Emma vs Simba Review, Which Hybrid Mattress Is Better?


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Emma vs Simba Mattress

Ashley Wright

When we don’t get enough sleep, virtually every aspect of our day is negatively affected. We tend to have a lower mood, we’re worse at making decisions, and we’re not able to finish tasks as quickly as usual. (1)

And a big part of getting restful sleep comes down to the comfort of our mattresses. Mattresses are so important that we spend about one-third of our lives on them! (2) 

So it’s probably no surprise that a high-quality mattress can be well worth the investment. But the options for a good mattress can be overwhelming. You have so many different types — memory foam, latex, and hybrid, just to name a few. And that’s before we’re even talking about brands. 

In this review, we will make choosing the best mattress for your needs a little easier by reviewing 2 popular mattress companies — Emma and Simba. While they both offer different types of mattresses, we will be specifically comparing their hybrid models. This is because hybrid mattresses combine different materials and can suit a wider range of sleepers.

We’ll cover everything from features, pricing, and what others have to say about Emma and Simba’s hybrid models. By the end, you’ll be able to make the best decision on which brand’s mattress could give you the best night’s sleep!

Emma vs Simba, Which Mattress is Better

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress usually combines different traditional mattress materials and technologies like memory foam and spring coils. That way you can benefit from each of the traditional designs. It can mean you get a more holistic mattress that can target various needs — like support and temperature regulation. (3) 

Each hybrid mattress can vary depending on its design goals and which sleeper types it was made for. So it’s important to carefully consider the features of each hybrid mattress before choosing one.

What Are Emma Mattresses? 

Emma is a Germany-based company that produces its own patented design mattresses. They currently offer 2 different mattresses models in the UK: the Original, advanced foam mattress and the Premium, foam and spring hybrid mattress.  

Here we’re going to look at their Premium model (the hybrid mattress). It’s made from four layers and has a medium-soft firmness. Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons of this model.

Emma Premium (Hybrid) Mattress Pros and Cons



Ideal for all sleeping positions Slightly pricey
Hybrid design offers multiple levels of support Some found it too soft (we found it had a medium-firmness)
Supportive and medium firmness
Delivery directly to your door

Offer on Emma Mattresses

50% off for a limited time: Emma Premium

Best price on Amazon: Emma Sleep

What Are Simba Mattresses? 

Simba is a UK-based company that initially started out selling thread to mattress companies, and they eventually diversified into selling their own mattresses. 

They currently offer three hybrid mattress models: the Simba Hybrid, the Simba Hybrid Pro, and the Simba Hybrid Luxe. However, we will focus on their original hybrid mattress model: the Simba Hybrid, which is also the most affordable of the three.

It’s made of five layers and has a medium-firm firmness.

Simba Hybrid Pros and Cons



Designed to work for 95% of sleepers Some felt it loses firmness quickly
Good for those wanting more support
Temperature-regulating technology
Available in both UK and EU sizes
Environmentally-friendly materials
Delivered directly to your door


Offer on Simba Hybrid Mattress

Up to 45% off: Simba Sleep


What Do Emma and Simba Have in Common?

Both Emma and Simba ship right to your door for free, have a 200-night free trial, and offer free returns.

Their mattresses are also both 25cm in height.

Emma vs Simba: How Do They Compare?

Emma vs Simba Review Emma Mattress Review Simba Mattress Review
Mattress materials Airgocell Foam

Visco-elastic memory foam

Mini pocket springs

Cold foam

Conical pocket Aerocoil™ springs
Reflex Simba-Pure support layer
Zoned Simba-Pure support base
Open cell Simba-Pure foam
Hypoallergenic knitted cover
Firmness level Medium-soft Medium-firm
Weight limit 130kg (20 stone) 114kg (18 stone)
Warranty 10-year guarantee 10-year guarantee
Free trial 200 nights 200 nights
Financing 0% Financing up to 12 months 0% Financing up to 12 months
Shipping costs Free Free
Delivery area Available in 20 countries, including the UK UK, France, and Canada
Review ratings 4.2/5 stars from 93 reviews on Amazon 4.3/5 stars from 789 reviews on Amazon
Special offer 50% off for a limited time: Emma Up to 45% off: Simba

Mattress Sizes Offered

Emma offers 5 mattress sizes:

  • Single – 90 x 190cm
  • Small Double – 120 x 190cm
  • Double – 135 x 190cm
  • King – 150 x 200cm
  • Super King – 180 x 200cm

Simba offers all of the above plus EU sized mattresses.

Simba UK sizes:

  • Single – 90 x 190cm
  • Small Double – 120 x 190cm
  • Double – 135 x 190cm
  • King – 150 x 200cm
  • Super King – 180 x 200cm

Simba EU sizes:

  • EU Single – 90 x 200cm
  • EU Double – 140 x 200cm
  • EU Queen – 160 x 200cm

They also have a children’s mattress which is the same size as a UK single mattress but slightly thinner – at 16cm height compared to the 25 cm of their other mattresses.

Simba kids mattress:

  • 90 x 190cm x 16cm

Extra Products Offered

Emma offers the following which you can purchase alongside your mattress if needed:

  • Pillows
  • Mattress protectors
  • Duvets
  • Beds
  • Weighted blanket
  • Mattress cover

While Simba offers these extra bedding items:

  • Pillows
  • Mattress protector
  • Duvets
  • Weighted blanket
  • Topper
  • Fitted sheet
  • Bed linen

Any Further Considerations? 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Emma and Simba both offer contact-free delivery, and they will not enter your home or remove old mattresses. Their delivery offerings may change as the global situation evolves. 

Offer on Simba Hybrid Mattress

Up to 45% off: Simba Sleep

Offer on Emma Mattresses

50% off for a limited time: Emma Premium

Best price on Amazon: Emma Sleep

Emma Hybrid Mattress Review

Emma Hybrid Mattress Review


50% off for a limited time: Emma Sleep

About Emma

Emma Sleep began in 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. The original Emma mattress was designed to provide back and shoulder support for every sleeping position. 

Since the company’s inception, they have won many awards, including: 

  • Which? Best Buy (2018)
  • Good Housekeeping Institute (2019)
  • Best Buy (2019)
  • Indy/Best (2019)
  • Ideal Home (2019)

The brand identifies with giving people restful sleep, bright smiles, and happy feelings.

Emma Mattress Construction

Emma Hybrid Mattress Review

50% off for a limited time: Emma Sleep

We’re specifically focusing on Emma’s Hybrid mattress in this review, and this model is made up of four layers: 

  • UltraDry technology top cover: this machine-washable top layer helps you stay cool and dry
  • Airgocell Foam: designed to be breathable and adaptive, so your body stays at the optimum temperature
  • Visco-elastic memory foam and cold foam: contours to your body shape giving you maximum support
  • Mini pocket springs: provides pressure relief and makes your mattress last longer

Some key benefits of Emma mattresses are the following:



Designed to Support All Sleeping Positions 

Emma mattresses are designed to provide optimal support for all sleeping positions. The pocket springs and foam work together to align your spine when you sleep, no matter your body type and how you sleep. 



Cleaning an Emma Mattress

Thanks to a machine washable cover that wicks away moisture while you’re sleeping, any messes can be taken care of in the washing machine. Just be sure to get to them before they soak through to other layers of the mattress. 



Medium Level of Firmness 

The Emma hybrid mattress is described as being medium-soft. Most reviewers’ experiences align with this description, although some mentioned it’s a little softer than expected. 

When we tested the Emma Premium mattress my personal opinion was that it has a medium firmness, soft yet it does feel firm and supportive.



Emma Mattress Prices

Emma mattresses are slightly less expensive than Simba mattresses making them very reasonably priced for a high-quality mattress.  

  • Emma Original mattress (memory foam) ranges from £499.00 to £899.00 depending on size.
  • Emma Premium mattress (hybrid mattress with foam and coils) ranges from £749.00 to £1,319.00, depending on size.

They also have bundles where you can save up to £500 on items overall.

Emma are currently offering 50% off: Emma Sleep



200 Nights Trial

Emma provides a 200 nights trial on all of their mattresses.

A night or two of trying a mattress might not be enough time to tell if it is right for you; Emma says it could take up to six weeks.

If you decide within the 200 nights that the mattress is not right for you, you can start the return process via their returns portal. They will schedule a pickup and provide a refund within 14 days of your mattress pickup. 

Offer on Emma Mattresses

50% off for a limited time: Emma Premium

Best price on Amazon: Emma Sleep

Emma Hybrid Mattress Review

50% off for a limited time: Emma Sleep

Where to Buy an Emma Mattress

Emma mattresses are available online at Emma Sleep and on Amazon.

How Does Delivery for an Emma Mattress Work?

Emma mattresses are delivered straight to your door in a cardboard box about 45 x 45 x 110cm. The mattress is vacuum-packed so that it can fit into the box. When you open the mattress and break the seal, it will start to expand.

Emma mattresses are shipped via DPD, UPS, and Rhenus. They do contact-free delivery, so you’ll need to bring the mattress in and unbox it yourself. 

Emma Reviews: What Others Are Saying

Overall, the Emma brand received a strong average rating of 4.6/5 stars on 20,000+ reviews on Trustpilot. And the Emma Hybrid mattress has a good score of 4.2/5 stars on Amazon based on 93 reviews. 

Most customers had great things to say about the Emma Hybrid, and here’s a quick summary of what was mentioned:

  • It helped many to relieve their back pain 
  • Many found that it was very comfortable 
  • A lot of people felt more well-rested, and their sleep quality improved
  • It suits a variety of sleep positions
  • Good for those that like a mattress that’s on the slightly softer side
  • Hugs and contours body well
  • It was effective in keeping the body cool on hot nights
  • The delivery process was straightforward

Unfortunately, a small number of reviewers mentioned their mattress started sagging after a few months of use. However, during our own test of a Premium double mattress we haven’t noticed any sagging and it was purchased 4 months prior to writing this review.

Most customers were happy with the level of support provided by Emma’s hybrid mattress and the customer service received.

Here’s a look at what some of them had to say:

Emma Hybrid Mattress Review

Emma Hybrid Mattress Review

Is the Emma Premium Mattress Worth It? 

The Emma Premium (hybrid) mattress is worth it as the mixture of foam and coil technology gives a good balance between support and comfort. This construction makes it ideal for a variety of body types and sleeping positions. 

I found many reviewers who were impressed with its firm but body-hugging feel. And many even stated that it helped to relieve back pain so that they could get a good night’s sleep. 

Most describe it as being slightly on the softer side, which makes it a great option for those not looking for a mattress that’s very firm. For us, we found the mattress to be medium in firmness and didn’t detect any softness.

The breathable top layer is great for hot nights as the material is designed to keep your body cool. It’s also conveniently machine washable, so you can easily keep your mattress top clean.  

Emma mattresses have won numerous awards and hold up well to real-world use — it has an average of 4.6/6 stars from 20,000 people on Trustpilot! So this, together with their 200 nights sleep trial, does make it a great option to try.

Offer on Emma Mattresses

50% off for a limited time: Emma Premium

Best price on Amazon: Emma Sleep

Simba Mattress Review

Simba Hybrid Mattress Review

Up to 45% off: Simba Sleep

About Simba 

In 1979, the company that would become Simba Sleep initially manufactured thread for other mattress producers. From 2002, they decided to venture into creating their own mattresses. 

Since then, with the help of experts, cutting-edge design, and countless tests, they have sold over one million mattresses designed for ideal sleep. They’ve even won 12 industry awards along the way. 

Simba Mattress Construction 

In this review, we’re focusing on Simba’s Hybrid Mattress model, which has five layers:

  • Hypoallergenic and breathable knitted cover: keeps you cool while reducing allergies.
  • Open-cell Simba-Pure foam: encourages airflow to keep you cool.
  • Conical pocket Aerocoil™ springs: small coils that hug your body more snugly and help to regulate temperature.
  • Reflex Simba-Pure support layer: supports your weight (even at the edges).
  • Zoned Simba-Pure support base: includes flexible support zones.


Simba Hybrid Mattress Layers

Up to 45% off: Simba Sleep

Some other features of the Simba Hybrid mattress include:



Simba-Pure Technology

As an environmentally-conscious company, Simba-pure layers in the mattresses are free from TCPP, Bisphenols, Parabens, and more.

This reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs), off-gassing odors, and it makes them less impactful on the planet. Even though the mattresses are free from these chemicals, they still meet fire safety standards. 



Multi-Layer Design Minimizes Sinking

The Simba Hybrid has five layers that are designed to keep you cool and while providing firm support.

The highlight of their design is the Aerocoil spring layer which has thousands of springs that work to distribute your weight evenly throughout the mattress.

This is in contrast to traditional mattress springs that are often much larger and do not contour around your body as comfortably. 



200-Night Trial

Simba offers a 200-night free trial. They will come pick up your mattress free of charge if you decide it is not the right one for you.



0% Financing 

Simba offers 0% financing so you can pay for your mattress over a period of three, six, nine, or 12 months. 

Discount for NHS Staff and Blue Light Card Members

Simba offers exclusive discounts to NHS staff and Blue Light Card members. These discounts cannot be combined with any other offers. 

Where to Buy a Simba Mattress

Simba mattresses are available online at Simba Sleep, Amazon, eBay, Argos, and some in-person retailers. 

How Does Delivery for a Simba Mattress Work?

Simba mattresses are delivered via AO or UPS. When you buy a mattress, you can choose a delivery date, and it will be delivered to your doorstep in a 107cm x 50cm x 50cm dimension box.

You will need to take the mattress inside and set it up yourself. It will have been vacuum packed so the mattress will expand when opened.

How Firm is a Simba Mattress? 

Simba describes their mattresses as being medium-firm, which most reviewers agree with. However, a small minority of customers did report some softening over a long time period.

Simba Hybrid Mattress Review

Up to 45% off: Simba Sleep

Simba Mattress Prices 

Simba offers more sizes than Emma, so their prices for each mattress span a wider range. 

  • The Simba Hybrid mattress ranges from £749 to £1,329, depending on size. 
  • The Simba Hybrid Pro mattress ranges from £1,149 to £1,649, depending on size. 
  • The Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress ranges from £1,499 to £2,299 depending on size. 

Simba Reviews

The overall Simba brand has an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on their own website based on 89,000+ reviews. And the Hybrid Mattress model in particular, has a score of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon based on 789 reviews.

There were many satisfied customers who mentioned some of the following comments about their Simba Hybrid mattress:

  • It was good for those who want firm support, but it’s still soft at the same time
  • Very comfortable and helped many to get better quality sleep at night
  • Helped to alleviate chronic back pain for several users 
  • Supported their bodies in the right places 
  • Kept the body cool on hot nights
  • Some felt that it was good value for money

However, a few reviewers noted that their mattress did not stand the test of time and noticed it developed dips and sags after a few months. But there were some reviewers who said that they managed to get a replacement mattress from Simba, and there were no issues with the new one.

Here’s a look at some customer reviews: 

Simba Hybrid Mattress Review

Simba Hybrid Mattress Review

Are Simba Hybrid Mattresses Really That Good? 

Simba mattresses are known to be extremely comfortable for many different body types. Simba even says they are suitable for 95% of sleepers. Most people seem to agree when they first purchase their mattress, with accounts of comfortable nights’ sleep and relief of back pain. A minority of reviewers found that the mattress became soft and less supportive over time; however, these types of comments exist in the reviews of most mattress brands and don’t mean that the mattress isn’t durable. Some customers even got a free replacement which they said didn’t have the same issues.

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly, quality mattress that can be delivered right to your door, Simba might be right for you. They offer a 200-night risk-free trial period on all their models, so trying their mattress for yourself is definitely worth it.

Offer on Simba Hybrid Mattress

Up to 45% off: Simba Sleep

Simba or Emma, Which Mattress Is Better? 

Overall, the Simba Hybrid may be better for those wanting more support – as the mattress has a medium-firm firmness level – while the Emma Premium is better for those that want a soft but supportive feel – as it has a medium-soft firmness level. 

When we specifically compared the features of their hybrid mattress models, both brands use a similar combination of springs and foam. But the construction is not exactly the same. 

The main difference is that the Emma Hybrid has 4 layers, compared to the Simba Hybrid mattress’s 5 layers. This may contribute to why Simba is on the medium-firm side while Emma is rated medium-soft. 

The foam materials used are also slightly different, but in both models, they are designed to provide breathability and support to the mattress. 

Both brands also have spring coils that are similar in that they’re much smaller than the traditional mattress coils. This allows the mattress to mold around your body more snugly to provide support.  

In terms of pricing, Simba’s mattresses are slightly more expensive than Emma’s. However, the price level is very similar between the brands. 

Overall, both mattresses are made from quality materials and have rave reviews from their customers. Each also offers a 200-day trial period during which you can get a refund easily if you’re not happy with their mattresses.

So whichever brand you feel is best suited to you is worth trying —wishing you a bonne nuit! 

Offer on Simba Hybrid Mattress

Up to 45% off: Simba Sleep

Offer on Emma Mattresses

50% off for a limited time: Emma Premium

Best price on Amazon: Emma Sleep

Emma Mattress FAQs

Is the Emma Mattress good for bad backs? 

Yes, Emma mattresses are designed to help your spine stay straight regardless of your sleeping position. 

Is the Emma Mattress hot to sleep on? 

No, the Emma Mattress has advanced breathability and special foam designed to keep you cool and dry. 

What type of Sleeper is the Emma Mattress best for? 

The Emma Hybrid Mattress is designed for all sleeping types and all body types. 

Do Emma mattresses sag?

The vast majority of reviewers did not have an issue with sagging. A few mentioned that they experienced some sagging (possibly due to normal wear and tear) — particularly in the back and hip area.  

How often should you turn your Emma mattress?

You can turn your mattress every three to six months, but you should not flip your Emma Mattress. 

What is the best bed base for an Emma mattress?

Emma mattresses are designed to be used with any bed base. The company recommends that any base be clean and dry and that slats are no further than 7.5cm apart.  

Offer on Simba Hybrid Mattress

Up to 45% off: Simba Sleep

Offer on Emma Mattresses

50% off for a limited time: Emma Premium

Best price on Amazon: Emma Sleep

Simba Mattress FAQs 

How long does a Simba mattress last? 

Simba mattresses should last at least ten years under their ten-year warranty. 

Is Simba mattress too hot? 

The Simba mattress is designed to be cool and allow for airflow, but each person is different, and there were a few reviewers who found it hot. 

Can you flip a Simba mattress? 

You cannot flip a Simba mattress but should rotate it every three to six months. 

Does Simba mattress get softer over time?

Some reviewers noted that their Simba mattress got softer over time. But this could be due to manufacturing defects. Others mentioned that they managed to get a replacement from Simba and their new mattress was fine. 

How firm is the Simba mattress?

Simba rates their mattress medium-firm. 

What type of sleeper is the Simba Mattress best for? 

Simba says their mattresses are suitable for 95% of people, implying their mattresses are ideal for all sleeping positions. 

Offer on Simba Hybrid Mattress

Up to 45% off: Simba Sleep

Offer on Emma Mattresses

50% off for a limited time: Emma Premium

Best price on Amazon: Emma Sleep

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