FitOn App Review – Is this the Best Workout App for Moms?


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Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

Mark Stafford

Do you suffer from gymtimidation? Do you go faster than you want on the treadmill, or lift heavier weights than you know you should because you fear other gym users are judging you?

Or perhaps you hate the gym because of the personal trainers who are always telling you you’re doing everything wrong just to sign you up? Or you feel so self-conscious, you spend money on workout clothes you don’t really want?

There are a lot of reasons apart from COVID why many people, especially women, are choosing to workout from home, rather than the gym. Not only can you save money, but you can also workout:

  • at your own pace, without fear of judgment.
  • whenever you like – before breakfast, after dinner, even in the middle of the night.
  • wherever you like – in the bedroom, sitting room or garden if you have one.
  • in whatever clothing you like – including pajamas or naked!

The problem is, how do you get a quality workout at home? Trying to work out your own fitness regime and then trawling Youtube is likely to leave you frustrated and no nearer your fitness goals.

This is where fitness apps come in. They bridge the gap between gym and home. Fitness apps can be downloaded onto any mobile device (and sometimes onto your PC or Mac) to give you the best of both worlds – the kind of organized fitness regime and workouts you’d expect in a gym, but in the comfort of your home. [1]

FitOn is a popular fitness app that has a free and paid version with lots of features, including celebrity workouts.

Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

70% off with annual plans: FitOn Pro

What is FitOn App?

FitOn essentially consists of a huge range of workouts across almost any type of exercise you can think of – spin, yoga, cardio, kickboxing, and more.

Most workouts are 10-30 minutes, so you can always find one to fit your available time.

There is a paid upgrade, FitOn Pro, that includes extras such as meal plans for those looking to eat healthily or lose weight.

Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

Can You Really Get An Effective Workout From Home?

For many people, especially women, the real question is: can you get an effective workout in a gym? To achieve a successful workout, you need to be 100% focused on what you’re doing.

Research by OnePoll showed 47% of people who go to the gym feel intimidated, stressed, or self-conscious while working out. Which means they’re not concentrating fully. 

At home, you can relax and completely focus on getting fit. Assuming, if you have kids, your other half will keep them occupied while you workout :). If not, FitOn actually has workouts specifically designed for parents with young children.

You may also not have the range of equipment available at a gym, but you don’t have to wait in line for what you do have, and when you use it, you can concentrate 100% on what you’re doing. In fact, as we’ll talk about later, with FitOn you don’t need much equipment to get fit at home anyway.

FitOn and FitOn Pro: Summary of Features


Fiton vs Fiton Pro Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App Fiton app pro review - Best Home Workout Fitness App
What you get Personalized Workout Plan
Range of workouts
Celebrity Workouts
Yoga and Meditation
Advice section
All FitOn free features
Personalized meal plans
Exclusive recipes
Offline downloads
Premium music stations
Party video calls
Real-time heart rate
Pros Free
Huge range of workouts
Celebrity trainers
Personalized Fitness plan
High-quality workout videos
Includes meal plans and recipes
Inexpensive compared to gym membership
Cons Doesn’t include meal plans A little pricey when paying monthly but yearly package is economical at $29.99 annual
Reviews 4.8 out of 5 stars from 199,859 reviews on Google Play Store & Apple App Store
Pricing Free $99.99 billed monthly ($8.35/month)
Special Offers None as already free Save 70% if billed yearly – $29.99 ($2.50/month)
Get Started FitOn FitOn Pro


Any Further Considerations?

One of the impressive features of the FitOn app is its availability no matter what device you use – Smartphone, iPhone, Android tablet, PC, or Mac. You can even stream it to your TV.

If you just want to improve your fitness level, then the free version may be all you need. However, if you want help with eating healthily and weight loss, then it’s definitely worth considering the paid version, FitOn Pro.

Special Offer on FitOn Pro

70% Off the monthly subscription when you pay annually. Create a free account here: FitOn

FitOn App Review

Who founded FitOn?

Linsday Cook, the current CEO of FitOn, started the business after working for Fitbit. As a busy working mum, she found she couldn’t find time to regularly attend her favorite studio classes.

Searching for online alternatives proved fruitless, as she felt most options lacked the quality and motivation she was looking for.

How is it Different from Other Fitness Apps?

FitOn has four major benefits that differentiate it from other fitness apps:

  1. The high-quality workout videos give the feel of premium studio fitness classes.
  2. The range of workouts on offer is huge. There is literally something for everyone, including celebrity-led workouts.
  3. The social aspect of the FitOn App really helps motivation. You can schedule and invite your friends to workouts so you can encourage each other.
  4. The cost. The main app is completely free, while the paid version, FitOn Pro, is very affordable, especially if you pay yearly.

How Does it Work?

Download and install the app here to get started: FitOn App.

How do You Sign up for your Personalized Plan?


Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

Once you’ve entered some basic information (name, email, etc) to create an account,  you’ll be asked to enter a few personal details.


Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

You are then asked to choose your goal (you can have only one).


Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

Next, you have to choose how many workouts you want per week. Again, you can only choose one option.


Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

Now you’ve chosen how often you want to work out, you get to choose how long you want to workout for. Again, you can only choose one option, but you’ll find there’s plenty of variety as the workouts themselves vary in length.


Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

Now you can choose if you want your personalized plan to be ongoing or to run for only a certain number of weeks. The advantage of an ongoing plan is that once you know the workouts, it’s often easier to do them on a regular basis.

On the other hand, you can fall into a fitness rut if you never vary your workouts. If this happens, you could find your fitness level stagnates.


Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

Next comes the fun part! You get to choose as many classes as you wish.


Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

And that’s it. You’ve now got a personalized fitness plan!

Special Offer on FitOn Pro

70% Off the monthly subscription when you pay annually. Create a free account here: FitOn

What Types of Workouts Do They Offer?

There really is a staggering amount of classes on offer including:

  • Spin
  • Yoga
  • Stretch
  • Meditation
  • HIT
  • Strength
  • No-equipment
  • Cardio
  • Toning
  • Pilates
  • Quick Hits
  • Dance
  • Barre
  • Kickboxing
  • Circuits
  • Celebrity
  • Before bed
  • At Work
  • Beginner
  • Low Impact
  • Small Space
  • With Kids
  • Prenatal
  • Postnatal

Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

70% off with annual plans: FitOn Pro

There are also challenges or you can choose by area (Booty, Abs, Arms, Total Body, Legs, Arms or Back), time, or intensity

Do you Need any Equipment?

For weight exercises, a couple of pairs of dumbbells is often all you’ll need, but there are plenty of workouts where the only equipment necessary is an exercise mat, although you could even get away without that if you have a soft enough floor.

There is even a no-equipment workout category.

Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

70% off with annual plans: FitOn Pro

Do They Offer Yoga or Meditation?

Both yoga and meditation are available.

Yoga workouts range from ‘Level Zero’ to ‘Let’s Get Wild’.

Meditations range from ‘Morning Motivation’ to ‘Peace Out Bedtime’.

Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

70% off with annual plans: FitOn Pro

Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

70% off with annual plans: FitOn Pro

FitOn Pro Review

With FitOn Pro you get all the benefits of the FitOn workouts plus additional resources and features.

What You Get With FitOn Pro

  • Personalized meal plans. FitON has partnered with Jessica Sepel of JSHealth (clinical nutritionist and best selling author). Together they have created exclusive meal plans to save you time and calorie-counting. It’s been shown people who plan meals eat more healthily and lose weight more successfully.
  • Exclusive recipes. As well as meal plans, Jessica and FitOn have also created over 500 tasty and nutritious recipes you can make on any budget.
  • Offline downloads. If your internet is flaky or dies you don’t have to stop working out. And you can take your workouts with you wherever you go.
  • Premium music stations. What you workout to can be as important as how you workout. With the Pro version you get a selection of music stations with hits from top artists.
  • Party video calls. One of the great things about the FitOn app is its social aspect. The Pro version takes this to the next level for even greater fun and motivation.
  • Real-time heart rate – connect your Apple Watch, Garmin, Google Fit, FitBit or Samsung watch to monitor your heart as you workout.

Special Offer on FitOn Pro

You can get 70% Off the monthly subscription once you’ve created a free account here: FitOn

FitOn Reviews & Testimonials

FitOn scored an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars from a total of 321 reviews across 2 independent platforms (Google Play Store and Apple App Store).

Customers loved the variety of workouts and how easy it was to get going with them.

Here are a couple of typical reviews:



Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

Fiton app review - Best Home Workout Fitness App

On the whole, most reviewers find the range of workouts one of the key features they love most about FitOn.

The other is that they can vary the length of their workouts depending on how much time they’ve available and their motivation level. On the downside, some reviewers found the navigation clunky.

Are FitOn and FitOn Pro Worth It?

FitOn is definitely worth it as it’s completely free, so you’ve nothing to lose in trying it out. From the reviews, it’s clear most people who are using the FitOn app are very impressed with the variety of workouts on offer.

FitOn Pro is also worth it, especially if you need more than just workouts or are looking to lose some weight through the app.

The combination of professionally created personalized meal plans and recipes not only helps you eat healthily and achieve your weight goals but can also be a huge time-saver. You don’t need to calorie count or meal plan your dinners.

And being able to monitor your heart rate in real-time, along with the added premium music stations, really racks up the motivation.

In terms of cost, FitOn Pro is at $8.35 a month (already competitive compared to similar fitness apps). This is then reduced to a no-brainer of $2.50 a month if you pay yearly, less than the price of a single cup of coffee. It’s a bargain, especially since the average monthly membership for a gym is around $58, more like $100+ if you live somewhere like New York. 

Whichever version you chose, FitOn will help you if:

  • You suffer from gymtimidation.
  • Like FitOn’s founder, Lindsay Cook, you struggle to get to the gym.
  • You’re looking for high-quality video workouts.
  • You want celebrity workouts.
  • You’d love to work out, but you’ve got young kids – there’s a whole ‘with kids’ workout category.
  • You just prefer working out in the comfort of your own home.

FitOn offers high-quality videos that really can give you a gym-like workout in your own home for free (or a fraction of the cost of a gym membership if you upgrade to the Pro version).

Whether you feel the free app is sufficient for your needs, or you opt for the upgrade to Pro for the meal plans, here’s to a fitter you!

Special Offer on FitOn Pro

You can get 70% Off the monthly subscription once you’ve created a free account here: FitOn


FitOn FAQs

What is the FitOn App?

FitOn is a fitness app featuring video workouts that you can use on your phone, tablet, PC, Mac, or streaming to your TV. It allows you to workout at home.

Is FitOn App Really Free?

You can pay to upgrade to FitOn Pro, but there is no charge for using FitOn itself.

How Much Does FitOn Pro App Cost?

$8.35/month if billed monthly ($99.99/year) or $2.50/month if billed yearly ($29.99/year), a saving of 70%.

Is it Worth Upgrading to FitOn Pro?

If you would like help to eat healthily (or maybe lose weight) as well as get fit, then it is worth upgrading to FitOn Pro as it includes personalized meal plans, recipes, and more for a small monthly cost.

How do I Get the FitOn App on my TV?

Make sure your phone and TV are on the same Wi-Fi network, then start a workout, tap the screen for the icons to appear, and finally tap the cast icon (top right corner) to begin streaming.

Special Offer on FitOn Pro

You can get 70% Off the monthly subscription once you’ve created a free account here: FitOn


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