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Top 10 toddler sunhat picks

Sunhats for toddlers - check out our top 10 toddler sunhat picks keep them safe from the suns rays this holiday

The sun has got his hat on! 

And to protect them harmful sun rays your toddler should pop one on too. 

To help you out we’ve chosen 10 of our favourite toddler sunhat picks around. From bucket hats to waterproof hats that you can wear in the sea and on the beach. 

From shark hats to wide brimmed polka dots. There’s bound to be a hat here that’s perfect for your little one this summer.


In this list we have included links to baby products that we recommend, some of which are affiliate links. If you click them to make a purchase, Mas & Pas will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. It also means that a big thank you is in order for supporting us!



Gro-With-Me® Baby and toddler sun hats

One of the best things about these sun hats is they are adjustable. If you buy a slightly bigger size then you can adjust both the head and chin straps to fit your toddler perfectly. 

It also means that the hat will last longer as your toddler grows. The hats are waterproof and quick to dry and also offer UV sun protection. 

They have long neck flaps and wide brims to shade your toddler’s neck and eyes. 

These hats come in over 30 different bright colours and beautiful prints.



Sunday Afternoons play hat

Fab sun hats that have adjustable straps for the perfect fit. Wide floppy brims, which slope down a little more at the back to help protect your kid’s neck. 

These hats come in designs for girls and boys. They also have breathable mesh panels, making them cool to wear. UPF 50+ certified sun rating. Water repellent and they dry very quickly too. 

And they have great reviews from a wealth of happy customers.



N’Ice Caps Kids Reversible Aussie Sun Protection Hat

One of our favourite classic bucket hats, these reversible hats are like carrying 2 hats in 1 as they can be turned inside out for a different colour.

Great designs for girls and boys, and they come in some different looks. One is even a cow boy style! 

Adjustable cords around the base mean that the hat can adjust to 3 different sizes. 

Happy and useful sun hats.



Sunbusters flap hat

Made from swimwear material, with elastic at the back for a good fit and a baseball-cap brim. 

These hats have a long neck flap to keep the sun off your toddler’s neck and ears.

They have the great advantage that they can be worn in or out of the water. Quick drying and super lightweight. They even include UV protection too.



Ami and Li Wide-brimmed sun hat

These sun hats have floppy wide brims that are perfect for shading your toddler but not so wide that they have trouble peeking out from under them. 

They are made from a lightweight breathable cotton, making them cool and light to wear on hot days. 

There include adjustable straps around the head and under the chin to make the hats fit nicely and to stop toddlers pulling them off. 

The hats come in beautiful fabrics – from polka dots to ditsy florals. Gorgeous.



Flap Happy Swim Flap Hat

Never lose a sun hat in the water again as these hats float if they come off. Elastic at the back helps the hats stay on securely. 

There’s a nice wide floppy brim and a super large neck flap that keeps the sun off your toddler’s neck and ears. 

Made from a lightweight and waterproof fabric that is comfy to wear. The brim is crushable so it’s easy to pop into a bag. 

A great hat for the beach or poolside. This hat comes in loads of different colours and designs too.



Syrosa shark hat

Little fans of Baby Shark will never want to take this sun hat off. We love the shark’s wide smile and fins. 

There’s a wide brim to shade your toddler, a chin strap and adjustable toggle at the back to keep it nice and secure. 

Made from cotton with UPF 50+ sun protection and in the cutest ever 3D designs.



iPlay Flap Sun Hat

A baseball style hat with a large flap at the back to protect your toddler’s neck and the sides of their face from the sun. 

The fabric has been treated to offer UV protection. Comes with a strap that ties under the chin to keep it in place. 

It’s super lightweight so it’s easy to wear and folds up easily to fit into a bag.



Mengar kids reversible cotton bucket hat

This hats come in gorgeous designs and is reversible so you can wear it inside out as well.

There’s a nice wide and soft brim and it has a long chin strap with a toggle to adjust it. It also offers UV protection.



Eriso Animal sun hat

Just so cute. These hats come in different animal designs, including a shark, bear and bunny. 

Such great animal choices that your toddler will love to wear them. 

There’s a nice wide brim and a chin strap to keep the hat secure. Made from soft, lined cotton so they’re comfy to wear too.

With so many gorgeous toddler sunhat picks it’s hard to choose!

You might decide to go with one of the waterproof ones for practicality. For everyday choose the sunhats that you think they’ll love. The more they love them, the more likely they are to want to wear them (and keep them on!) to protect their heads and necks from the sun’s rays.

Happy holidays!

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