Home Activities for Kids After Coronavirus School Closure

As many of you know we have put together these daily emails after the schools announced they were closing and many people’s travel plans have been cancelled.

We hope that they give you some fun or helpful activities the kids can enjoy indoors.

We’re planning to send across a real mix of things – fun crafts, online learning printables and easy prep indoor games. But if there’s anything you really want to see more of please don’t hesitate to hit the REPLY button and let us know.

We’d like to try and make these emails as useful as possible until normal life resumes!

Enter your email below to subscribe and we hope that these will be helpful. As always please feel free to unsubscribe at any time.

Home Activities Newsletter

Stuff you might want to hang onto to use as DIY crafts and activities:

– big cardboard boxes (make them into garages, spaceships, princess castles or anything at all).
– cardboard rolls from toilet rolls or kitchen rolls (for cardboard roll crafts – we will send a few but you can find a lot online too).
– old jars (to decorate or turn into lanterns).
– if you can still go on walks outdoors gathering sticks, leaves, pine cones or other ‘treasures’ are great to paint or stick down at home.

Thanks and we hope that everyone stays well during the coming weeks.

Sophia and Nicola

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