Nebula Genomics Review – Is This The Best Whole Genome Sequencing?


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Nebula Genomics Review Gene Testing

Claire Dawson

Imagine being able to unlock all the secrets of your DNA. Maybe you want to know whether grandpa’s story of where your family came from is true.

Or perhaps you want to know about your genetics to help you live a better, longer life while possibly avoiding diseases.

DNA testing can help to reveal all of this and more. It may sound like something that only the super-rich can afford to do. But companies are now making this technology accessible to average consumers like you and me.

Nebula Genomics is one such company providing Whole Genome Sequencing DNA testing. But is it really the right one for you?

In this review, we take a close look at what Nebula Genomics has to offer, whether it’s worth the price, what other users are saying about it, and more.

By the end of this article, you will be able to decide if this brand is the right choice for helping you understand more about your genetics.

Nebula Genomics Review Gene Testing

Why Test Your DNA?

First, let’s think about why you might want to test your DNA. Here are some common reasons:

  1. Ancestry and Genealogy: Making a family tree is fun and can be surprising.
  2. Inherited Diseases Risks: People want to know if they have a genetic predisposition to a specific disease like diabetes. (e.g., With three diabetic uncles, will I get it too?) With this knowledge, you may be able to identify the variant gene and take preventative steps.
  3. Fitness and Nutrition Tests: Genetic testing can be linked to beneficial dietary and lifestyle advice.  
  4. Paternity: A DNA test is 99% definitive proof of paternity.  
  5. Abnormalities: Babies may be tested for abnormalities such as Down’s Syndrome. Prospective parents assess the chances of their child having a genetic defect.
  6. Assisting Medical Research: Some want to contribute to medical research.
  7. Police Work: DNA plays a huge role in catching criminals through forensics.

Being clear about your reasons for analyzing your DNA is important because it can affect which kind of DNA Test is best suited to you.

Nebula Genomics Review Gene Testing

The Different Kinds of DNA Testing

If you’ve decided to go for DNA testing, you’ll see that there are several kinds out there. And one may be better for you than another depending on your needs. For example, why does Nebula use ‘whole-genome sequencing’? Here’s a closer look at the science.

What is Your Genome?

Your genome consists of all the genetic material in every cell of your body. The basic building unit of your genome is DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). 

DNA can be classified into four key chemicals: guanine, cytosine, adenine, and thymine. They are also commonly referred to as ‘bases’ and individually as G, C, A, and T respectively. 

The chemicals combine in pairs forming the famous double helix molecule.  

What Is Genome Sequencing?

The bases in your DNA are like an alphabet. Genome sequencing is the process that deciphers the chemical language they spell out. It tells your whole story: where you’ve come from, who you’re related to, your genetic variations, and health predispositions.

Types of DNA Tests

There are many specific types of DNA tests. [1] The ones most commonly used where tests are sold directly to the public are:

  • SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism): a form of genotyping that identifies variant genes. Analyses of genotypes show the association of specific genetic variants with given diseases.
  • Autosomal DNA testing: analyzes 22 chromosomes (which excludes the sex chromosomes) to trace lineage back through maternal and paternal bloodlines.
  • The Y-DNA test: traces DNA back through the male bloodline. This means from father to grandfather to great grandfather, etc.
  • The mtDNA test: traces the female genetic heritage and ancestry. This means back through your mother, grandmother, great grandmother, etc.
  • Whole Genome Sequencing: This is the test used by Nebula Genomics. It has the most accurate and extensive results as it gives you 100% of your genetic sequencing. We will discuss this test more in the next section or you can see their whole genome sequencing options here: Nebula Genomics.

Nebula Genomics Review

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What Is the Nebula Genomics Genome Sequencing DNA Test?  

Nebula Genomics offers a whole-genome sequencing DNA test that gives you the complete sequence for all 20,000+ of your chromosomes and the approximately 3 billion base pairs which make up your DNA.

According to the test chosen, you’ll receive:

  • The raw data of your entire genome
  • An analysis of all your genetic variants linked to diseases (and to your physical characteristics)
  • The origins and migrations of your family
  • Updates and reports on new research every week

Pros and Cons of the Nebula Genome Sequencing

Here is a summary of the pros and cons of the Nebula Genome Sequencing Test.

Nebula Genomics Review logo
Pros Cons
100% of genome sequenced and analyzed It’s technical and can be difficult for non-scientists to understand without expert help
Goes further back in time than some other DNA tests on the market Whilst it identifies health concerns, it provides no advice as to what to do about them
Provides information about genetic variants linked to specific diseases and health conditions Getting updates is an additional expense
Provides data security and takes privacy concerns seriously


Not FDA-approved for medical use
On-going support
Can be taken to other experts for further advice
Users retain ownership of their data


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Nebula Genomics Whole Genome Sequencing

The Story of Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics was founded in 2016 by George Church, a well-known geneticist from Harvard University, along with his fellow researchers Dennis Grishin and Kamal Obbad. 

George Church was even involved in the Human Genome Project, which produced the first human whole-genome sequence in 2003.

Nebula Genomics aims to provide people with information about their genetic heritage and health through whole-genome sequencing in an accessible, secure, and affordable way.

Nebula Genomics Review

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What Does Nebula Genomics Do?

The Tests

Nebula Genomics provides Nebula Whole Genome Sequencing DNA testing in 3 versions. Each with varying costs and levels of sequencing depth.

  • Basic: Analyzes 0.4% of your genes, provides 2 gigabytes of information, and has a medium accuracy level.
  • Deep: Analyzes 100% of your genome, doing 30 runs of sequencing to provide 100 gigabytes of data. The accuracy rate of this version is high.
  • Ultradeep: Also analyzes 100% of your genome but runs the sequence 100 times to provide 300 gigabytes of data. It has ultra-high accuracy.

You can see more about these three genome sequencing options here: Nebula Genomics.

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Nebula Genomics Whole Genome Sequencing

The Reports

As well as digital access to your data, Nebula Genomics send the following reports:

  • Detailed feedback on medical and health problems to which you may be susceptible due to genetic variants.
  • With the Deep and Ultra Deep Tests, an in-depth genealogy report (done in conjunction with FamilyTreeDNA) traces your ancestry and their migration patterns back for 80,000 years.
  • An oral microbiome report, which is helpful in analyzing your digestive and heart health.
  • Reports on sleep patterns, athletic performance, personality traits, physical appearance, dietary restrictions, and more.

Is Nebula Genomics Genome Sequencing Better Than Other DNA Tests?

Here’s a quick look at some of the major differences between Nebula Genomics’ genome sequencing and other common commercial DNA tests:

  • Nebula Genomics is more thorough. Firms like 23andMe provide genealogical information to consumers using the genotyping method. That method picks out the genetic variants in a DNA sample. Genome sequencing analyses 100% of a person’s genome. The information from whole-genome sequencing is far more detailed.
  • Nebula Genomics is private. Ownership of the data remains with the person who supplies the DNA sample to Nebula. Other firms retain ownership of the results of their tests, giving them the right to sell your data.
  • Nebula Genomics is NOT an FDA-approved diagnostic test. Unlike 23andMe, which has gained FDA approval for 10 DNA disease tests, Nebula Genomics tests are not FDA approved as yet. However, their material may be used by experts to provide you with medical or counseling advice.

Nebula Genomics Review

Up to 65% off tests: Nebula Genomics

How the Nebula DNA Test Works

After you’ve filled in the forms for your order, Nebula sends you a kit. You swab the inside of your cheek and send it back.

When the sequencing is completed, Nebula Genomics provides a link to your DNA analysis and the reports detailed above.  

If you order the Deep or Ultra Deep versions of the test, Nebula provides access to three core exploration tools to interpret your results:

  • gene analysis tool that allows you to examine any gene of interest and identify relevant genetic variants and mutations.
  • A variant search tool that enables you to search your genome for any genetic variant reported in the literature.
  • genome browser that gives you direct access to your sequencing data.

You can see more about Nebula’s exploration tools here: Nebula.

Cost of the Nebula DNA Test

At the time of writing, the costs of the tests are as follows:

Basic – $299 (reduced to $99 for a limited time)
Deep – $999 (reduced to $299 for a limited time)
Ultra Deep ($2999, reduced to $999 for a limited time)

See latest discounts on: Nebula Whole Genome Sequencing

In addition, there is a subscription fee between $15.99-$19.99 per month for access to the tools and updates. However, the cost is reduced by paying on an annual basis or opting for lifetime access which costs between $150-$200.

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Nebula Genomics Whole Genome Sequencing

Nebula Genomics Review

Up to 65% off tests: Nebula Genomics

Which Nebula DNA Test to Choose

Which Nebula Genomics test you choose really depends on your needs and budget.

While the Basic is the least expensive, it only decodes the most important part of your DNA. So it’s best for those who just want to learn a little more about their ancestry and how likely you are to develop common traits and conditions.  

The Deep test is the minimum level you will need to choose if you want 100% of your DNA decoded. And this is good for getting more in-depth information about your ancestry. It also delves deeper into a wider range of health conditions or traits you may be predisposed to.

The Ultra Deep test is the most thorough of the 3 tests. And like the Deep test, it sequences 100% of your DNA. The key difference is that it’s even more accurate than the Deep test and gives you even more comprehensive reporting.    

You can see more about these three genome sequencing options here: Nebula Genomics.

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Nebula Genomics Whole Genome Sequencing

Benefits of Nebula Genomics Genome Sequencing

Here is a quick look at the benefits of choosing Nebula Genomics for genome sequencing:

  • YOU retain ownership of your DNA data — not Nebula Genomics.
  • You can get deeper insights into your ancestry and health with one of the only tests that decodes 100% of your DNA.
  • You can understand more about your predisposition to certain traits or health conditions.
  • Get full access to your genome sequencing data — which can be downloaded.
  • Data can be used for consultation with physicians and genetic counselors.
  • Browser-based genome exploration tool helps you understand more about your genome.
  • Nebula keeps your genomic data private and secure through the use of blockchain technology.
  • Retain ownership and control over what is done with your data.

Other Products or Upgrades from Nebula



Nebula Explore: Ongoing Updates and Access to the Nebula Research Library

Subscription to Nebula Explore provides you with weekly updates of scientific discoveries with flags for those which apply to you, alongside access to your data and other genome exploration tools.  

You’ll also have access to the Nebula Research library of relevant scientific research. 

Nebula Genomics even calculates a score from your particular genetic variants to give you a comparison with other users.



Nebula Expand: You Can Upgrade Your Results from other DNA Testing Companies with Nebula

If you have already obtained a DNA test from 23andme or AncestryDNA, you can upload the results to Nebula Expand to upgrade and receive a fuller analysis.  



Partnership with FamilyTreeDNA to Connect with Relatives

Nebula Genomics’ partner, FamilyTreeDNA, gives you access to the world’s largest database of Y-DNA (paternal) and mtDNA (maternal). As a result, you may be able to track down relatives and be put in touch with them.

Nebula Genomics Review

Up to 65% off tests: Nebula Genomics

The Difficult Issues of Privacy for Your Unique DNA

Privacy leaks are often a concern as you are identifiable by your DNA. At the moment, there is little regulatory control over this in the industry. [3, 4] 

For example, health insurance companies cannot use genetic data to increase premiums or refuse to insure. But life insurance companies are not subject to similar restrictions. 

Fortunately, Nebula Genomics is a privacy-focused company and puts this customer right as a top priority. 

They use innovative blockchain technology and “virtual black boxes” to ensure that external parties are not able to gain access to their data. 

Customers also have complete ownership and control over what is done with their data. And you can revoke Nebula Genomics’ access at any time.  

Nebula Genomics Reviews: What Customers Have to Say 

We found that most external review websites (like and are very positive about Nebula Genomics. Mostly because it is reliable, accurate, complete, and data is held very securely.  

However, most criticisms of the kits came down to the pricing. Firstly, Nebula Genomics is more expensive than other options in the market. Although many also felt that the depth of sequencing, accuracy, and privacy makes it justified. 

Overall, customers were happy with Nebula Genomics as it scored an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 570 reviews across 2 websites (DNAtestingchoice and Trustpilot).

Most customers were pleased with these aspects of Nebula Genomics:

  • The depth of sequencing was the best part for many. Those who had tried other genetic sequencing tests were impressed by how Nebula Genomics provided much more information.
  • It was great for helping many to solve health concerns — ranging from rare genetic disorders, dietary intolerances and informing lifestyle changes. 
  • Many found the ancestry information interesting — it even helped some to make sense of their family traits. 
  • The strong privacy and security was a big plus for customers — people felt reassured that their data won’t be used or sold for other purposes.
  • You get to download your raw genetic data to use for your own purposes in the future.
  • You retain ownership of your genetic data. This was essential for those that like to maintain their privacy. 

Of course, no service is perfect, and there were the occasional complaints related to shipping times, especially for those living outside of the US. However the majority of customers were happy with the customer service received. 

Here’s a look at some of the positive reviews from Nebula Genomics customers:

Nebula Genomics Review

Nebula Genomics Review

Is Nebula Genomics The Best Genome Sequencing?

Nebula Genomics is one of the best genome sequencing DNA tests on the market, because of the depth of information they provide and their commitment to protecting their customer’s data. They analyze the whole of your genome and read from many more positions than comparable services on the market. 

Nebula Genomics is worth it if you wish to: 

  • Get a complete understanding of your genetic health. Know your predisposition to certain health conditions, why you can’t tolerate some food and more.
  • Use this health information to prevent diseases through lifestyle changes or early medical treatment. 
  • See a detailed genealogical family tree and track down family members around the world.
  • Match your genetic heritage with nutritional, fitness, and lifestyle advice for a longer healthspan and maximum longevity.
  • Know the chances of passing on rare genetic defects to your child.
  • The security and privacy the company provides — you always retain ownership of your data and can remove Nebula Genomics’ access to it at any time.

However, if you’re just looking for some fun, general information about your ancestry, you might find the test too detailed and overpriced for your purposes.  

Nebula Genomics also does not provide any nutritional, health, or lifestyle advice linked to their DNA tests. So you may need to look for a third-party medical professional for help in these areas. 

Overall, many find Nebula Genomics’ price and service worth it because of the thoroughness of the testing and the data security it provides. 

We live in a wonderful age where genetic testing can be accessible to average consumers like you and me. Why not make use of the opportunity and get tested today? It could help you uncover an interesting family trait or even save you from a genetic condition.

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Nebula Genomics Whole Genome Sequencing

Nebula Genomics FAQs 

How accurate is Nebula?

The Basic test is rated medium accurate, the Deep test is rated highly accurate, and the Ultradeep test is rated ultra-accurate.

Is Nebula Genomics secure?

Nebula Genomics is a highly secure genetic testing company. It anonymizes user data and holds it in a virtual black box environment with blockchain technology tracking. 

Which DNA test is best for health?

Either the Deep or Ultra Deep Nebula Genomics tests are best for health purposes. This is because they provide more details of genetic variants that may be associated with health issues. 

While the company does not provide health advice, medical or genetic advisors can use the data collected through Nebula Genomics’ to assess health conditions.

How much does genome mapping cost?

Nebula Genomics does not offer genome mapping, which only points to certain features in a genome. Instead, it maps a whole-genome sequence. See above for costs.

What can getting your genome sequenced tell you?

Genome sequencing can tell you a lot of things about yourself. This ranges from your family origins, genetic variations, dietary intolerances, and more! You can use the information to help prevent or treat diseases and identify the best lifestyle for a long, healthy life.

Can I get my whole genome sequenced?

Yes, the Deep and Ultradeep DNA Nebula Genomics tests provide you with your whole- genome sequence.

How reliable are DNA tests?

There are many types of DNA tests, and the most reliable of them all is the whole-genome sequencing test which can be done by Nebula Genomics.

Special Offer on Nebula Genomics Genome Sequencing

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Nebula Genomics Whole Genome Sequencing

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