How to Help the Children of Ukraine as War Goes On

Ukraine children protest

Every day, vulnerable Ukrainian children are suffering from Russia’s invasion of their country.

Some have lost their lives as a result of the violence. While millions of others are experiencing the detrimental effects of war on their psychological, social, and educational wellbeing.

As a parenting network with Ukrainian team members, we’re deeply saddened by these horrors that children are experiencing daily.

This is why we want to do our bit to support the children of Ukraine. And hope that you’ll join us too in your own capacity — no matter where you are.

Keep reading to get the latest details on how children are being affected by the war, and how you can do your part to help them.

Why the Children of Ukraine Need Your Help

According to UNICEF, there are 7.5 million children in Ukraine. And here are some of the ways the war is impacting their daily lives:

  • Children are exposed to the violence of war which puts them at risk of physical and mental harm.
  • Some children are experiencing psychological distress from exposure to shooting and shelling.
  • Many families are being split apart as men between 18-60 years old have been ordered to stay and fight.
  • More than 1 million children have fled Ukraine to seek refuge in other countries.
  • Displaced children and those who cannot safely access school are forced to pause their education.
  • Civilian infrastructure like schools and orphanages have suffered shelling.
  • Children are experiencing food shortages — especially around border towns where refugees are congregating along with areas where fighting is expected to break out.
  • Children are falling sick because of drinking unclean water. This is a result of sanitation and water facilities being damaged by shelling.
  • Children living in orphanages or institutions (about 100,000) are at even greater risk of neglect, abuse, and human trafficking.
  • Children have gone missing amidst the chaos.
  • Disabled or sick children are forced to stay as fleeing the country is too dangerous for them.

Ukraine aid

Where to Donate to Help Ukrainian Children

There are many things that people around the world can do to support those in Ukraine.

It may be as simple as showing support on social networks, staying informed about the conflict, or peacefully protesting.

And if you want to give financial and practical help directly to the children of Ukraine, here are some legitimate charities that have ramped up their aid in Ukraine that you can donate to:


Unicef Ukraine appeal


UNICEF is a United Nations (UN) agency that provides humanitarian aid to children. They are currently working on providing critical needs to children in Ukraine like clean water, health care, education, and safety.

DONATE to protect children in Ukraine: UNICEF


Save the children

Save the Children

Save the Children is a humanitarian organization that seeks to improve the lives of children. They are providing essentials to families like winter and hygiene kits, cash grants, education, and psychological assistance to children fleeing the conflict.

DONATE and see more about aid provided in Ukraine: Save the Children


World Food Programme, Ukraine

The World Food Programme

The World Food Programme is run by the UN and provides emergency food supplies to those in need. They are currently ramping up support to displaced families around the borders of Ukraine and neighboring countries.

DONATE to help children in Ukraine receive food supplies: World Food Programme


Missing children Europe

Missing Children Europe

Missing Children Europe is helping lost Ukrainian children reconnect with their families. They provide online and phone support to missing children, parents, and anyone who has found a lost child.

DONATE to help support teams for missing children: Missing Children Europe




The UNHCR is a UN agency that provides aid and protection to refugees. They currently have a special emergency appeal for Ukrainians fleeing their country. The organization is assisting by setting up emergency shelters, repairing damaged homes, providing cash relief and basic necessities, and more.

DONATE to the Ukraine emergency: UNHCR

We Can All Help the Children of Ukraine Have a Brighter Future

Children should not have to live in fear of violence and a lack of basic needs. Every little bit of help counts to minimize this impact that the war is having on Ukrainian children.

We hope for the conflict to end as soon as possible so that they can once again enjoy their childhood freely and happily.


Ukraine Peace

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