’s versatile as you can use it for different exercise purposes. Change up your movements for a whole body workout, strength training, core building, flexibility, and more.
  • Home set-up is easy — you only need 1 anchor point (permanent) to hang it from your wall or ceiling. Or simply sling it over your door for a quick set-up. 
  • It can be used outdoors too — link it up to a sturdy pole or tree. 
  • Small and lightweight (it weighs less than 1lb) for easy travel and working out anywhere with it.
  • Good for both beginners and pros — You can vary the level of intensity of your workout by performing different exercises.
  • Follow-up training is available through the TRX training club (subscription needed) to learn more ways to use TRX — this includes live classes, on-demand videos, and virtual personal training.

TRX Training Offer

Save 15% off your TRX Training order with AFFILTRX15: TRX Training

Is TRX Better Than Lifting Weights?

Several studies have shown that TRX is as good as weights because it can have a similar level of muscle activation and strength building. [5, 8]

The use of your body weight as resistance seems to have the same effect as using external weights. 

Additionally, exercise professionals say that it may be safer than traditional weight lifting as it involves using various muscle groups together instead of working out individual ones. [6]

However, TRX is limited in the sense that you won’t be able to lift beyond your body weight, which you can do with traditional weights. [7]

Will TRX Build Muscle Mass? 

Yes, several studies have shown that TRX is good for building muscle mass. But it also depends on the type of exercises that you do. [3,5] 

If you need more help with targeting specific strength-building goals, it may be a good idea to subscribe to their TRX training club. Here they walk you through which exercises are suitable for which goals.

Can I Lose Weight With TRX?

Yes, studies have shown that TRX exercises are effective for losing weight, reducing fat percentage, and even improving blood pressure when combined with a healthy diet. [9,10]

Is TRX The Best Suspension Trainer?

TRX will be the best for those that want to use a reputable brand that’s been credited with inventing the modern form of suspension training. You may find similar products to the TRX, but they may not be able to guarantee the quality of materials used.   

TRX Customer Reviews: What Are Others Saying About It?

We looked at 4,346 reviews across 2 websites (Amazon and eBay), where the TRX scored an average of 4.8/5 stars.

Here are some of the common things people had to say about the TRX:

  • It was effective for those wanting to build muscle, strength, flexibility, or lose weight. 
  • TRX helped those with previous injuries (like back problems) to strengthen their core muscles.
  • The set up was easy with only 1 anchor point needed. 
  • It helped to counter exercise boredom as there are so many exercise moves to do. 
  • TRX was found to be high quality and durable — many have not noticed any wear and tear after months of use. 
  • It was very portable and light to travel with and use on the go. 
  • It was suitable for total beginners who have no fitness routine (even older folks in their 60s-70s).
  • TRX also worked for some pros that wanted a challenge.  
  • Great for home workouts when you’re unable to head to the gym or go outdoors. 

Some negative points brought up by customers included the price. But most said that the quality and versatility of the equipment made it worth it. Also, there were some reports of faulty equipment, but this was after years of use and the vast majority of users had no issues with this.

Here is a look at what some real users had to say about TRX:

TRX Review

TRX Review

TRX Reviews



Versatile systems for strength training, cardio, core building, and more. More pricey than gymnastics rings
Perform over 100+ exercises
Use indoor or outdoor
Only requires 1 anchor point for mounting to wall or ceiling
Hook onto door for quick use
Great for both beginners and experts
TRX training club available for coaching
30-day money-back guarantee
Free US shipping


Is The TRX Worth It?

The TRX is worth it if you’re looking for a workout that can target strength building, cardio, and flexibility at the same time. The fact that it’s easy to set up at home is a great bonus too. You can easily attach it to your wall or ceiling with a single (permanent) anchor point. Or use it without permanent fixings by hanging it from a closed door. The fact that it’s a lightweight, easily transportable workout system makes it useful for those that like to exercise outdoors or while traveling.

Another advantage is its versatility for a wide range of users. If you already have a regular workout but want to progress from basic calisthenics (e.g. pushups), the TRX can give you more of a challenge for strength building. But even if you’re a total beginner who prefers exercising from home, it has easier movements you can start with too.

TRX Offer

Up to $80 off bundles: TRX

Save 15% off your TRX Training order with AFFILTRX15: TRX Training

TRX vs Rings - which suspension trainer is better

Bestseller: Gymnastics Rings

Gymnastics Rings Reviews

Who Invented The Rings In Gymnastics?

The gymnastics rings apparatus was invented in the early 1800s by Friedrich Jahn and is traditionally used by men in competition. However, it’s also gained popularity over the past few years as a good general workout tool for those that want to improve upper body strength. 

How Do Gymnastic Rings Work?

Gymnastics Rings work by suspending 2 rings (usually wooden) from the ceiling with a strap for each ring. The user then holds on to the ring and suspends their body (either fully or partially) in the air while performing different moves. 

How To Set Up Gymnastics Rings At Home

There are 2 steps for setting up your gymnastics rings. First, you attach 2 anchor points to a ceiling, and then you attach a strap with a ring to each point. This means you’ll have to drill at least 4 holes depending on how many each anchor point requires.

What Can You Do With Gymnastics Rings?

There are many exercises that you can do with the gymnastics rings. Beginners usually start out with moves that are partially suspended (with legs on the ground). This can include things like inclined press-ups and ring rows. As you progress, you can move on to more intense exercises with your body fully suspended in the air — like dips and an inverted hang. [11, 12]

There is also the possibility of eventually doing Olympic-level moves that you see professional gymnasts perform.  

Most of the exercises for gymnastics rings target building upper body strength. 

Bestseller: Gymnastics Rings

How Much Do Gymnastics Rings Cost?

The cost of gymnastic rings for home workouts ranges between $20-$60 on Amazon. But professional gymnastics rings can cost about $100. 

What Do Users Have To Say About Gymnastics Rings?

Because there are so many different gymnastics ring brands in the market, we narrowed it down to one popular brand (PACEARTH) on Amazon to see what others had to say. Generally, many were happy with their gymnastics rings. It even received an average of 4.7/5 stars from 1,943 customers. 

Here are some of the things people had to say about it:

  • Good for building upper body strength as part of a workout routine.
  • Suitable for those that want to do proper gymnastic ring moves.
  • Some liked that it’s less bulky than traditional gym machines.
  • More cost-effective option.

However, some mentioned that doing rings exercises can be challenging for total beginners with no training. Others also added that the straps can be difficult to equalize creating an uneven workout. It also takes 2 anchor points for installation rather than 1 with the TRX. 

Here’s a look at what some people are saying about these gymnastics rings:

Rings Review

Rings Review

Gymnastics Ring Reviews



Good for building upper body strength Needs 2 anchor points for installation
Ideal for those that want to learn May not be as good for cardio or total-body workout
More streamlined than gym machines May not be suitable for total beginners
Cost-effective Some issues with durability (but depends on brand)
Difficult to equalize strap length


Best Gymnastics Rings

PACEEARTH: Gymnastics Rings

Are Gymnastic Rings Effective?

Gymnastics rings are an effective training tool for enhancing upper body strength. They tend to work best as an add-on for people who already have a general workout plan and intermediate fitness level. But they may not be ideal for people looking for whole-body, cardio workouts or those just starting a fitness routine. 

Best Gymnastics Rings

PACEEARTH: Gymnastics Rings

TRX or Gymnastic Rings, Which are Better? 

The TRX system is best for anyone who wants a versatile and portable workout system that’s easy to set up. It can cater to various fitness needs and levels. For example, it works well for a beginner wanting a full-body workout or an intermediate user who wants an extra challenge in building strength. 

On the other hand, gymnastics rings are better for those who want to specifically build upper body strength or are interested in performing gymnastics moves. It’s also generally more suited to people with an intermediate level of fitness as some of the exercises can be pretty challenging.

Another factor to consider is setup. If you want a more permanent place for suspension training, the TRX will only need 1 anchor bolt to set it up, while gymnastics rings will need 2. This may be crucial for those who want to minimize drilling holes in their ceiling or wall.

In terms of outdoor use, the setup for both TRX and gymnastics rings is quite similar. Both can be easily attached to a bar or stable pole. However, the TRX is slightly easier to transport.

While most gymnastics rings are cheaper, the TRX gives more versatility in terms of possible exercises and portability. So many users feel that it’s worth the price.

An added advantage of the TRX is also that you can have access to their training club on a subscription basis. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of how to use the system correctly with on-demand video tutorials, live classes, and personal training sessions. It also means that you’ll never run out of workout ideas!

Overall, the TRX appears to have a slight edge over gymnastics rings in most circumstances. But the best way to know if it’s right for you is to try it. You can even take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee. If the TRX doesn’t meet your expectations, you can always ask for a refund within that period.

TRX Offer

Up to $80 off bundles: TRX

Save 15% off your TRX Training order with AFFILTRX15: TRX Training

Best Gymnastics Rings

PACEEARTH: Gymnastics Rings


Which TRX model should I buy?

You can buy the HOME2 if you’re just starting out, while the PRO4 system will be suitable for advanced users who want more versatility.

TRX Suspension Trainers

Can TRX replace the gym?

The TRX can replace the gym in many respects because it can provide a total body workout depending on the exercises you perform — including cardio and strength. However, the TRX may be slightly lacking in some areas like lower body conditioning or if you want to work out specific muscle groups. This is where you might still want to use the TRX in conjunction with your gym workout. [13]

Is TRX bad for your back? 

The TRX can actually be good for building core and back strength. Their website gives suggestions on how to build back strength. But it’s crucial to note that if any exercises give you any pain, it’s best to stop first and seek advice before continuing with TRX. [14]

Can I do TRX every day? 

It’s recommended that beginners start with 3 days a week (40-60 minute sessions) and move up to 6 days a week. [15]

Where do you put TRX at home?

You can set the TRX up in minutes by hooking it onto the door. This method does not require any permanent fixtures. Or, if you want a more permanent place to attach your TRX in the home, you can install their single anchor point (XMount) to a ceiling or wall.  

TRX Offer

Up to $80 off bundles: TRX

Save 15% off your TRX Training order with AFFILTRX15: TRX Training

FAQs: Gymnastic rings

Can I do gymnastics rings every day? 

In general, it’s best to have 1 day of rest per week from working out, whether it’s gymnastics rings or other exercises. [16]

Can a beginner use gymnastics rings?

While there are beginner moves for gymnastic rings, some feel that even these are only suited for those who have already been doing some intermediate level of strength training.  

TRX Offer

Up to $80 off bundles: TRX

Save 15% off your TRX Training order with AFFILTRX15: TRX Training

Best Gymnastics Rings

PACEEARTH: Gymnastics Rings

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