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25 powerful positive affirmations for kids

25 powerful affirmations for kids to encourage a positive mindset to tackle any problems

Growing up these days can be a rocky ride. Children today, arguably, face more pressures than ever before. Helping your child to think positively can build their self esteem, develop their resilience and help them make better choices.

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice Peggy O’Mara, Editor of Mothering Magazine

How do I teach my child to be positive?

By creating a list of positive affirmations you can help your child gradually build an inner voice that will help them believe in themselves. All the positive affirmations they store up now will be there to help them through the tough times later.

Joining together, with your child, to brainstorm powerful affirmations works well too.

Write them down on flashcards (with little drawings) to start making your list. As you write each down, discuss what it means and what your child thinks about it.

Do they believe that if they kept the words in their head, then they might help next time they face a stressful situation?

You could pop all the affirmations you have written down into a ‘Positivity Jar’ so that they are kept in a safe place. Your child can then return to them whenever they need them.

How to develop a positive inner voice

It might feel a little strange at first but saying all the positive phrases often, to and with your child, soon becomes a habit.

Saying them repeatedly results in them being are absorbed into both our conscious and subconscious minds. This in turn helps us to bring about changes that support us.

Over time your child will start believing in the statement and can begin to use it to overcome obstacles and to build confidence.

We’ve put together 25 positive affirmations for kids. Pick your favourites and the ones that mean the most to you and your child. Or use our ideas as inspiration to create your own.

25 powerfully positive affirmations for kids

I am me. It’s all I can be. And there’s no better person to be.

A dead end is never the end. It just means you need to find a different path to get where you want to go.

I will try my best and that is all anyone can ask of me.

Every day is a fresh start and things will always look better in the morning.

Whenever I don’t know what to do next, I will just do one next thing.

25 powerful affirmations for kids to encourage a positive mindset to tackle any problems

I will make mistakes. And that’s OK. I will learn from them, forgive myself and move on.

Hard work and kindness will take me a long way in life.

A worry never seems as big once you share it with someone else. I know I can shrink my worries by saying them out loud.

It would be boring if we were all the same. I like my differences. And I like the differences in others.

I matter. I am loved. I am enough.

25 powerful affirmations for kids to encourage a positive mindset to tackle any problems

Every day, and in every way, I learn and get better and better.

Some things might take longer. And that’s OK. Life is not a race.

If at first I don’t succeed I will try, try, try again.

I am the friend I want others to be to me. And that makes me a lovely person.

All of my problems have solutions. Sometimes I will just need help to find them.

25 powerful affirmations for kids to encourage a positive mindset to tackle any problems

I believe I can be whatever I want to be.

I haven’t figured it out. YET.

Sometimes it takes more courage to ask for help than to struggle alone.

I get stronger by getting through something difficult.

I am an amazing person.

25 powerful affirmations for kids to encourage a positive mindset to tackle any problems

I am grateful for everything I have in my life.

I am quiet but my voice still deserves to be heard.

Every challenge I face is an opportunity to grow.

If I take a breath and just breathe –  I can do this.

Today is going to be a great day.

Teach and repeat your positive affirmations to your kids. It will help them to become part of their inner voice and their inner confidence.

Positive affirmations can guide them get through the tough times and help push themselves to reach their goals.

Showing our children the importance of positive thinking is giving them a powerful tool to help them get through all life throws at them.

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