Casper vs NovaForm, Which Mattress Is Better?


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Casper vs. NovaForm Mattress Comparison

Mark Stafford

Have you been waking up in the morning feeling tired or aching?

It could be because your mattress isn’t providing you the support or comfort you need anymore.

Because of the natural aging of your mattress through wear and tear, The Sleep Council generally recommends you change your mattress at least every eight years. But some mattresses may need changing even sooner. (1)

So how can you tell when your mattress has reached the end of its life? Here are a few signs:

  • You wake up less rested than you used to.
  • You feel stiff getting out of bed.
  • You notice aches and pains you never had before.
  • Your mattress shows visible signs of sagging.
  • Your bedsprings creak.
  • You find you’ve developed dust allergies.

If you’ve decided that your mattress is in need of a change, don’t make the mistake of simply opting for the cheapest option. Sometimes, cheaper mattress manufacturers sacrifice the quality of materials and construction.

Why does this matter?

The quality of your mattress can greatly impact the quality of your sleep too — which is essential to your health. (2)

A good mattress should support you in all the right places and keep you cool at night. But there are many different mattress brands and types of mattress construction all promising to do this.

In this article, we’ll walk you through two of the most popular mattress-in-a-box brands — Casper and Novaform. And also compare the different types of mattresses available from each brand: memory foam versus hybrid mattresses. 

Memory foam mattresses are popular because the material is excellent at contouring around the body.

This eliminates pressure points and isolates movement, so it’s great for couples. However, it can be too warm for some hot sleepers. This is where hybrid mattresses may be a better option as the added layer of springs (in addition to foams) help breathability and dissipate heat.

We’ll go through more of these differences below, so you can make an informed choice about which is better for your needs.

Casper mattress review


Casper is one of the leading brands in the mattress-in-a-box concept.

Their foam mattresses range consists of the Original and Element models. And their newly added hybrid mattresses include the Wave and the Nova, which have springs as well as foam. You can now even buy a hybrid version of the Original.

Novaform mattress review


Novaform also makes mattresses-in-a-box. However, they only make 100% foam beds.

The main difference between their mattresses is the type of foam(s) used, the thickness, and the order of layers. Their range includes the:

  • ComfortGrande
  • Serafina
  • 8″ Gel Memory Foam
  • SoFresh
  • 12″ Overnight Recovery
  • 12″ Advanced Back Support

Casper vs Novaform Mattress Comparison


Casper vs novaform Casper Logo Novaform logo
Materials used Polyurethane foam, memory foam, springs Memory foam, gel memory foam, latex, gel pods
Construction Depending on model:

Polyurethane foam (some have gel pods)


Memory foam


All models are made from different types of foam:

Standard Memory foam

Gel Pearl memory foam for increased breathability

LURAcor Foam for more support (infused with copper for anti-microbial properties)

EVENcor GelPlus memory foam cools and supports

Height Original: 11” (Hybrid -11”)
Element: 10”
Nova: 12”
Wave: 13”
ComfortGrande: 14”
Serafina: 14”
SoFresh: 10”
Overnight Recovery: 12”
Advanced Back Support: 12”
Firmness Full memory foam or hybrid available:

Original: Medium Firm (Hybrid: Medium Firm)
Element: Medium Firm
Nova: Medium
Wave: Medium Firm

ComfortGrande: Medium Firm
Serafina: Medium
8” Gel Memory Foam: Medium Firm
SoFresh: Medium
12” Overnight Recovery: Medium Firm
12” Advanced Back Support: Firm
Breathability Depending on model:

Airscape perforations




Gel memory foam
Sleeper Types Original: light back, side, and stomach sleepers.
Element: light back, side, and stomach sleepers.
Nova: hot sleepers, back, side, and lighter stomach sleepers.
Wave: hot sleepers, back, side, and lighter stomach sleepers
ComfortGrande: hot sleepers, side, back, and stomach sleepers.
Serafina: hot and side sleepers.
SoFresh: side, back, and stomach sleepers.
12” Overnight Recovery: side, back, and stomach sleepers.
12” Advanced Back Support: stomach sleepers.
Price From $395-$3,095
(Snow technology $500 extra)
From $399.99-$999.99
Financing options 3-24 months available depending on model. Varies according to retailer
Trial period/refund policy 100 nights Varies according to retailer
Warranty 10 years 20 years
External reviews  4.3 out of 5 stars from 6,000 reviewers on Trustpilot. 4.4 out of 5 stars from 6,165 reviews on Costco.
Special Offers 10% off with code DREAM10: Casper Latest offers: Novaform


Are Hybrid Mattresses Better Than 100% Foam Mattresses?

Hybrid mattresses may be better for those that want a more breathable construction, while foam mattresses may suit those that want more comfort and less motion transfer. 

Memory foam is great for contouring around and under your body, eliminating or reducing pressure points that could occur with a full spring mattress. However, the material is generally not as good at dispersing heat. So this can be uncomfortable for those that heat up easily.

While modern memory foam technology has eliminated this problem to some extent, some still say it still can’t compare to the natural breathability of springs. 

Although it keeps the body cooler, the downside to springs is that they are inherently ‘bouncy’. This leads to motion transfer when one person moves and disturbing the other person’s sleep. Memory foam has less of this problem.

This is where a hybrid mattress (which contains memory foam and springs) can give you the best of both worlds. However, you have to look at the individual construction of hybrid mattresses as they can vary greatly between each brand.

Casper mattress review

10% off with code DREAM10: Casper

Casper Review

Casper was founded in 2014 by five entrepreneurs who had the idea of selling a mattress-in-a-box purely online.

The concept was successful from the start, as they managed to sell $1.8 million of mattresses within the first 2 months of opening.

What Are Casper Mattresses Made Of?

The Element and Original mattresses are Casper’s fully polyurethane foam model. 

Its other mattresses (Original Hybrid, Nova Hybrid, and Wave Hybrid) are made from a mixture of polyurethane foam, memory foam, and springs. The Wave Hybrid also contains gel pods and latex.

Here’s a closer look at the construction of each model:

Original: a top layer of breathable polyurethane foam with a middle layer of zoned memory foam. 

The Original mattress model has a base layer polyurethane foam.

The Original Hybrid model has a base layer polyurethane foam with encased springs.

Element: a top layer of breathable polyurethane foam and a base layer of breathable polyurethane foam.

Nova: a top layer of breathable polyurethane foam, with a second layer of breathable zoned polyurethane foam, and a third layer contoured memory foam. The base layer is polyurethane foam with encased springs.

Wave: a top layer of breathable polyurethane foam coated with phase-change cooling material, a second layer of natural latex, a third layer of zoned memory foam, and a fourth layer of polyurethane foam with gel pods. The base layer is made of polyurethane foam with encased springs.

What is Casper’s Snow Technology?

Casper’s Snow Technology is an advanced heat-dispersal system for hot sleepers.

It uses their proprietary HeatDelete Bands along with a QuickCool Cover.

It costs $500 extra and is available on the Nova and Wave models.

Casper mattress review

10% off with code DREAM10: Casper

How Firm Are Casper Mattresses?

The Original, Original Hybrid, Element, and Wave are rated medium-firm, while the Nova is medium. However, do bear in mind that firmness can be subjective. 

Which Casper Mattress Is Best For Side Sleepers? 

All Casper mattresses are suitable for side sleepers as they all contain memory foam. This material provides relief on pressure points like hips and shoulders. 

However, if you’re a side sleeper that wants more firmness, you can opt for their hybrid models which have springs and foam. This includes the Original Hybrid, Nova Hybrid, and Wave Hybrid.  

How Much Do Casper Mattresses Cost?

Original: $595 – $1,295 (Hybrid $695-$1,495)
Element: $356 – $795
Nova: $1,195 – $2,395 (Snow technology $500 extra)
Wave: $1,595 – $3,095 (Snow technology $500 extra)

How Many Years Does a Casper Mattress Last? 

Casper mattresses carry a 10-year warranty, although they state that they’re able to last longer. Their most durable model is most likely the Wave Hybrid as it contains latex and could last 10-12 years.

What Warranty Does Casper Offer?

Casper’s Warranty covers defects such as a 1″ indentation that’s not due to an inappropriate bed foundation. It also covers splits or cracks in the foam and defects in the zipper.

What Trial Period Does Casper Offer?

Casper offers a 100-night trial. If at any time during the trial you decide the mattress is not for you, you can return it for a full refund without having to package it back in its original box.

Casper Mattress Reviews

Casper scored an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 6,000 reviewers on Trustpilot. 

Here’s a quick summary of some common themes in the reviews:

The majority of purchasers found their mattress comfortable — it even helped to ease back pain for some.

Even suitable for couples with different sleep positions or preferences.

Several mentioned that the materials appeared to be high quality.

Easy buying process.

The delivery box was easy to handle.

There were a small number of negative reviews, and most were related to a lack of customer support. Some also had issues with the firmness of the mattresses, but this can be subjective as some said it was too soft while others said it was too hard. 



Casper Mattress review

Casper Mattress review

Casper Special Offer

10% off everything with code DREAM10: Casper

Is a Casper Mattress Worth the Money? 

Casper is worth it for those looking for medium to medium-firm mattresses that suit a wide variety of sleep positions. Comfort-wise, it seems to suit most customers and even helped to relieve back pain for some. 

Most reviewers praised how easy it was to buy the mattress and the convenience of the bed-in-the-box setup. The fact that it offers both full foam and hybrid mattresses is also ideal for those who want to choose between the 2 options. 

Although there were some negative reviews concerning customer service and mattress quality, Casper offers a 100-day trial. So this gives you the chance to return or exchange it if you find you do have an issue.

Casper Special Offer

10% off everything with code DREAM10: Casper

Novaform mattress review

Latest offers: Novaform

Novaform Review

Novaform mattresses have been around for 15 years and are sold in Costco stores and online. Like Casper, they are mattresses-in-a-box.

Who Makes Novaform?

Novaform mattresses are made in the USA by Innocor, which develops and manufactures memory foam. 

What Are Novaform Mattresses Made Of?

Excluding the covers, Novaform mattresses are made entirely of foam — mostly memory foam with different properties. Their special foam materials include:

  • Gel Pearl memory foam for increased breathability.
  • LURAcor Foam for more support (infused with copper for anti-microbial properties).
  • EVENcor GelPlus memory foam for keeping the body cool while providing responsive support.

Here’s a closer look at the construction of each model:

ComfortGrande: Cover / EVENcor GelPlus memory foam

Serafina: Cover / 2” top layer Gel Pearl memory foam / 3” LURAcor foam / 9” base layer foam

10″ SoFresh: Cover / 2” top layer LURAcor Foam infused with copper/ 2” middle layer memory foam / 6” base foam layer.

12” Overnight Recovery: Cover/ 1” top layer EVENcor GelPlus memory foam / 3 “ middle layer LURAcor Foam / 8” base foam layer

12” Advanced Back Support: Cover / 2” top layer LURAcor Foam/ 1” middle layer EVENcor GelPlus memory foam / 9” base foam. 

How Firm Are Novaform Mattresses?

Novaform mattresses range from medium (Serafina) to firm (12″ Advanced Back Support).

Novaform mattress review

Latest offers: Novaform

Is Novaform Good For Side Sleepers?

Novaform mattresses are good for side sleepers because they are made largely from memory foam.

This material is ideal for supporting the shoulders and hips, improving alignment, and reducing pressure points along the spine.

How Much Do Novaform Mattresses Cost?

ComfortGrande: $399.99 – $679.99
Serafina: $749.99 – $999.99
SoFresh: $399.99 – $599.99
12” Overnight Recovery: $699.99 – $799.99
12” Advanced Back Support: $499.99 – $699.99

How Long Does a Novaform Mattress Last?

Novaform may last up to 20 years, given that the brand offers a 20-year warranty on its mattresses.

What Warranty Does Novaform offer?

The Warranty covers defects in material and workmanship and ‘severe body contours’ 1.5+ inches below the normal product level. 

Innocor, the makers of Novaform mattresses, will repair or replace the defective product. However, products are replaced only once during the Limited Warranty period.

What Trial Period Does Novaform Offer?

This depends on the individual retailer. Most Novaform mattresses are sold through Costco who does not offer a trial period.

Novaform Mattress Reviews

Novaform scored 4.4 out of 5 stars from 6,165 reviews on Costco. 

Most customers had positive things to say about Novaform including:

  • Good comfort — not too soft or too hard.
  • Mattress relieved aches and pains for some.
  • Good for a variety of sleeping positions.
  • Couples said that there was little motion transfer when the other person moved.
  • May sleep a little warm, but this was ideal for some people during the winter months.
  • Easy to move and unpack because of the mattress-in-a-box design.

There were reviews saying that there was a strong plastic smell (something common with memory foam mattresses when new). For some, it faded quickly, but others said it lingered. Another common comment was that the mattress was a little too soft for their liking, but foam materials are usually on the softer side.

Here’s a look at some recent customer reviews:

Novaform mattress review

Novaform Latest Offers

Latest offers and discounts: Novaform


Are Novaform Mattresses Good?

Novaform mattresses are good for those that want the plush feel of foam mattresses. The material also makes it ideal for couples that want minimal motion transfer. Generally, most customers seem to be happy with the level of comfort and support their mattresses provide.

However, foam material can be too hot and soft for some, and a hybrid may be better for such cases. But it’s also worth noting that Novaform mattresses are at the low to mid-end of the price range and offer a twenty-year guarantee.

Their memory foam is also made in the US and Certipur-US certified. On the whole, these factors make Novaform a brand that offers good value for its price.

Novaform Latest Offers

Latest offers and discounts: Novaform

Casper vs novaform comparison

Is Casper Better Than Novaform?

Both Casper and Novaform are popular mattress-in-a-box brands that offer a range of models with good ratings among reviewers. But, there are some significant differences between them.

While Novaform and Casper generally start out at similar price points for their basic models, Novaform gets cheaper when you compare the higher-end models. Novaform’s most expensive King mattress (Serafina) costs $999.99, while Casper’s (Wave) is $3,095 without the additional $425 for their Snow Technology.

In terms of comfort, this can depend on what your individual preferences are. Because of Novaform’s fully foam construction, it might be better for those that want a more plush feel. While Casper’s hybrid range may suit those that want more support.

Casper might also be the better mattress for those that want a cooler night’s rest. Not only do they have hybrid mattresses which aid breathability through ventilated spring layers, but their Snow Technology reduces heat build-up even further. 

Also, if peace of mind is important to you, then you might want to go for Novaform whose 20-year Warranty is double that of Casper’s. However, Casper offers a 100-day trial — something which Novaform doesn’t have.

Reputation-wise, they both have very similar review ratings. The vast majority are positive, but both companies have their share of negative reviews concerning customer service and issues with the mattresses themselves.

Whichever brand you choose, take the time to make sure you pick the mattress that’s best for you to ensure you get a great night’s sleep. 

Casper Special Offer

10% off everything with code DREAM10: Casper

Novaform Latest Offers

Latest offers and discounts: Novaform

FAQs for Casper Mattresses

Which Casper Mattress is Good for Couples?

The Original, Original Hybrid, Nova Hybrid, and Wave Hybrid are all good for couples as they contain memory foam that isolates movement.

Do You Need a Box Spring With a Casper Mattress?

No, Casper memory foam and hybrid mattresses are better placed on a slatted base.

Can You Flip a Casper Mattress?

It is not recommended that you flip a Casper mattress, but you can rotate it every 3-6 months or so.

Do Casper Mattresses Sag Over Time? 

Due to normal wear and tear, all mattresses (including Casper) will sag over time. Casper offers a 10-year warranty, so you should not experience any significant sagging before then.

Is a Casper Mattress Good for Backache?

Casper Original, Original Hybrid, Nova Hybrid, and Wave Hybrid mattresses may be good for backache as they contain memory foam. The Wave Hybrid also contains latex that might provide additional relief.

Where to Buy a Casper Mattress?

You can buy a Casper mattress at their website and some retail stores.

Are Casper Mattresses Made in China?

No, the labels at the head and foot of the bed are made in China, but the mattresses are made in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Is Casper Better Than Tempurpedic?

Casper may be better than Tempurpedic in certain areas. Both mattresses have a similar construction, but Casper mattresses can be $1,000+ less compared to an equivalent Tempurpedic mattress. 

Casper Mattress Alternatives?

There are many alternatives to Casper mattresses, including Novaform, Saatva, and Helix. 

Casper Special Offer

10% off everything with code DREAM10: Casper

FAQs for Novaform Mattresses

Are Novaform mattresses made in the USA?

Yes, Novaform mattresses are made by Innocor in the USA.

What is a Novaform mattress made of?

Excluding the cover, Novaform mattresses are made from foam — particularly memory foam.

Which Novaform mattress is good for couples?

Most Novaform mattresses are good for couples as they are made from memory foam, but ComfortGrande, Serafina, and SoFresh are particularly good as they are medium to medium-firm.

Are Novaform mattresses toxic?

Novaform mattresses are made in the Us and are Certipur-US certified, which means they are not toxic. They may give off a slight smell when you first take it out of the packaging, but this should disappear after a few hours or days at most.

Can you flip a Novaform mattress?

Yes, but there is no need. Novaform recommends you rotate your mattress instead.

Can you use a box spring with a Novaform mattress?

Yes, in fact, Novaform recommends that you use a box spring or other ventilated support rather than laying your mattress on the floor.

Do Novaform mattresses come in a box?

Yes, Novaform mattresses come in a box which makes them convenient to transport.

Can I sleep on my Novaform mattress right away?

It’s best to give your Novaform mattress 24-72 hours to expand and regain its original shape before sleeping on it. If the room you put the mattress in is particularly cold, it may take longer.

Novaform Latest Offers

Latest offers and discounts: Novaform

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