SNOO Review – Is This Self Rocking Bassinet Worth the Money?


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Snoo review - self rocking bassinet

Dawn Teh

SNOO Review – Is This Self Rocking Bassinet Worth the Money?

The sleep deprivation that comes along with caring for your newborn can really affect your mental health and well being. It can make you irritable and snappy towards your loved ones. And on the more dangerous side, you could find yourself dozing off while rocking your baby to sleep.

That’s why most parents are always looking for methods or devices that help their baby sleep longer and more restfully.

One such device that has been gaining popularity amongst parenting circles is the SNOO Smart Sleeper. It’s a bassinet but with a whole lot of other “smart” features that are specifically designed to help soothe your baby back to sleep if she starts fussing.

The website says SNOO babies are able to clock 9 hours of sleep or more a night by the time they’re 2 months old. However, this benefit doesn’t come at a low cost. It’s priced at slightly over $1,300 — definitely a big-ticket item for most families. But do note that there is a rental option at $118/month (or about $3.90/day, which is the price of a coffee) to make it slightly more affordable for families.

Before I became a parent, I would have completely disregarded paying that amount for a bassinet. But now that I have had first-hand experience of sleep deprivation (as a result of feeding my son round the clock every 2 hours for months), my perspective has changed.

If your child doesn’t sleep well too, you’ll definitely want to know if the SNOO works and if it’s really worth the price. In this review, I will cover everything you need to know about the SNOO before you decide if it’s the right bassinet for you and your baby’s needs.

In this guide, I will talk about:

  • What Is the SNOO Smart Sleeper?
  • Summary of the SNOO Bassinet’s Features
  • Is the SNOO Safe for Newborns?
  • In-Depth Review of the SNOO Smart Sleeper
  • Does the SNOO Actually Work?
  • Would I Recommend It?

Snoo review - self rocking bassinet

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What is the SNOO Smart Sleeper?

The SNOO Smart Sleeper is a responsive bassinet that provides babies (0-6 months) with the environment they need to get more sleep. It uses built-in features like gentle rocking, white noise, and snug swaddling to simulate the comforting environment of the womb — which babies love!

It’s “smart” in the sense that it is programmed to detect your baby’s level of agitation and can adjust its rocking motion and white noise to the appropriate level. Kind of like how if we were to settle a baby, we might bob or rock her a bit more if we feel she’s still upset.

It’s important to note that the SNOO is not meant to completely replace human care for your baby. If she’s crying because of hunger or a dirty diaper, you’ll still need to attend to those needs.

The SNOO is meant to assist parents when all the baby’s basic needs are met and she’s still having trouble settling to sleep. It takes over the rocking and shushing for you, so that you don’t have to do it through the night to get your baby back to sleep.

SNOO Bassinet Features

What does the SNOO Smart Sleeper do?

  • Self Rocking. Motorized rocking with 5 different levels of motion intensity to help settle your baby.
  • Soothing Sounds. Speakers that produce 5 different levels of white noise to provide auditory soothing.
  • Adjusts to Baby. Special sensors and microphones to detect when your baby starts crying or fussing so that it can adjust to the appropriate level of rocking and white noise.
  • Secure swaddling.
  • Mesh sides. Mesh walls on the bassinet for adequate airflow to prevent overheating.
  • Mobile app. This lets you:
    • Control the SNOO rocking and white noise remotely.
    • Lets you track and view your baby sleep patterns through its sleep log.
    • Customize settings — preemies or weaning mode.
    • Get tips from Dr. Harvey Karp.

Happiest baby app - snoo review

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How does the SNOO help?

  • Helps to soothe baby so she can sleep for longer periods (their website states most SNOO babies sleep 9 hours by 2-3 months).
  • Works as an “extra set of hands” to assist parents in calming a fussing baby.
  • Assists with sleep training with minimal crying when baby is ready.
  • Offers secure swaddling to minimize the risk of SIDS.

SNOO Purchase and Rental Options



Price to Purchase New

USD 1,595.00

What’s included with your SNOO?

  • SNOO Smart Sleeper bassinet for 0-6 month olds.
  • 3 white SNOO sleep sacks of different sizes (small, medium, and large) made from organic cotton.
  • 1 SNOO sheet.
  • 1 Mattress.
  • 1 water-resistant mattress cover.
  • Unlimited access to sleep consultants 7 days a week.
  • 1 year limited warranty.



Offers on SNOO:

Self-rocking bassinet: SNOO



Price to Rent a SNOO

SNOO rental: From $149/month (or $4.90/day) available to US customers.

Other costs to keep in mind are:

  • Re-conditioning and cleaning fee: $89.90
  • Shipping is free to customers. But return shipping is $59.50.

There is a refundable $99 security deposit.

What’s Included with your SNOO Rental?

  • Free shipping to customers. (Return shipping is $59.50).
  • You can set when you want it shipped (e.g. closer to your due date).
  • 2 organic cotton SNOO sleepsacks (for you to keep).
  • 1 fitted SNOO sheet (for you to keep).
  • 1 SNOO mattress (for you to keep).
  • Thoroughly sanitized before you receive it.
  • Cancel rental at any time.



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Do they offer free shipping?

Yes free shipping is provided with both the purchase and rental options.



30-day money-back guarantee

If you’re not happy with the SNOO, just contact their customer service within 30 days (which starts from the delivery date) and they will give you a refund and even pay for return shipping.



Add-on Products

Here’s a look at some popular add-on products to use with your SNOO:

  • Big bundle ($144.75): 3 SNOO Sacks (1 each: Small, Medium, Large), 2 fitted sheets.
  • 3 Pack bassinet sheets ($59.85)
  • SNOO Sleep sack ($34.95)
  • Leg lifters ($19.95): Raises one side of the bassinet so that baby can sleep at an incline. Good for when baby has mild cold, stuffy nose, or reflux.



More Product Details

SNOO Smart Sleeper dimensions

  • Dimensions: 90.8 cm L × 48.3 cm W × 78.7 cm H (with legs); Weight: 17.2 kg

SNOO box dimensions

  • Dimensions: 96.5 cm L x 55.9 cm W x 39.4 cm H; Weight: 22.7 kg



Is the SNOO easy to assemble?

Yes — it took most reviewers less than 30 minutes to set up.

Handy Tip

Buy the SNOO only just before or after your baby is born. This way, if you baby doesn’t take to the SNOO, you can always still return it by making use of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can set your preferred shipping date for any weekday up to 6 months in advance:

Offers on SNOO:

Up to 40% off sleep essentials: SNOO

Is the SNOO Safe for Newborns?

The motions of the SNOO bassinet are gentle and soothing, so it is considered perfectly safe for newborns.

When placed on its highest setting, the SNOO only moves ¼ inch back and forth.

The motion of this self rocking bassinet is designed to mimic the ‘jiggly motion’ that baby experiences inside the womb.

Most parents will have experienced the calming effect of walking baby around in a pram or driving them around the block in a car seat to get them to fall asleep.

The SNOO tries to replicate this motion so that babies are more easily soothed to sleep. And so that they are able to sleep for longer when they are ready to do so.

Snoo review - self rocking bassinet

Up to 40% off sleep essentials: SNOO

SNOO Smart Sleeper Review

The SNOO Smart Sleeper (designed for 0-6 months) works so well at helping babies to sleep because it re-creates the comfortable womb environment they were in for 9 months.

Here’s a look at how exactly the SNOO does this:

  • Safe swaddling: Place your baby in the provided swaddle and secure the wings to the bassinet. This greatly reduces the risk of SIDS, as it prevents your baby from rolling over. Babies love being swaddled because they’re used to the snug feeling of being in a womb.
  • Gentle side-to-side rocking motion at 5 different levels: Many babies love being rocked to sleep because it’s similar to the sensations they would have felt in their mother’s womb as she moved around during the day. The SNOO provides babies with the motion they need so that you don’t have to be the one to rock her to sleep through the night.
  • Built-in white noise speaker at 5 different levels: The womb is actually a noisy place to be in, which means your baby doesn’t need total silence to fall asleep. Your baby would have heard your voice and the constant “wooshing” sound of mom’s blood flow. The SNOO mimics these sounds by playing a specially engineered white noise — not just any lullaby tune.
  • Smart sensors to detect crying and adjust the level of motion and sound: When you start the SNOO, it begins with a baseline level of rocking and white noise. It has special sensors and software that will then increase or decrease the motion and noise depending on the intensity of fussing it detects from your baby through the night. It’s even able to distinguish between baby crying and normal room noise.
  • Control the WiFi-enabled SNOO by connecting it to the mobile app: The mobile app is a great add-on to the bassinet itself as it helps you to customize many of the SNOO functions:
    • Manually control the SNOO rocking and white noise levels remotely.
    • Manually block the SNOO from progressing to higher levels of motion.
    • Get alerts when your baby needs your attention.
    • Keep track of and view your baby’s sleep patterns through its sleep log.
    • Set to the weaning setting to assist with sleep training. Instead of having a baseline rocking, there will not be any motion. The SNOO will only initiate motion when your baby fusses and return to stationary when your baby is calm. This gradual reduction in motion will help your baby adjust to sleeping in a stationary cot.
    • Set to preemies mode so that it will restrict motion to the first 2 levels.

Here’s a look at some of the other SNOO features:

  • Great design for looks and functionality: The SNOO doesn’t just look sleek and modern, it’s also functional. The walls are made from breathable mesh so that there is sufficient ventilation for your baby.
  • Unlimited access to sleep consultants through email 7 days a week.

30-day money-back guarantee

If you’re not happy with the SNOO for whatever reason, you can always contact their customer service department to request for a refund, as long as it’s within the 30-day money-back guarantee period. They will even pay for the return shipping too.

Snoo review - self rocking bassinet

Up to 40% off sleep essentials: SNOO

SNOO Customer Reviews

What did parents and babies have to say about the SNOO?

I looked at 2,041 reviews from 4 websites (Happiest Baby, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay) and found that the SNOO Smart Sleeper had an average of 4.5 stars. Here’s a closer look at what parents had to say about it:

Summary of SNOO Reviews

Pros Cons
More sleep for parents: When their babies slept well, this meant more sleep for parents too. And being well-rested meant that their mood was a lot better in the day, and they could be better carers for their babies. It did not work for some babies that did not like swaddling or motion: As with any other sleeping aid, the SNOO did not work for some babies. This is to be expected because all babies are different. However you have the 30-day money back guarantee to fall back on if you find that your baby does not find swaddling, motion or white noise comforting.
Great for babies that need a lot of help to settle: There were many reviewers who said their babies were very difficult to settle before using the SNOO (e.g. having to rock for an hour before going to sleep). But after getting the SNOO, their babies were soothed within minutes. Mechanical issues: I found a few reviewers who said they heard squeaking after a few weeks. But they managed to get a replacement bassinet from the company.
An extra pair of hands to settle the baby: There were several parents who mentioned that the SNOO was a tremendous help (especially for those who had other kids in the house). They felt that they could rely on the SNOO to try and settle their baby first before they themselves went in to see their baby. Some glitches with the app’s latest updates: One recurring theme I noticed was that many people loved the Snoo, but had some issues with the app.

While the app is useful it doesn’t affect the bassinet’s performance.

Well-designed and high-quality build: Many commented that they loved the clean and sleek design. They also felt that the quality of the materials was good which made it sturdy and safe. Some wished more swaddles were included for the price: Several reviewers wished 2 swaddles of each size were provided given the pricing of the SNOO.
Easy to set up: It took less than 30 minutes for several reviewers to set up.
Safe swaddling: Many parents liked the special swaddle that prevented their babies from rolling over. This gave them peace of mind that their babies were sleeping in a safe position.
Great customer service: I saw many reviewers saying that even though the SNOO didn’t work for their baby, they were still impressed with the customer service. For those who had problems with the SNOO, the company replaced a new one for them. I also found several people who received their refund without any issues when they returned the SNOO within the 30-day money-back guarantee period.
Made sleep training easy: Several reviewers stated that sleep training was easy with the SNOO because of the weaning mode. It will leave the white noise on but will gradually reduce or eliminate the rocking motion. This helped many babies get used to the feeling of a still bed, which made the transition to a normal cot a lot easier.


Offers on SNOO:

Up to 40% off sleep essentials: SNOO

Here’s a look at one or two specific reviews:

SNOO review

SNOO review

Who Created the SNOO Smart Sleeper?

The SNOO bassinet was designed by Dr. Harvey Karp, an American pediatrician, and author of Happiest Baby on the Block. He is also the creator of “the 5 S’s” method for calming babies — which includes Swaddle, Side-Stomach Position, Shush, Swing, and Suck.

The SNOO is meant to fulfil 3 of the 5 S’s with swaddling, shushing, and swinging.

As an experienced doctor, he has seen the severe negative impact that sleep deprivation can have on parents.

It can lead to Postpartum Depression (PPD), child abuse, and Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome (SUIDS). He felt that if parents could have a few more hours of restful sleep, many of these issues could be significantly reduced in the population.

With this mission in mind, that’s how he came up with the idea for the SNOO Smart Sleeper.

His main message to parents is that they don’t have to do it all on their own, and it’s OK to ask for help — even if it’s in the form of a device.

Happiest baby dr harvey karp - snoo review

In an interview with Forbes Dr. Karp says:

Up until 100 years ago, people had five unpaid nannies. The grandma, the neighbor, the aunt, cousins and sisters. Now parents don’t have that and moms think they’re supposed to do this all on their own, which is not at all what a normal mom has done throughout history. So, parents need to recognize they deserve help.

How long can a baby sleep in a SNOO?

On the very positive end of the scale, I saw some parents who reported their 2 month old was sleeping 11-12 hours at night. But generally speaking, it seemed that most babies who used the SNOO were having at least one 6-7 hour stretch by 2 months old.

The SNOO certainly worked for the majority of parents, but the results varied for different babies.

It’s important to remember that baby tummies are small, so it is expected that they’re still going to have night feeds for a while (at least up to 6 months ). I would say having a 6-7 hour stretch of sleep at 2 months is a very good result.

What are the Alternatives?

There are plenty of baby sleep products that can perform the different functions of the SNOO Smart Sleeper separately. For example, there are manual rocking cribs, stand-alone white noise machines, and sleep swaddles.

But at this point, there isn’t any other alternative for a motorized rocking baby cot. There are several motorized day-rockers which are meant for play, but they are not meant for sleeping in for extended periods.

There is also always the manual way of soothing your child back to sleep — like rocking or driving your child around in the car. But these methods have the trade-off of parents having to sacrifice their own sleep.

Even after you successfully rock baby to sleep and place her in her crib, you may find that she wakes up shortly afterwards. In which case the whole process starts again. This cycle can mean many hours spent just on trying to get baby to sleep which can be exhausting for new parents

Is the SNOO Actually Worth It?

If you have the budget for it, and if your baby finds motion to be calming, I would highly recommend that you try the SNOO Smart Sleeper.

The majority of parents reported that it did help to settle their baby, with many sleeping for long stretches (6-7 hours) at night by 2 months old.

Even if your baby doesn’t like it, you can always return it during the 30-day money-back guarantee period and get a full refund. The shipping is covered both ways.

If it does work for your baby, you’ll definitely find the purchase to be worth it — as many other parents have stated.

Who would I not recommend to?

I would say the only instance where the SNOO might not be suited for you is if your baby doesn’t find motion, swaddling, or white noise comforting.

How can you reduce the cost of the SNOO?

For those who feel the cost is not within your budget, there are several ways around this.

You could always put it as a request on your baby shower registry so that your friends and family can chip in. Or you could always plan ahead to sell it to a friend after your baby has outgrown it.

There is also the SNOO rental option for those in the US where you can pay only for the months that you keep the bassinet.

My final thoughts on the SNOO

When I first saw the SNOO Smart Sleeper, I actually thought of it as a luxury cot. But now that I’ve been through the debilitating effects of sleep deprivation, I can understand why some parents see it as a need.

It is true that generations of parents have lived without the SNOO and managed to survive without it. But the same can be said about disposable diapers, air-conditioners, and smartphones.

If there is a technology out there to help make parenting easier, I think it’s good to embrace it as long as there are no negative effects to the child.

Afterall, the demands of modern parenting are very different from what previous generations have gone through. Many mothers have to return to work a few months after birth, and may not have as much support from extended family and friends and family.

If the SNOO Smart Sleeper can give parents those extra few hours of sleep at night with minimal crying from their newborn, I feel it’s well worth the try.

I wish you many restful nights ahead with your newborn baby!

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Bassinet rental: SNOO Rental


Has any baby died in SNOO?

According to a 2020 interview with Dr. Karp (the creator of SNOO), over 75 million hours of baby sleep have been logged in SNOOs and no injury or deaths have been reported. (1)

How long can baby have SNOO?

The SNOO is designed for babies aged 0-6 months (or up until baby is able to get onto hands and feet). 

Can a newborn sleep in a SNOO? 

Yes, the SNOO is safe for newborns to sleep in. Its special safety swaddle keeps baby on her back all night to prevent accidental rolling that can result in suffocation. 

Offer on SNOO Bassinet

Up to 40% off Sleep Essentials

Find out more or book your preferred SNOO shipping date through their website:

Self-rocking bassinet: SNOO

Bassinet rental: SNOO Rental

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