Eve Premium Hybrid vs. Simba Hybrid Pro, Which Mattress is Better?


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Eve vs. Simba Mattress Review

Ashley Wright

Are you waking up feeling a little less rested every night? Are your eyes a little heavier? And your back a little stiffer? 

Then your mattress might be to blame. Poorly made mattresses (or old, worn-out ones) often provide insufficient support. And this can lead to disrupted sleep and physical strain.

The Sleep Foundation suggest we replace our mattress every 6-8 years as all mattresses end up sagging in the end. However, they don’t recommend replacing it with any old mattress, but with a quality one. (1) 

Why is it Worth Investing in a Quality Mattress?

Well. in the words of the Sleep Foundation:

One of the biggest factors in getting a good night’s sleep is the comfort of your mattress. There are few other products that can have such a significant effect on our health and happiness.

Having a supportive, comfortable mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep. And this helps us to be at our mental and physical best the next day. (2) 

So how should you choose a quality mattress?

In this article, you’ll learn the essentials about selecting the right mattress for you. And we’ll also be reviewing two well-known mattress manufacturers — Eve and Simba, which are based in the UK.

Because both brands have a range of mattresses to offer, we’ll be focusing on their hybrid range here — the Eve Premium Hybrid and Simba Hybrid Pro. We selected these two because they offer the best balance between quality and price compared to their other models.

Eve vs. Simba Mattress Review

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mattress 

Mattress Construction

There are several different types of mattress construction to choose from: 

  1. Innerspring (traditional mattress design) – suitable for the budget-conscious.
  2. Foam (including memory foam) – suitable for side sleepers and couples.
  3. Hybrid – suitable for all sleeper types depending on particular construction. Both Eve and Simba are hybrids.
  4. Latex – suitable for eco-conscious shoppers as latex is 100% natural.
  5. Airbed – good for couples as each side can often be adjusted separately for firmness. However they may be prone to leaks.

Mattress Firmness Levels

Mattresses also come in different levels of firmness. Firmness is subjective, but generally,

  • If you have lower back pain (the most common form of back pain), look for a medium-soft or medium-firm mattress. Both Eve and Simba are medium-firm. 
  • Side sleepers tend to prefer medium-soft to medium-firm mattresses.
  • Back sleepers tend to prefer medium-firm to firm mattresses.
  • Stomach sleepers tend to prefer firm mattresses.
  • Combination sleepers can be best off with a medium-firm mattress.

Eve Sleep Review

Eve Premium Hybrid

The Eve Premium Hybrid is one of Eve’s top-of-the-range mattresses. Being a hybrid mattress, its construction is a mixture of foam and springs.

The foam, of which there are 5 layers, provides comfort, isolates movement, and eliminates pressure points, while the springs provide support and extra pressure relief. 


Simba Sleep Review 1

Simba Hybrid Pro

Simba’s Hybrid Pro is also a top-of-the-range mattress and a hybrid, as the name suggests. 

The top layers include environmentally-friendly foam and natural wool which provide comfort and temperature regulation. Its 5,000 springs also help with proper weight distribution and airflow.

Eve Premium Hybrid vs. Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress Comparison

Eve vs. Simba Comparison Table Eve Logo Comparison Table Simba Logo Comparison Table
Mattress materials Polyester, patented Floatfoam, memory foam, other foam, springs Polyester, wool, various foams, springs
Mattress construction Cover, 5 layers of foam, springs, anti-slip base Cover, wool, foam, springs (2 layers) foam, base
Firmness Medium-Firm Medium-Firm
Height 28cm 28cm
Breathability Floatfoam with active cooling Memory Foam with graphite cooling

Spring layer to aid airflow

2 layers of titanium Aerocoil springs aid airflow

A layer of Natural wool aids heat regulation

Sleeper Types Side, back and front sleepers Side, back and front sleepers
Price £978 for a UK Double £857.66 for a UK Double
Financing From £73.35 a month From £71.47 a month
Trial period 100-day trial/free returns 200-day trial/free returns
(except any initial delivery charges)
Warranty 10 years 10 years
Review rating 4.5 out of 5 stars from 8,292 reviewers on Trustpilot 4.5 out of 5 stars from 26,301 reviewers on Trustpilot
Special offers Up to 50% off: Eve Sleep Up to 55% off: Simba Hybrid

Eve Premium Hybrid vs. Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress: Which is the Best Mattress for You?

The Eve Premium Hybrid may be better for those that like a slightly firmer mattress feel. While the Simba Hybrid Pro may suit those that want a cooler mattress with a little more softness. 

How are Eve and Simba Similar?

Eve and Simba’s premium hybrid mattresses also have many similarities. They both:

  • Use foam and springs in the construction.
  • Have 7 layers.
  • Have several cooling elements incorporated into their mattresses.
  • Are made in the UK.
  • Have similar ratings on Trustpilot at 4.5 out of 5 stars. 
  • Have 10-year guarantees on all their mattresses. 

How are Eve and Simba Different?


In terms of comfort, we saw more reviews saying that the Eve Premium Hybrid has a more supportive feel. Whereas the Simba Hybrid Pro has more plushness.

There also seemed to be more reports of the Eve being warm even though it has cooling technology within its construction. There were fewer such complaints from the Simba reviews. 


If we compare them on price, the Eve Premium Pro is slightly cheaper (£978 for a UK Double compared to £1,239 for a Simba Hybrid Pro UK Double). But reviewers have also shared that the Simba is worth what it costs, and didn’t mind the higher price tag.  

Trial Periods

The most significant difference is in their trial periods. While both offer refunds and no return costs, Eve offers 100 days to try their mattress at home, while Simba offers double that at 200 days.

So if you think you might need more time to adjust to a new mattress, Simba gives you more time for this break-in period. 

Which is Better for you, Eve or Simba?

Given the high rating and the quality construction of both the Eve Premium Hybrid and the Simba Hybrid Pro, either will be a great choice. Both offer a long trial period, so there’s no harm in giving one of them a go and you’ll be well on your way to a good night’s sleep.

Special Offers on Hybrid Mattresses

Up to 55% off: Simba Hybrid

Up to 50% off: Eve Sleep



Eve Premium Mattress Review

Eve Mattress Review 1

Up to 50% off: Eve Sleep

Founder’s Story

Jan Bagniewski and her team founded Eve in 2015 after having frustrating experiences with buying mattresses themselves. 

They wondered why getting a new mattress wasn’t as easy as ordering a taxi. 

From there, they set off to create an online mattress company that sold directly to consumers with an easy, stress-free process. 

To ensure the best customer experience, they offer 100-day at-home trials, free returns, and a recycling option for your old mattress when they deliver your new one. 

All their mattresses for the UK are made in the UK to comply with British and EU product safety regulations. 

What is the Eve Premium Hybrid Made of?

The Eve Premium Hybrid consists of 7 layers:

  1. The top cover is a quilted, washable cover with silver strands woven into the fabric to make it antibacterial and antimicrobial. 
  2. A floatfoam layer with active cooling using a patented pressure-relief foam.
  3. Memory layer with active cooling  – infused with graphite to remove heat when you get too hot.
  4. Support layer firmer foam to keep your spine aligned.
  5. Foam casing protects the springs and gives side support.
  6. Springs over 1500, 12cm full-size pocket springs that also aid breathability.
  7. Anti-slip base — incorporates a non-slip coating.

Eve Mattress Review - Eve Hybrid

Up to 50% off: Eve Sleep

Advantages of the Eve Premium Hybrid

Because Eve has combined several different types of construction and material in the Premium Hybrid, it is suitable for a wide range of sleeper types:

  • Hot sleepers — Foam materials can usually be quite warm. But Eve incorporates active cooling technology with graphite particles and springs to help remove heat.
  • Front and back sleepers — The Premium Hybrid adds a more supportive middle foam layer to ensure your lumbar region gets enough lift.
  • Side sleepers — The top foam layers provide softness and a “floating” feel to relieve pressure points. But the middle support layer still gives enough firmness for spinal alignment.
  • Couples — Multiple foam top layers help to isolate movement. This way, partners don’t disturb each other’s sleep when getting in and out of bed. 

Special Offer on Eve Mattresses

50% off for a limited time: Eve Hybrid Premium

Up to 50% off other mattresses and products: Eve Sleep

Firmness and Feel of the Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress

The Premium Hybrid is medium-firm intended to suit all sleep positions. It also has a luxurious feel thanks to its quilted top cover.

Eve Mattress Topper Review 

If you want an added layer of plush comfort, you can select Eve’s mattress topper for £249 (price is for a UK Double). 

Made from their patented evecomfort foam and another base foam layer, the topper gives sleepers an extra luxurious feel. 

It also includes technology that makes it 30 times more cooling than standard foams. 

Eve Sleep Hybrid Pro Review

Up to 50% off: Eve Sleep

How much Does the Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress Cost? 

You can pay for your mattress upfront or through finance. Upfront prices are:

  • UK Double — £978
  • UK King — £1,128
  • Super King — £1,247

Finance Plans

You can pay in monthly installments with any deposit from £97.80 to £733.50.

Examples of Finance Plans for an Eve UK Double:

Eve Premium Hybrid Model Finance Plans

Deposit £97.80 £200.02 £318.22 £441.21
Number of Monthly Payments 12 12 12 12
Monthly payment £73.35 £64.83 £54.98 £44.73
APR 0% 0% 0% 0%
Total £978 £978 £978 £978

More Mattress Models by Eve

Other Mattresses by Eve include:

  • The Lighter Mattress from £299
  • The Lighter Hybrid Mattress form £429
  • The Original Mattress from £429
  • The Original Hybrid Mattress from £519
  • The Premium Mattress from £948

Browse all Eve mattresses: Eve Original and Hybrid

What Warranties or Trial Periods Do Eve Offer?

Eve offers a 10-year warranty on all their mattresses and a 100-day try-at-home period. 

If you decide your Eve mattress is not for you during this period, you can return it free of charge.

Eve suggests that you try your new mattress for at least 30 days as it sometimes takes a while for your body to adjust to it.

Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress Reviews

Eve was rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from 8,292 reviewers on Trustpilot. (4) 

Generally, most reviewers were happy with their Eve mattress, and here’s a summary of some common themes:

  • Very comfortable and supportive — gives a nice snug feel that moulds to the body. 
  • Many liked the firmer feel (although a small minority mentioned it was too soft for them).
  • Helped to ease back pain for some people. 
  • Many said that the materials feel high-quality. 
  • The rolled-up delivery format made moving the mattress very easy.

Unfortunately, some reviewers had issues with shipping delays. But most didn’t encounter any problem. A small minority also felt that the mattress made them feel hot despite the added cooling technology. 

In summary, most were happy with their Eve purchase. Here’s a look at some of the positive reviews.

Eve Mattress Review - Eve Hybrid

Eve Mattress Review - Eve Hybrid

Is the Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress Good?

The Eve Premium Hybrid has proved to be a good mattress for the vast majority of their customers. There were several reviewers stating that it gave them the best night’s sleep. But it seems to especially suit people who like a mattress with a slightly firmer feel. 

With 7 different layers to provide the best balance of support, lift, and temperature regulations, it’s a high-quality product with thoughtful construction. 

So while it is on the pricier side than their other models, its benefits to sleep quality justify the price for many people.

Special Offer on Eve Mattresses

50% off for a limited time: Eve Hybrid Premium

Up to 50% off other mattresses and products: Eve Sleep

Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress Review

Simba Sleep Review

Up to 55% off: Simba Hybrid

Simba’s Beginnings

Simba started as a thread-making company in 1979. They supplied thread to over 50 million mattresses before deciding to make their own mattresses in 2002. Since then, they have sold well over a million of their own.

What is the Simba Hybrid Pro Made of?

The Simba Hybrid Pro is made up of 7 layers:

  1. Soft, polyester cover — Adds to the mattresses’ breathability and comfort.
  2. Natural wool layer — Helps regulate body temperature at night.
  3. Open-cell Simba-Pure foam layer — Eco-friendly foam that gives support. It also has graphite for cooling.
  4. Patented titanium Aerocoil spring layer — 5,000 springs for added support and breathability.
  5. Second layer of Aerocoil springs — For added support and breathability.
  6. High-definition layer of Simba-Pure foam — For added lift and edge support. It also has graphite for temperature regulation.
  7. Zoned Simba-Pure support base foam — The sturdy foam base is durable and has different sections of support to suit various parts of the body. 

Simba Mattress Review - Simba 2

Up to 55% off: Simba Hybrid

Advantages of the Simba Pro Hybrid

The hybrid construction of the Simba is slightly different from the Eve Premium Hybrid, but they have similar advantages:

  • Hot sleepers — The natural wool, open-cell Simba-Pure with graphite, and the Aerocoil springs all help remove heat.
  • Front and back sleepers — The Hybrid Pro contains 5000 springs and zoned support so that your lumbar region stays aligned.
  • Side sleepers — Plush top foam layers help cushion shoulders and hips for pressure relief.
  • Couples — Foam top layers promote motion isolation when one person moves for less disruptive sleep. 

It’s also a carbon-neutral product. Plus, it releases less pollutive gasses through its foam manufacturing process compared to standard methods of production. 

Special Offer on Simba Mattresses

Up to 55% off: Simba Hybrid

What is the Firmness and Feel Level of the Simba Hybrid Mattress?

The mattress is medium-firm with a soft feel due to its top breathable layer.

Simba Mattress Review - Simba 1

Up to 55% off: Simba Hybrid

How Much Does the Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress Cost?

The mattress comes in different sizes, so the price depends on which size you need:

  • Single – £999
  • Small Double – £1,239
  • Double – £1,239
  • EU Double – £1,379
  • King – £1,419
  • EU Queen – £1,439
  • Super King – £1,519

Finance Plans

You can pay for your mattress in 3,6,9 or 12 monthly payments.

Example of Finance Plans for Small Double or Double:

Simba Hybrid Pro Finance Plans

Number of Monthly Payments 3 6 9 12
Monthly payment £413 £206.5 £137.67 £103.25
APR 0% 0% 0% 0%
Deposit £0 £0 £0 £0
Total £1,239 £1,239 £1,239 £1,239

Simba Hybrid Pro Extras

Simba also produces other bedding extras to purchase along with your new mattress. 

The prices below are for the small double or double:

Mattress protector — £110 

Sleep bundle — $1,716, consisting of:

  1. Hybrid Pro Mattress
  2. 2 Hybrid Pillows
  3. Hybrid Duvet
  4. Mattress Protector

Browse all mattresses and bundles: Simba

Simba Mattress Protector Review

The protector is made from breathable, soft 200 thread count cotton. And the 200gm cotton filling gives a luxurious feel. 

The mattress incorporates Bi-Ome® technology, which stops the growth and spread of microorganisms. This helps the mattress to stay fresh and odor-free over time.

Other Simba Mattresses:

What Warranties or Trial Periods do Simba Offer?

The Simba Hybrid Pro has a 10-year guarantee. You can also try it at home for 200 days. 

If during this period you decide it is not for you, you can return it for a full refund (excluding any initial delivery costs when first purchased).

Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress Customer Reviews

Simba scored 4.5 out of 5 stars from 26,301 reviewers on Trustpilot. 

The vast majority of Simba customers were happy with their mattresses. Here’s a look at some of the common themes in the positive reviews:

  • Many customers were impressed at how comfortable the mattress was and how well they slept on it at night.
  • Several described it as having the perfect balance between softness and support. 
  • Many reviewers said the mattress helped to relieve aches and pains they had experienced sleeping on their old mattress.  
  • Couples liked the good motion isolation. The bed stayed very still when one person moved. 
  • Most had good experiences with their responsive customer service.
  • Some felt the mattresses were pricey, but they still felt it was worth it because of the quality.
  • The mattress-in-a-box delivery was convenient for many. 

Unfortunately, a few customers had issues with the delivery. But these were mainly issues with their external delivery company (e.g. the delivery men not carrying the mattress to a particular room in the house) and not necessarily Simba themselves. It’s also worth noting that this might have to do with COVID-19 restrictions.

As the ratings show, most Simba customers were happy with their mattresses:

Simba Customer Reviews

Simba Customer Reviews

Is the Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress Good?

The Simba Hybrid Pro is a quality, well-designed mattress. It has high ratings from most of its customers who experienced a great night’s sleep on it.

The Hybrid Pro is medium-firm in feel, which suits a wide range of sleeper types. It would be good for anyone that likes a level of support that’s neither very soft nor very hard.

Many also praised its high-quality construction and good motion isolation features.

Special Offer on Simba Mattresses

Up to 55% off: Simba Hybrid


Which is Better, Eve or Simba?

Both Eve and Simba produce high-quality mattresses, and one isn’t necessarily better than the other. In reviews, most customers were happy with their purchases from either brand, and both companies have a high average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.

In terms of differences between the two, Eve’s Premium Hybrid mattress was found to be slightly firmer, and Simba’s Hybrid Pro slightly softer by sleepers (although both mattresses have a medium-firm firmness level). Simba also offer a longer trial period of 200 days versus Eve’s 100 days, so if that is a deciding factor for you, it’s worth keeping in mind.

As both brands have a good return and refund policy it’s worth giving either mattress a try to see how it feels for you.

Special Offers on Hybrid Mattresses

Up to 55% off: Simba Hybrid

Up to 50% off: Eve Sleep

Eve Mattress FAQs

How long do Eve mattresses last?

Eve mattresses have a 10-year guarantee.

Is an Eve mattress good for backache?

Eve is good for backache, according to many of the reviewers on Trustpilot. However, back pain varies from person to person, and a mattress that benefits one person may not help you in the same way. 

Where to buy an Eve mattress?

You can buy Eve mattresses on their website or at selected mattress retailers. 

Do Eve mattresses sag over time? 

All mattresses sag over time, but Eve mattresses carry a 10-year guarantee which means you can have peace of mind that yours shouldn’t sag before then. And if it does, you can ask to return it.

What are alternatives to the Eve mattress?

Some popular alternatives to Eve mattresses are Simba and Emma.

Simba Mattress FAQs

Is Simba Better Than Tempur?

If we were to look at customer reviews, the Trustpilot website shows that Simba is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, and Tempur’s score is 3.9. But whether one mattress is better than another is subjective because it depends on what suits each person and their particular needs. 

Is the Simba Mattress Good for Bad Backs?

Simba mattresses may help with back pain, as suggested in many reviews. However, back pain can come from many causes, and what works for one person may not for another. 

Do Simba Mattresses Sag?

While all mattresses eventually sag, Simba has a 10-year guarantee on all their mattresses. So they shouldn’t sag before then. And if they do, you can return it to the company and request a replacement.

Special Offers on Hybrid Mattresses

Up to 55% off: Simba Hybrid

Up to 50% off: Eve Sleep

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