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10 parents’ hilarious reactions when the kids go back to school

How parents react when their kids go back to school - are you sad or overjoyed when the school year starts again

We’re nearly there. Summer is almost over and the day the kids go back to school is just around the corner. 

Some parents are feeling a little emotional and they will probably shed a tear or two as they wave them off at the school gates.

Others on the other hand are getting ready to do the happy dance to celebrate. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best and funniest tweets from parents about the end of the summer break and the start of a brand new term.

The countdown

This Mama has been ticking off the days until the start of school. But do her kids share the excitement? 

Back to school prep

This dad is gearing up for the new term with a bit of practical preparation! 

Walking on sunshine

Not that this mum is desperate for school to start again, or anything!

Celebrating being off summer snack duty

One thing about the kids going back to school is the freedom from entertainment and almost constant snack prep duties. So much free time.

Silence is golden

After six long weeks of the house filled with noise, shrieks, giggles and the TV and music blaring, when the kids go back to school, the silence hits you. 

And – oh – it’s a wonderful sound.

Back to packed lunch duties

And because it’s a new school year, our standards haven’t slipped yet.

Those little extras – like a cute note in their lunch box

We’re going to miss our little munchkins so a nice thing to do is pop a little note in their lunch bag to make them smile. 

Feeling a little frazzled

Summer is fun but having the kids at home for six weeks, juggling work, trying to find ways to keep everyone entertained and breaking up sibling squabbles can take its toll.

Back to the school run

Which means coaxing sleepy kids out of bed and nagging them to hurry up so you’ll make it to school before the bell rings. 

It’s handy to have your excuses ready if things don’t go to plan.

Holding back the tears

You might be dancing with glee about the kids going back to school, but remember some parents will be feeling emotional about waving bye bye to their littlies. 

Whether when the kids go back to school you feel sad and blue or blissfully happy, you’re not alone!

Have a great school year!

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