Purple vs Casper vs Nectar: Which Mattress Is Better?


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Purple vs Casper vs Nectar - Mattress Review

Ava Ternay

Whether you’re snuggling up to watch a movie or drifting off for the night, your mattress quality plays a significant role in your life.

The right mattress can reduce back pain, regulate temperature, and help light sleepers rest soundly through the night. But with so many options to choose from, you may wonder how to find the perfect mattress for your needs.

What is a Bed in a Box Mattress?

“Bed-in-a-box” mattresses are becoming very popular at the moment as more convenient and cheaper options (compared to the usual in-store options).

They’re compressed to fit into a cardboard box during delivery, which makes transportation much easier. Once you’re home, you simply remove the box, and the mattress decompresses to its regular shape.

Several bed-in-a-box companies have emerged over the years. And to help you find the right one for you, we’ll be making an in-depth comparison of 3 popular brands: Purple, Casper, and Nectar.

We’ll be covering everything from whether they’re actually comfortable, last long, and are worth the price. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to choose the best mattress for your needs.

Why Consider Buying a New Mattress? 

Your mattress usually needs replacing every six to eight years, not only because of wear and tear.

Buying a new mattress can improve everything from chronic back pain to daily stress levels, factors that impact everything you do. (1) 

If you experience discomfort due to temperature, spinal alignment, motion transfer, or other issues, it may be time to consider a new mattress.


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How to Choose a Mattress? 

Because everyone’s needs are different, here are various factors to consider when choosing your new mattress:

  • Firmness: Do you prefer a firmer mattress for spine support or something that’s soft and hugs your body?
  • Bodyweight: More weight on the bed means faster wear, so if you’re on the heavier side (or sleep with a partner), you might need a firmer mattress.
  • Sleep position: Side sleepers may prefer foam materials to relieve pressure on joint areas. While front sleepers might want a firmer mattress for more support. 
  • Cost: Mattresses can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. But bed-in-a-box mattresses usually cost between $500-$2000 depending on the model. It’s good to factor in the cost of additional purchases like sheets, pillows, and bed frames so that you do not go over your budget. 
  • Material: Your ideal material depends how firm or supportive you like your mattress to be. Coil mattresses will be more springy, while foam mattresses can give a firmer feel. If you have any preferences for eco-friendly or allergen-free materials, keep this in mind when considering which brand to choose. 
  • Coolness: If your body temperature tends to go up easily at night, you might want to consider mattresses with technology that helps with breathability.
  • Noise/movement sensitivity: If you’re sharing the bed, you may want to consider a mattress designed to limit movement transfer and noise.  (2)

The online mattress brands reviewed below – Purple, Casper, and Nectar – have mattresses to suit most sleeper types.

Purple vs. Nectar vs. Casper Mattress Comparison


Purple Mattress Review

Purple Mattresses

Purple mattresses are ideal for people looking for a different kind of sleeping experience.

The company designs its mattresses to be soft yet supportive, with a unique hyper-elastic polymer grid that forms to the body’s curves and has pockets for added breathability.


Casper Mattress review

Casper Mattresses 

Casper is a pioneer bed-in-a-box brand, and their mattresses are suitable for all types of sleepers.

Their multi-layered construction of breathable open-cell foam, memory foam, and support foam is designed to support the body and minimize pressure in any sleeping position.


Nectar mattress review

Nectar Mattress

Nectar is one of the few online mattress brands to offer an extra-long 365-day at-home trial and Forever Warranty.

Users report it helped to ease back pain and gave that body-conforming comfort that memory foam offers.

Purple vs Casper vs Nectar Review Purple logo square Casper logo square nectar logo square
What you get A rolled mattress delivered to your door in a box A rolled mattress delivered to your door in a box A rolled mattress delivered to your door in a box
Mattress Thickness 10 inches 11-13 inches 10 inches
Materials Pressure-relieving hyper-elastic polymer grid

High-quality foam base

Breathable perforated memory foam

High-quality foam base

Contouring gel memory foam

Seven-zone foam base

Construction (Original Models) Three layers:
Hyper-elastic polymer grid
Comfort polyurethane foam
Support foam base
(Hybrid models come with coils)
Three layers:
Perforated foam
Memory foam
Support foam base
(Hybrid models come with coils)
Three layers:
Gel memory foam
Soft support foam
Standard foam base
Weight limit Around 250 lbs Around 230 lbs Around 230 lbs
Price  (Queen Original) $1299 $1095 $1298
Monthly payment plan options Yes from $75 a month. Yes from $61 a month. Yes from $34 a month.
Delivery area The 48 contiguous states of the US and Canada The 48 contiguous states of the US and parts of Canada Ships anywhere in the US
Delivery cost Free Free Free
Refund policy 100-night trial period 100-night trial period 365-night trial period
Warranty 10-year warranty 10-year warranty Forever-warranty
External reviews Average 4.6 stars from 681 reviews Average 4.6 stars from 5,767 reviews Average 4.4 stars from 3,122 reviews
Free Extras Free sheets with purchase Add a discounted bed frame with purchase Free pillows with purchase
Special Offers Up to $208 free bedding with mattress: Purple 10% off with code DREAM10: Casper $100 off plus free accessories: Nectar


What Else to Know About Purple, Nectar, and Casper

The advantage with bed-in-a-box companies is that they offer lengthy warranties and risk-free trial periods for you to test their mattresses at home. 

Purple and Casper both offer a 100 full night sleep trial, free shipping and returns, and a full refund if you decide to return your mattress during your trial period. They also offer a 10-year warranty, which is industry standard.

Nectar offers a 365-night trial, free shipping and returns, and a full refund if you want to return your mattress within the trial year.

They also offer a Forever Warranty on their mattresses. This warranty means that for the first ten years that you own your Nectar mattress, the company will replace it for free. After this first decade, they will pick up, repair, or replace the mattress if you notice a defect in the materials. 

Purple Original Mattress Review 

Purple Mattress Review

Up to $208 free bedding with mattress: Purple

Purple Mattress Founder’s Story

Purple is a mattress company founded by brothers Tony and Terry Pearce.

As engineers that are passionate about comfort technology, they started out creating supportive cushioning for everything from wheelchairs to industrial knee pads. 

After developing dozens of cushioning patents, the brothers decided to start using a particular material they created called hyper-elastic polymer in mattresses. And this was how Purple was born. 

Purple Mattress Construction

Most Purple mattresses are about 10 inches thick.

All of them come with Purple’s special hyper-elastic polymer material — a unique stretchy top layer of material that is specifically meant to reduce pressure while still providing soft comfort. 

The grid shape also allows air to flow in, helping you stay cool even if you tend to sleep hot. 

Most models also feature a layer of polyurethane foam beneath the grid and a base of thick support foam.

Hybrid models also come with spring coils for added support. 

Purple Mattress Construction

Up to $208 free bedding with mattress: Purple

Purple Mattress Benefits

The unique feature of Purple mattresses is the hyper-elastic polymer grid layer.

As a material that’s been used for medical cushioning, a lot of research has gone into making sure it provides users with optimal comfort. 

The polymer is meant to be both firm for support and soft for comfort. This makes it suitable for any sleeper type — whether you usually like hard or soft mattresses.

The square air pockets in the grid design also allow for breathability to keep the body temperature cool.

Purple grid layer

Up to $208 free bedding with mattress: Purple

Purple Mattress Durability

Purple’s proprietary support grid is particularly long-lasting and durable.

However, the rest of the mattress consists of foam layers, meaning you can expect similar durability to other foam mattresses you’ve tried. 

Purple Mattress Firmness

Purple mattresses have a medium level of firmness, which will vary slightly depending on your body type.

Smaller individuals report a firmer feel, while heavier individuals may find the mattress has a softer feel.

Purple Mattress Noise and Motion Transfer

Despite the Purple mattress’s responsive top layer, the bed minimizes motion transfer well.

Its foam layers help keep it more stable, even if you or your partner tend to move in your sleep. 

Purple Mattress Temperature Regulation

Since Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer grid allows for added breathability, the mattress is more temperature-neutral than some other mattresses on the market.

While the mattress won’t feel cool to the touch, it also doesn’t retain heat like memory foam and other popular mattress materials. 

What Kind of Sleeper Is Purple Mattress Good For?

Purple mattresses’ hyper-elastic polymer grid is designed to be adaptable to all kinds of sleepers.

This means whether you rest on your back, side, stomach, or a combination, you should have a nice combination of support and pressure reduction. 

Purple Plus Mattress Review

Up to $208 free bedding with mattress: Purple

Information for Couples Buying a Purple Mattress

Purple mattresses are good for couples as they feature added edge support and minimal motion transfer. So you won’t have to worry about waking if your partner tosses and turns through the night.

We found many reviews from couples confirming this. They wrote that their Purple mattresses helped to minimize waking each other at night because of movement.

How It Works

After ordering your Purple mattress, it will arrive at your door rolled into a compact box. 

Simply unwrap the mattress and unroll it onto your bed frame to let it decompress. You can then enjoy your trial of 100 nights!

What Sizes are Available for Purple Mattresses?

Purple offers the following sizes for their mattresses:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
  • Split King

How Much Do Purple Mattresses Cost?

The cost of your Purple mattress will depend on the mattress size and bed type you select. 

To give you an idea of cost, the queen-sized Purple mattress is available for $1199, with the option of paying in instalments as low as $75 per month.

Unique Extras Offered with Purple Mattresses

Purple has a number of additional products, so you can easily shop for all your bedding needs in one place. For example, there are foundations for their beds and free sheets with your purchase. 

As you move through the purchasing process, you’ll see options for discounted items like their Purple Duvet as well. 

Another great perk with Purple is the free shipping and returns! 

Purple Mattress Customer Reviews

The Purple mattress scored an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars from a total of 681 reviews across two independent platforms (Influenster and Amazon).

Overall, we found many happy Purple mattress owners. Here is a summary of what others have been saying about it:

  • A supportive yet soft bed that helps people get good rest and wake up feeling refreshed. 
  • Comfortable for many different sleep positions.
  • Great for pain and pressure relief on common areas like the hips and other joint areas. 
  • Many with back conditions (e.g. slip disks) said that it helped to relieve their chronic back pain. 
  • Minimal motion transfer is excellent for preventing waking the other person when moving in the night — a number of couples were happy with this. 
  • Good for people that like firmer mattresses. And some that usually liked the softer kind ended up liking the Purple as it was better for their neck and backs.
  • The temperature regulating materials help to keep the body cool. 
  • Some said the firm edging helped to make it last longer.

There were a few people that mentioned it was a little pricey for the higher-range models. But most also said that it was worth the investment for something they would be using every day. 

Some also mentioned that the mattress felt firmer than anticipated. So this is something to consider if you prefer a softer feel. 

Here is a look at some real comments from previous buyers:

Purple Mattress Review 1

Purple Mattress Review 2

purple logo



Relieves pressure Firmer than anticipated for some
Improves sleep Some users report soreness
Promotes stable body temperature at night Higher price point
May help relieve back pain
Less sagging
100-day trial


Purple Mattress Free Extras

Up to $208 of free bedding with mattress: Purple

Are Purple Mattresses Good?

Yes, Purple are a good brand of mattress to choose if you are seeking a supportive and cooling mattress option.

The best part of their design is their unique hyper-elastic polymer grid top layer that supports the curves of your body in any sleep position. This is particularly beneficial to people looking for relief from pressure and pain. 

Many reviewers were happy with the breathability of the mattress because of this same material. Promoting air circulation is important for keeping cool on warm nights and for those who tend to overheat at night.

If you’re still unsure about Purple, remember they offer a 100-day trial. So it’s a risk-free way to test it out!

Purple Mattress Special Offer

Up to $208 of free bedding with mattress: Purple

Casper Mattress Review

Casper Mattress Review

10% off with code DREAM10: Casper

Casper Mattress Origins

Casper was one of the first few online mattress companies that designed mattresses that could be mailed to your door in a compact box. 

Since their inception, they’ve built up a reputation and are now even endorsed by several celebrities. 

They continue to put a lot of research into their mattress development and are continuously finding new ways to help people have the most comfortable night’s sleep. 

Casper Mattress Construction

Casper mattresses are around 11-13 inches thick and made with three main layers of foam

  • a support foam base.
  • a memory foam center.
  • an open-cell foam top layer.

At the bottom, the dense foam base aims to provide overall support, while the sliver of memory foam in the middle was designed to keep pressure points like your hips comfortable throughout the night. 

The open-cell foam layer on top promotes airflow through a series of small holes to keep you cool on those warm summer nights.

The Hybrid models have more specialized design features to add more support to different areas of the mattress. They also include spring coils for added lift. 

Casper Mattress Construction

10% off with code DREAM10: Casper

Casper Mattress Benefits

Casper mattresses are meant to be comfortable for any sleeping position.

However, the original model is geared towards those that want more breathability in the material, while hybrid models have added spring coils and foam for more support.  

Users report that the mattress’s firmness is in the medium range, making it a safe bet for most sleepers.

The bed is designed with zoned layers to suit the needs of different parts of your body. For example there is more comfort at the shoulder level and more support at the hip level.

Aside from their well-designed mattresses, another benefit of Casper is that they’re one of the pioneers in the bed-in-a-box industry. So if you’re looking for a reputable, tried-and-tested brand, Casper is definitely one to look into. 

Casper Mattress Durability

Users report that the Casper mattress is relatively durable, which may be due to the layers of quality foam material. It isn’t uncommon for this mattress to last more than ten years.

Casper Mattress Firmness

We found many customer reviews that said Casper mattresses offer a medium level of firmness.

They also mention that the mattress is supportive regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

Casper Mattress Noise and Motion Transfer

With the Casper mattress, you should expect minimal motion transfer and noise (as is common with all-foam mattresses).

That means you shouldn’t wake up if your partner moves or a pet jumps onto the bed. 

Casper Mattress Temperature Regulation

Unlike many foam mattresses, the Casper mattress is designed to be neither too hot nor too cold. Its perforated foam top layer aims to offer added breathability.

However, because it’s still memory foam, it may feel a little warmer to those who sleep hot, compared to traditional spring coil mattresses.

What Sleeping Styles is Casper Suitable For?

The Casper mattress is designed to be suitable for all kinds of sleepers.

That means that whether you’re a side, back, stomach, or combination sleeper, Casper should still be a good fit for your sleeping style. 

Casper Ergonomic Mattress

10% off with code DREAM10: Casper

Information for Couples Buying a Casper Mattress

The Casper mattress is a great pick for couples seeking a mattress upgrade. Users claim the motion transfer is minimal, and the edge support is sufficient, so you won’t have to worry about moving in bed.

How it Works

Casper mattresses will reach your home rolled up in a box and ready to assemble.

All you need to do is take the mattress out of the box, remove the plastic, and leave it to expand on your bed frame or foundation.  

Unique Extras Offered with Casper Mattresses

Casper has free shipping and returns, as well as full refunds within the 100-night trial period. 

This means if you try it during that period and decide it’s not for you, simply return the mattress, and they’ll give you a full refund!

Casper also has many other sleep products like pillows, bed frames, and bedding. And they usually have a sale range if you’re looking for a good deal. 

How Much Do Casper Mattresses Cost?

Your Casper mattress will cost anywhere from $595 to $1,295, depending on the size and type.

To give you an idea, the queen-sized original Casper mattress costs $1,095.

Casper Customer Reviews

The Casper mattress scored an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars from a total of 5,767 reviews across two independent platforms (Influenster and Amazon).

Here are some of the trends in the positive reviews: 

  • The vast majority of reviewers say that it’s a comfortable bed. Even some that used to sleep on a spring coil mattress had no issues transitioning to a foam mattress. 
  • Casper seemed especially good for those that like a mattress on the firmer side. 
  • Many said the material helps to keep the body cool.
  • Some also said it helped to relieve back pain.
  • Couples liked it because it stayed quiet and their movements didn’t wake their partners.
  • Many liked how the whole purchase process was easy from making payment to receiving the product, moving it around, and assembling it. 

There were some reviewers that unfortunately claimed they experienced some early signs of wear. Some also wished that it could be flipped to optimize the longevity of the mattress.

That’s why it’s good that Casper has a 100-day trial, to easily request a refund if this happens. 

Here’s a look at some recent reviews:

Casper Mattress Review

Casper Mattress Review



Comfortable for many May be too firm for some sleepers
Suits different sleep positions Some report plastic smell when first opened
Helped some users relieve back pain Some experienced sagging over time.
Minimal motion transfer and noise
Good temperature regulation
Easy delivery process


Casper Special Offer

10% off everything with code DREAM10: Casper

Are Casper Mattresses Good?

The many positive customer reviews show that Casper mattresses are an excellent choice for people who want a firmer foam mattress that can also stay cool. 

Many couples also found Casper to be a good choice as the mattresses have minimal motion transfer. 

If you’re new to buying a bed-in-a-box, you may want to buy from a reputable company like Casper to have more peace of mind. 

Casper is a particularly good choice in this regard as they are one of the pioneers in the bed-in-a-box industry and one of the most established brands.

Casper Special Offer

10% off everything with code DREAM10: Casper

Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar mattress review

$100 off plus up to $399 of accessories: Nectar

Nectar Mattress Founders

Nectar was founded in 2016 with a mission to offer the best customer experience for anyone wanting a mattress.

To them, this meant sourcing the best materials, continuously improving their mattress design, offering full 365-night trials along with a Forever Warranty. And ultimately, the best night’s sleep. 

At one point, they were even the fastest growing e-commerce mattress company in the US, and are continuing to expand into other countries. 

Nectar Mattress Benefits

Nectar mattress is a company that aims to provide you with the best mix of affordability and quality.

In terms of materials, most of their mattresses consist of high-quality gel memory foam that conforms to the shape of your body while still supporting your spine.

But even with the top-grade materials and design, it’s a lot more affordable than traditional in-store mattress companies. 

Other than the mattress construction itself, the area where Nectar really stands out has to be in terms of the extra perks they give to customers.

They offer a 365-day trial (a lot longer than the industry standard of 100 days) and a Forever Warranty (yes, they’ll actually replace or repair your mattress if there are any defects at any point after purchase). 

This shows how confident they are in the quality of their products. Plus, it’s reassuring to know that there are options to get a refund if it’s just not the right mattress for you. 

Nectar mattress review

$100 off plus up to $399 of accessories: Nectar

Nectar Mattress Construction

Most models of Nectar mattresses are made up of three main foam layers: 

  • A foam support base which creates a sturdy foundation.  
  • An adaptable soft support foam with tested bounce-back.
  • A high-density gel memory foam that conforms to the natural curves of your body.

On top of these layers, there is also a cooling cover. This aims to keep your sleeping temperature stable throughout the night.

Premium models differ from the basic model in terms of foam thickness and some slight differences in the exact memory foam used. 

Nectar Mattress Durability

This mattress was designed to last more than a decade, so you should be able to get many years of use out of it.

In the rare instance that it wears down on you, you can take advantage of the company’s generous Forever Warranty to receive a replacement or repair.

Nectar Mattress Firmness

User reviews confirm that the Nectar mattress has a medium-firm feel.

Recent research has found that a ‘medium-firm’ mattress design is the optimal firmness level for better spinal alignment and sleep quality. (3)

Nectar Mattress Noise and Motion Transfer

A number of reviewers reported the motion transfer and noise of this bed was minimal.

If you’re sleeping with a partner, you shouldn’t be able to feel their movements during the night. 

Nectar Mattress Temperature Regulation

The Nectar bed is designed to be neutral in terms of temperature regulation. The company’s proprietary cooling cover is also meant to help with breathability on warm nights.

Information for Different Sleeping Styles

Nectar describes its mattress as suitable for a variety of sleeping styles, and we found many users that agree with this.

It was designed to provide sufficient support for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers. 

Nectar Mattress Review Sleep Styles

$100 off plus up to $399 of accessories: Nectar

Information for Couples Buying a Nectar Mattress

Nectar mattresses are a good choice for couples as well. The memory foam aims to ensure minimal movement transfer and sturdy support no matter how close to the edge you sleep. 

How it Works

Nectar mattresses are delivered in a compact box and ready to place on your bed frame. Simply unbox the mattress, take it out of the plastic, and allow the mattress to expand on your bed frame or foundation.

What sizes are available for Nectar mattresses?

You can buy the Nectar mattress in any of the following sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

How much do Nectar mattresses cost?

Nectar mattresses cost between $798 and $1,598, depending on the size and mattress type.

As an example of pricing, the Original Queen-size Nectar mattress is $1,298. 

Unique Extras Offered with Nectar Mattresses

Nectar offers a number of extra perks for customers. For example, their current deal offers you two free pillows with a mattress purchase.  

There is also a 356-day trial which means you can return the mattress and get a refund if you’re not happy with the product (this is much longer than the industry-standard 100 days). 

In addition, they provide a Forever Warranty on their mattresses, where you can get a replacement or repair if your item is defective at any point after purchasing it. 

Nectar Mattress Customer Reviews

The Nectar mattress scored an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars from a total of 3,122 reviews across two independent platforms (Influenster and Amazon).

The majority of customers were satisfied with their Nectar mattresses, and here is a summary of some key themes:

  • Many liked that it was comfortable no matter their sleeping position. 
  • It helped many people to have a more restful sleep. 
  • It was good for those that like a firmer sleeping surface.
  • Several people with back pain said that it was supportive and helped to relieve pain. 
  • It was good for couples as it stayed quiet and didn’t move too much when the other person got out of bed.

However, there were some who reported that Nectar wasn’t for them.

Several users mention that the mattress was firmer than the customer expected. So this is something to note if you like your mattresses to be very soft. Some also felt that it was not as cooling as expected.

There were also some reports of mattresses developing dips over time. This could be due to manufacturing defects.

In either case Nectar do have a very long 365-day trial period and a Forever Warranty. This means there are options to either return the mattress and ask for a refund or request a replacement. 

Here’s a quick look at some real reviews from customers who’ve tried Nectar:

Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress Review

nectar mattress logo



Comfortable for any sleeping position Some reports of dips over time
May suit those with back pain Was too firm for some customers
Affordable for the quality
Comes with free pillows (deal may change)
365-day home trial
Forever warranty


Nectar Mattress Special Offer

$100 off plus up to $399 of accessories: Nectar

Is Nectar a Good Mattress?

Yes, the Nectar mattress is a good choice for those who enjoy the feel of a firmer memory foam bed.

Many users found it comfortable for any sleep style and the mattress may also be beneficial for those experiencing back pain.

The price is affordable when you consider the top-grade materials and design being used.

For additional reassurance Nectar also offer the 365-day at-home trial and the Forever Warranty.

This will give you a whole year to see if it really suits your needs, which is much longer than the usual 100-day trial offered by many other brands.

Plus, the Forever Warranty means you can change or repair it if defects ever pop up down the road.

Nectar Mattress Special Offer

$100 off plus up to $399 of accessories: Nectar

Purple vs Casper vs Nectar - Mattress Review

Purple, Casper, or Nectar, Which Mattress is Best?

Purple, Casper, and Nectar mattresses are all great options to consider when choosing your perfect new bed. But they do have some subtle differences depending on your priorities. 

Purple is an excellent choice for those who tend to overheat at night as it has a hyper-elastic polymer gel grid design. The air pockets in the grid promote breathability and help to regulate body temperature through the night. 

Purple mattresses can be on the firm side, so they may not be your ideal choice if you want a soft, memory foam feel.

The Casper mattress is also on the firm side and is well suited for front, back, or combination sleepers that want more support. 

It offers a good, all-round option from a reputable brand. With thousands of positive online reviews, it’s a mattress that’s been tried and tested.

The Nectar mattress combines quality materials with extra value. Depending on their deals, Nectar may throw in free pillows or other significant discounts. And they are still a brand that use quality materials for their mattresses. 

Their memory foam is soft but supportive. It aims to reduce pressure and help you to rest well throughout the night. 

While Purple and Casper offer a generous 100-day trial period, Nectar offer 365-days along with a Forever Warranty. This gives you plenty of reassurance that if it’s not the bed for you, you can always ask for a refund within the trial period. 

All 3 brands have many positive reviews from happy customers who report having a very comfortable night’s sleep. Some users even found the mattresses helped with back or neck pain. So any one of these 3 brands could be a good choice to go with.

Whichever you decide, you have the reassurance of the free trial and money-back guarantee in case the mattress doesn’t suit you for whatever reason. 

Here’s to a peaceful night’s sleep! 

Special Offers

Purple Mattresses

Up to $208 of free bedding with mattress: Purple

Casper Mattresses

10% off everything with code DREAM10: Casper

Nectar Mattresses

$100 off plus up to $399 of accessories: Nectar

FAQs: Purple Mattress 

What’s so great about the Purple mattress?

Purple mattresses are unique because of their special hyper-elastic polymer grid layer. It’s firm enough to support your spine, while also being malleable enough to conform to your body’s curves for comfort. This breathable material also allows air to flow for a cool night’s rest. 

Do Purple mattresses require a box spring?

No, Purple mattresses do not require a box spring, but you should use a bed frame or foundation to support them. 

How do Purple mattresses feel?

The Purple mattress has a unique feel due to its grid-like top layer, which aims to make the mattress responsive yet firm. Some have reported it has a silicone or gel feel. 

While Purple describes their mattress firmness as “Universal firmness” (meaning it can adapt to all sleep positions), most describe it as being on the firmer side. 

Are Purple mattresses safe?

Yes, Purple mattresses were designed to be allergen-free. They have received certification through CertiPUR-US®, a program that ensures the beds meet standards for emissions, durability, and materials. 

How long do Purple mattresses last?

Purple mattresses can last up to 10 years. 

Can you flip a Purple mattress?

No, you cannot flip a Purple mattress because of its layered structure. 

Is Purple better than memory foam?

Purple’s grid layer is a patented design that is meant to provide a better mixture of support and comfort compared to typical memory foam. 

Some people have described the feel of the grid layer as being more silicone- or gel-like. Others also have reported that it can offer better temperature regulation compared to memory foam because of the square air-pockets in the grid. 

Purple Mattress Special Offer

Up to $208 of free bedding with mattress: Purple

FAQs: Casper Mattress

How long do Casper mattresses last?

Casper mattresses have a lifespan of up to 12 years. 

Are Casper mattresses worth the price?

Casper are good value as they offer supportive foam mattresses that keep you cool through the night. 

Some reviewers specifically stated that they found Casper mattresses to be good value because they can be up to half the cost of big in-store mattress brands. These reviewers also reported that they found Casper to be more comfortable than these other mattress brands.

Can you flip a Casper mattress?

No, Casper mattresses are layered with one top side, so they are not made to be flipped.

Do Casper mattresses require a box spring?

No, Casper mattresses don’t need a box spring. But the company recommends a foundation and bed frame for an optimal sleep experience. 

Are Casper mattresses good for side sleepers?

Yes, our research suggests that side sleepers can expect to enjoy a comfortable night’s rest on a Casper mattress. 

How firm is the Casper mattress? 

Casper mattresses aim to offer a medium firmness level for most sleepers. 

What are Casper mattresses made of?

Casper mattresses are made of three layers of foam: a base of support foam, memory foam at the center, and a top layer of open-cell foam. Their Hybrid models also have spring coils for added lift and support. 

Where can I buy a Casper mattress?

You can buy a Casper mattress on the company’s website or in select stores.

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FAQs: Nectar Mattress

Do Nectar mattresses sag?

Nectar mattresses shouldn’t sag more than other mattresses, especially if you rotate the bed to prevent excessive wear in certain areas. 

Can you flip a Nectar mattress?

No, the layered design means that Nectar mattresses are not meant to be flipped. 

Who are Nectar mattresses best for?

Our research indicates that Nectar mattresses are best for people that enjoy the feel of a memory foam bed, regardless of their sleep style. 

If you’re concerned about taking a while to adjust to a new bed, Nectar has a very generous 365-day trial (which is much longer than 100 days offered by most other brands). So it might be a good choice for you in this instance if you’re concerned about taking your time to get used to it.  

What are Nectar mattresses made of?

Nectar mattresses are predominantly made from different layers of memory foam. This includes a support foam base, memory foam transition layer, and gel memory top layer, all encased in a cooling cover. 

How firm are Nectar mattresses?

Users say that Nectar mattresses have a medium to slightly firm feel. 

How long do Nectar mattresses last?

Based on our research, you can expect your Nectar mattress to last around six to seven years. Plus, they do offer a Forever Warranty where they will replace your mattress if you discover defects at any point after purchase. 

Do Nectar mattresses require a box spring?

Yes, as is typical of memory foam beds, you will enjoy optimal support when pairing your Nectar mattress with a box spring.

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