Best Raw Dog Food Delivery – Raw Paws Pet Food Review


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Best raw dog food delivery - raw paws review

Susan Paretts

Is a Raw Diet Good for Dogs?

Raw dog food diets have become popular because some pet parents believe that dogs should eat a diet that is closer to that of their wild ancestors than one that is cooked. 

Plus, these diets have been used successfully with sled dogs and racing dogs for years. [1]

Research about whether raw meat diets are good for dogs is limited. 

Many pet owners rave about the results that they see, including a healthier coat, a decrease in diabetes risk, better weight management, increased amounts of energy, and better breath.

That’s because raw diets are free of carbohydrates and grains but are rich in proteins and healthy fats. And bones can help scrape teeth clean of plaque. 

Also, because raw diets contain a limited amount of ingredients, they may help dogs with food allergies as well. [2, 3, 4]

Raw diets are not without drawbacks. Veterinarians and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) caution that raw foods may contain harmful bacteria and parasites which can affect both people and pets.

And raw diets may not be the best choice for growing puppies and dogs with kidney or liver problems and those who are immunocompromised. 

Fortunately, with careful handling, good sanitation practices, and regular check-ins with your vet, a raw food diet may work well for many dogs. [5, 6]

Best raw dog food delivery

Raw Paws

Raw Dog Food Delivery: Raw Paws Pet Food

If you’re considering trying a raw food diet for your dog, Raw Paws offers several premade options.

Their food is made from USDA inspected meats under strict cleanliness protocols monitored by the FDA. Because the meats are frozen, the extremely low temperature kills most parasites. [4]

Raw Paws contains a mix of ingredients to ensure the optimal health of your dog. Their complete formulas typically follow the BARF diet (bones and raw foods), containing a mix of ground whole meats, ground bone, and ground organ meats.

Because their meals are well-balanced, they meet the basic needs of dogs as established by the guidelines set up by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

The AAFCO is a regulatory group that provides nutritional guidelines for pet food companies to keep pups healthy. [7]

If your pup is dealing with food allergies, digestive issues, inflammatory conditions, or dry skin and coat, Raw Paws might help.

Their foods contain whole meats and vegetables that aren’t cooked. This means that they retain more of their nutrients and don’t contain additives like wheat and grain that could trigger allergic reactions.

Plus, Raw Paws meals are delivered right to your door, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your home to get them.

Best raw dog food delivery - raw paws review

15% off with auto-ship: Raw Paws

What is Raw Paws Pet Food?

Raw Paws provides raw meat diets for dogs and cats that arrive frozen to your door. They offer many different types of raw meat, including ground complete diets that you simply defrost and serve to your dog. Their food is only available online.

Summary Table of Raw Paws Pet Food

Raw paws review
What the Food Contains High-quality whole meat (80 percent) – the primary ingredient
Organs (10 percent)
Bones (10 percent)
Some formulas contain raw vegetables
Auto-Ship Available? Yes, auto-ship orders arrive every 7 to 90 days, depending on what you choose. Auto-ship orders receive a 10 percent discount.
Protein Options Beef, chicken, duck, fish, goat, lamb, turkey, and venison.
Other Products Organ meats, ground meats, freeze-dried foods, treats, supplements, food toppers, bones, goat milk, and other pet supplies like dishes and lick mats.
Price Range Approx. $115 to $300 per month, depending on the size of your dog.
Shipped Frozen? Yes – all raw foods are shipped at 0 degrees F in dry ice with recycled Styrofoam insulation.
Meets AAFCO nutritional requirements? Yes.
Delivery Area The continental United States (48 states plus the District of Columbia). No shipping to Hawaii or Alaska.
Made in the USA Yes.
USDA & FDA Inspected? Yes, to ensure safety.
Free Shipping? Yes, on raw orders over $199 and free-ship packs.
Refund Policy Refunds given for incorrect orders or damaged orders only.
Available at Retailers? No, only online through their website, or some online retailers. Orders can be picked up in their Indianapolis warehouse if desired.
Reviews 4.9 out of 5 stars from 190 reviews of their most popular raw food diet.
Special Offers 15% off with autoship: Raw Paws


Any Further Considerations?

If you want to try out Raw Paws, you can make a stand-alone order and then convert it into an auto-ship for your subsequent orders after you determine that your dog enjoys the food.

Auto-ship orders get a 10 percent discount. 

While all raw orders over $199 get free shipping, certain packs less than this price also ship for free.

Best raw dog food delivery - raw paws review

15% off with auto-ship: Raw Paws

Raw Paws Pet Food Review

How Did Raw Paws Start?

Raw Paws was originally founded in 2007 but was later acquired by Jeff and Shelli McDonald in 2014. 

The company is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, where they purchase locally sourced meats. 

They developed their products with veterinarians and pet food experts to cater to each dog’s specific nutritional needs.

What’s Great About Raw Paws?

Raw Paws makes ground raw meat dog food that is literally designed to mimic the natural diet of a wolf in the wild. 

The food comes delivered right to your door and is made with high-quality raw ingredients.


Best raw dog food delivery - raw paws review

Raw Paws Pet Food is Made with High-Quality Raw Ingredients

Raw Paws pet food is made with USDA-inspected meats in an FDA-inspected facility. 

You can choose from beef, chicken, duck, fish, goat, lamb, turkey, and venison as your primary protein.

Complete diets contain 80 percent ground meat, 10 percent ground bones, and 10 percent organ meats. 

Some formulations include ground raw vegetables like carrots, green beans, broccoli, and spinach as well. 

Other products include 100 percent ground meat or 100 percent ground or whole organs like liver, tripe, and hearts.



Raw Paws Pet Food is Free from Low-Quality Ingredients

All Raw Paws raw diets are free from undesirable ingredients, including:

  • Preservatives
  • Antibiotics
  • Hormones
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  • Grains
  • Wheat


Best raw dog food delivery - raw paws review

Raw Paws Pet Food is Delivered Frozen to Your Door

Skip a trip to the pet store by having Raw Paws pet food delivered to your door.

All orders are sent fully frozen at 0 degrees Fahrenheit and packed with dry ice and recycled Styrofoam packaging to keep it cold.

Orders arrive via FedEx within one to five days.



Raw Paws Complete Pet Food is Reasonably Priced for a Raw Diet

From our research, Raw Paws complete diets are competitively priced to other raw diets available on the market. On average, their complete raw diets cost about $29.99 for 4 pounds of food (they are currently on sale for $29.99, discounted from $52.99).

Using Raw Paws’ feeding guidelines with a cost of about $0.47 per ounce of raw food per day:

Size Dog

Ounces per Day of Food

Cost per Day

Cost per Month

20 pounds (Small) 8 $3.76 $116.56
40 pounds (Medium) 12.8 $6.02 $186.62
60 pounds (Large) 19.2 $9.02 $279.62


Note that pet parents also get a 10-percent discount on auto-ship orders.


Best raw dog food delivery - raw paws review

Raw Paws Provides a Customized Meal Plan for Your Dog

For those who have never fed their dog a raw diet before, it can be a little confusing about what to include in their everyday meals. 

That’s why Raw Paws provides you with a customized meal plan when you fill out a simple form. 

You can also call them directly to speak with one of their specialists. 

While the usual price is $59, the meal plan is currently being offered for free.

How Does Raw Paws Auto-Ship Work?

Signing up for your Raw Paws auto-ship order is simple. 

During checkout, enter “AUTO” in the coupon code section to receive a 15 percent discount on your first order. Then, select “Auto-ship this order.” 

This will give you a drop-down menu where you can choose how often your order arrives. Choices include every 7, 14, 30, 45, 60, or 90 days.

All subsequent orders will automatically receive a 10 percent discount. 

Note that you can skip, cancel, or modify your auto-ship orders by calling or emailing customer service.

Raw Paws Special Offers

15% off your first auto-ship order with coupon code AUTO: Raw Paws

Best raw dog food delivery - raw paws review

15% off with auto-ship: Raw Paws

How Does Raw Paws Deliver Frozen Foods?

Raw Paws offers free delivery on orders of $199 or more and on their free-shipping packs.

For all other raw food orders, there is a flat shipping fee of $25.

Foods are shipped frozen and packed with dry ice. Delivery takes one to five days to the continental United States.

If any shipping delays cause your food to arrive thawed, contact Raw Paws for a refund within three days of receiving the product.

Note that for non-frozen items like their freeze-dried foods, treats, and supplements, Raw Paws offers free shipping for orders of $49 or more.

There is a flat rate of $5.99 for smaller orders.

Best raw dog food delivery - raw paws review

15% off with auto-ship: Raw Paws


How Do I Serve Raw Paws Pet Food Safely?

Because Raw Paws raw foods are delivered frozen, you need to get them into your freezer immediately. 

To serve Raw Paws to your pup, cut off a three-day serving and put it into your refrigerator to defrost in a sealed container. This will usually take 48 hours. 

To determine the ideal serving size for your dog, use the Raw Paws frozen feed calculator. 

Once the food is defrosted, simply serve it to your dog. 

After serving, wash your hands and your dog’s bowl thoroughly with hot water and antibacterial soap.

To avoid cross-contamination, remember to always wash all surfaces, dishes, and utensils thoroughly after serving the raw food. Wipe down counters with bleach or antibacterial cleaners to disinfect them and prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria like Salmonella or Listeria monocytogenes

Raw Paws also recommends storing the food in the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, away from your other food. [6]

To maintain the freshness of the food, Raw Paws advises that you defrost no more than three-day portions in the refrigerator. And discard leftovers in your dog’s dish within two hours. [8]

Best raw dog food delivery - raw paws review

15% off with auto-ship: Raw Paws

What Other Products Does Raw Paws Offer?

Currently, Raw Paws offers both raw diets for dogs and cats, along with freeze-dried foods, treats, supplements, and other supplies.

Other than their complete raw food diets, their products include:

  • Raw organ meats like liver, hearts, and tripe.
  • Raw meats like venison.
  • Grain-free kibble (that can be mixed with raw food).
  • Freeze-dried foods.
  • Baked, dehydrated, smoked, freeze-dried, and grilled treats.
  • Granule, liquid, and powder pet food toppers.
  • Supplements including those for joint issues, dental health, immunity, deworming, digestion, skin and coat problems, and appetite stimulation.
  • Bones, chews, and rawhides (some frozen).
  • Vegetarian pet treats.
  • Grain-free and gluten-free treats.
  • Pet supplies like slow-feed bowls, fur removers, catnip treats, and lick mats.
  • Goat milk supplements.

Best raw dog food delivery

15% off with auto-ship: Raw Paws

Popular Raw Paws Products

One of the most popular products offered by Raw Paws is their raw Green Beef Tripe Patties, which are sourced from the stomach muscles of free-range cows. 

These patties are even considered a complete diet on their own due to their nutrient content and palatability.

Raw Paws also offers grain-free beef, salmon, chicken, and organic chicken kibble for dogs. 

This kibble contains whole meats, meat meals, potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. 

Some formulations contain freeze-dried tripe. You can feed their grain-free kibble as a complete diet to your dog or along with their raw foods if you want to try a partially raw diet.

Along with the rest of their raw diets, organ meats, tripe-based diets, and grain-free dry kibble diets, Raw Paws offers lots of different types of treats, including their freeze-dried treats made of things like beef, chicken, green tripe, and cheese. 

These work well as training rewards for dogs eating a raw food diet. 

And you’ll find raw beefy bones, smoked bones, rawhides, and bully sticks to keep your dog busy chewing away happily all day.

Best raw dog food delivery

Raw Paws Pet Food Reviews

One of Raw Paws’ most popular diets, the Green Beef Tripe Patties got an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 190 reviews over two websites (Raw Paws and Amazon).

Summary of Reviews

Most customers were satisfied with the product and said that their dogs enjoyed the taste of the food, even fussy pups.

They noted that they had seen improvements in their dog’s overall health, and it had helped with digestive issues, skin problems, and even embarrassing issues like dogs eating poop. [9]

Some pet parents complained that the food had an unpleasant aroma but that their dogs loved it.

Several commented that the food’s packaging took up lots of room in the freezer. A few mentioned that their dogs had some tummy upset or constipation after eating the food. One mentioned that their extremely sick dog wouldn’t eat the food at all but that the company offered them a full refund and replacement.

Many owners complimented their customer service and the quality of the frozen packaging.

Raw paws reviews - have you tried raw paws raw dog food

Raw paws reviews - have you tried raw paws raw dog food

Pros and Cons from User Reviews 

  • Most dogs seemed to enjoy the food, even fussy eaters.
  • Overall, the food helped improve digestive health, skin and coat problems, and Coprophagia (poop eating).
  • The packaging keeps the food frozen.
  • Customer service is friendly and helpful.
  • Some dogs may experience stomach upset or constipation while on the food.
  • Tripe and other organ meats may have an unpleasant odor but are beloved by dogs.

Raw Paws Special Offers

15% off your first auto-ship order with coupon code AUTO: Raw Paws

Best raw dog food delivery - raw paws review

15% off with auto-ship: Raw Paws

Is Raw Paws Pet Food Worth It?

For those looking to try a raw food diet, Raw Paws offers competitively priced options that ship frozen to your door. Their foods are made from fresh, locally sourced meats and vegetables and are all USDA and FDA inspected for quality and safety.

While raw food diets may help some dogs, they aren’t appropriate for all dogs, especially those with serious health issues. Speak with your veterinarian if you’re unsure about whether raw food is right for your dog. And, remember to take extra precautions when storing and serving the food to prevent the possible spread of bacteria to both people and pets in your home.

For generally healthy dogs, Raw Paws raw diets may help with conditions like food allergies, dry skin and coat issues, and digestive problems. And though dogs can eat both meats and starches like people can, raw diets and lightly cooked diets are more digestible in general to our canine companions than kibble. 

Fortunately, Raw Paws make trying a raw diet easy because their complete meals are designed to meet your dog’s nutritional needs – all you need to do is defrost them. 

Even better, their auto-ship program allows you to set up a convenient schedule or regular deliveries without having to constantly reorder them. 

Raw Paws complete diets are a good option for pet parents looking to try a raw diet with their dog. If you choose to try Raw Paws, you’ll know that their foods contain the right mix of high-quality meats at affordable prices.

Raw Paws Special Offers

15% off your first auto-ship order with coupon code AUTO: Raw Paws

Raw Paws Pet Food FAQs

Have Raw Paws pet foods ever been recalled?

No, according to our research, the FDA doesn’t have a record of a Raw Paws recall.

Can raw food make my dog sick?

Yes, although dogs are less likely than humans to become sick after eating raw meat due to their digestive system. Fortunately, Raw Paws foods are manufactured with the guidance of the USDA and the FDA to minimize safety risks. You can reduce the risks of illness to your dog by always defrosting the food in the refrigerator, discarding expired products, and removing your dog’s raw food no more than two hours after meals. [8]

Are Raw Paws products sourced and made in the USA?

Yes, Raw Paws meats and vegetables are locally sourced, USDA inspected, and their products are made in the USA.

Does Raw Paws offer any guidance for raw food diets?

Yes, Raw Paws offers a feeding calculator and free customized meal plan for your dog.

Can I return Raw Paws pet food if my dog doesn’t like it?

No, Raw Paws doesn’t allow returns due to taste issues, but you can call them to see if they can work out a solution. You can ask for a return within three days of an order if it arrives defrosted, spoiled, or damaged.

Raw Paws Special Offers

15% off your first auto-ship order with coupon code AUTO: Raw Paws

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