Bark Bright Review – Is This Dental Care Subscription for Dogs Worth It?


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Bark Bright Review - enzymatic toothpaste for dogs

Susan Paretts

Why Is Dog Dental Care So Important?

You probably brush your teeth regularly to keep them fresh and clean, but did you know that your dog’s teeth should also be brushed every day?

That’s because without regular cleaning, your dog could develop painful gingivitis and periodontal disease that can negatively impact their health. These dental problems can lead to severe pain while eating, gum infections, and tooth loss. [1, 2]

Without treatment, infections in the mouth can even spread through your dog’s bloodstream to their heart, liver, and kidneys, seriously damaging these organs. [3] 

When Does Your Dog Need Professional Dental Cleaning?

If your dog’s breath is smelling a bit worse than usual, it could mean that they have an active infection in their mouth.

That’s why veterinarians recommend regular cleanings for your dog to prevent plaque, tartar, and bacteria from causing everything from cavities to gingivitis and periodontal disease.

These cleanings are performed under anesthesia to thoroughly remove tartar from below the gumline. In between cleanings, you’ll still need to brush your dog’s teeth to keep them as clean as possible, ensuring your dog’s mouth stays healthy. [4]

Bark Bright Review - enzymatic toothpaste for dogs

FREE extra month: Bark Bright

How to Brush a Dog’s Teeth

To brush your dog’s teeth, you’ll need to get them used to the process of putting a brush in their mouth. Start by teaching your dog to allow you to run your finger over their teeth and giving them a treat and praise if they let you.

Then, use your finger to apply canine toothpaste to their teeth. Treat and praise them if they allow it. Finally, use a dog toothbrush to apply the toothpaste to your dog’s teeth.

While this process seems pretty simple, many dogs hate having their mouths handled in any way and detest the sensation of having their teeth brushed. Others may not like the taste of the paste.

How To Clean a Dog’s Teeth Without Brushing?

Brushing can be a hassle and does require some training before you can do it regularly with your dog. If you don’t want to brush your dog’s teeth or your dog simply won’t let you, you can try using dental treats and canine toothpaste instead. 

That’s why Bark created Bark Bright, a box containing both grooved dental treats and toothpaste for your dog based on their size.

The chewy treats act as a brush when your dog bites down on them, and the toothpaste cleans your dog’s teeth using enzymes. This way, you can skip the brushing that your dog probably hates and give them some tasty treats instead to achieve the same results.  

Bark Bright Review - enzymatic toothpaste for dogs

FREE extra month: Bark Bright

What is Bark Bright?

Bark Bright products include dental chews and a special enzymatic dog toothpaste that are designed to clean your dog’s teeth without the need for brushing when used together.

Their subscription service provides you with enough supplies for one month of dental care for your dog and is based on your dog’s size. All products are delivered on a monthly basis to your door. 

Bark Bright Summary Table

Bark Bright Logo
What the Box Includes Dental chews and gel toothpaste.
How it Cleans Teeth The toothpaste contains three enzymes that break down the debris in your dog’s mouth.
Results In 1 to 3 weeks.
Subscription Available? Yes.
Subscription Options Small, medium, and large dog boxes.
Price Range   $30 to $35 per dog each month.
Free shipping? Yes.
VOHC recommended? No.
Delivery Area The United States, Canada, and U.S. territories.
Made in the USA Products are made in the USA, although some ingredients come from Finland.
Refund Policy Full refunds for products that you are unsatisfied with.
Free Trial? No.
Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars from 3,715 reviews over 2 platforms
Special Offers FREE extra month: Bark Bright


Any Further Considerations?

Bark Bright products are not only available through a subscription but also at stores and on Amazon to buy separately or via subscription.

How Did Bark Bright Start?

Dog lovers Carly Strife, Henrik Werdelin, and Matt Meeker started BarkBox in 2011 as a subscription dog box service. Each box contained a different selection of treats and toys for dogs each month.

Later, the company branched out into Box & Co, offering a variety of products for dogs, including Bark Bright dental products for dogs. 

The reason the company expanded into dental products is because they discovered that most dog owners weren’t brushing their dog’s teeth due to the difficulty involved, leading to serious dental issues over time.

Bark & Co wanted to make keeping your dog’s teeth easier for owners with a specially designed treat and toothpaste system.  

Bark Bright Review - enzymatic toothpaste for dogs

FREE extra month: Bark Bright

What Does Enzymatic Toothpaste Do?

Bark Bright’s chicken-flavored enzymatic toothpaste contains a combination of three types of enzymes that work together to break down and remove food particles and plaque from your dog’s teeth.

The enzymes are also antibacterial and continuously work together to remove harmful bacteria from your dog’s mouth. 

In fact, studies have shown that brushing a dog’s teeth with enzymatic toothpaste reduces bacteria in the mouth by around 70 percent. [6] 

These harmful bacteria not only cause bad breath but lead to the formation of tartar in your dog’s mouth. By getting rid of them, your dog’s mouth stays cleaner and fresher.

Bark Bright Review - enzymatic toothpaste for dogs

FREE extra month: Bark Bright

What’s Included with Bark Bright 

Each Bark Bright box contains 30 dental sticks and enough enzymatic toothpaste to last for one month, based on your dog’s size.

Bark Bright Dental Sticks or Chews

Bark Bright dental sticks are specially grooved treats that help scrape debris off of your dog’s teeth when your dog chews them. These treats also contain a ridge down the middle for you to place the Bark Bright enzymatic toothpaste. Dogs need one per day.

Bark Bright Enzymatic Toothpaste

Bark Bright enzymatic toothpaste contains three different natural enzymes that help to break down food and plaque on your furry friend’s teeth. These enzymes also combine to remove harmful bacteria from your dog’s mouth.

When used on a dental treat, you get the brushing effect of the treat combined with the enzymatic antibacterial properties of the toothpaste. 

Bark Bright Review - enzymatic toothpaste for dogs

FREE extra month: Bark Bright

What Makes Bark Bright Different?

Bark Bright’s toothpaste contains a proprietary combination of three enzymes, which are popular in Europe and are even used in human toothpastes there too.

This makes it very effective in maintaining your dog’s dental health when used in conjunction with their textured dental chews.

These are some main benefits of Bark Bright’s boxes.



Ease of Application

You don’t need to train your dog to allow you to brush their teeth.

Bark Bright’s dental sticks have grooved edges that help scrape debris from your dog’s teeth when they are chewed.

Down the center of the treats is an indentation where you can easily place a line of their enzymatic toothpaste.

This way, when your dog bites down on the treat and chews, their teeth are automatically brushed when they chew for 30 seconds.



Bark Bright Enzymes Keep Teeth Healthy

Bark Bright toothpaste contains three enzymes: amyloglucosidase, glucose oxidase, and lactoperoxidase.

These enzymes work together with the natural enzymes in your dog’s mouth to break down food particles on your dog’s teeth and remove harmful bacteria in your dog’s mouth.

In fact, when used daily, Bark Bright could improve your dog’s breath within three weeks and produce cleaner teeth within four weeks. [7]


Bark Bright Review - enzymatic toothpaste for dogs

Bark Bright Toothpaste and Dental Stix Ingredients are Safe

Bark Bright Toothpaste contains three naturally occurring enzymes that are safe for your dog to swallow, along with water, lactose-free skim milk powder, glycerol, sorbitol, and real chicken powder.

The toothpaste also contains natural preservatives, antimicrobial salts, and plant-based thickeners.

Bark Bright Dental Sticks contain potato starch, gelatin, pea protein, chicken, vegetable glycerin, lecithin, and natural smoke flavor. They are naturally preserved with citric acid and mixed tocopherols.

Note that both products should be used within 12 months to prevent spoilage. For dogs allergic to chicken, both products do contain real chicken and could result in an allergic reaction if used on your dog’s teeth.



Many Dogs Enjoy It More Than Brushing

Most pet parents who used Bark Bright with their dogs have found that their pups actually enjoy the taste of both the dental sticks and the toothpaste.

They also noted that even for dogs who hate having their teeth brushed, they readily ate these treats daily with no issues.

After all, being handed a treat is much easier than trying to wrestle open your dog’s mouth and get a toothbrush in there.



Bark Bright is Delivered to Your Door

Like a BarkBox subscription, Bark Bright is delivered monthly right to your door.

Each box contains enough toothpaste and treats to last for a full month based on your dog’s size.

Bark Bright Special Offer

FREE extra month: Bark Bright

Bark Bright Review - enzymatic toothpaste for dogs

FREE extra month: Bark Bright

Is Bark Bright a Subscription?

Yes, although you can also purchase their products directly in stores and online, Bark Bright is a subscription service.

Each month, within the first two weeks of the month, your box will ship out with the dental supplies for your dog, arriving within one to two weeks.

The boxes are shipped free of charge to the continental United States and all other areas require an $8 shipping charge per box.

How To Make Changes to a Bark Bright Subscription

To make changes to your next order, you would need to log in to your account page before the 15th of the month.

If there is a problem or delay with your order, contact their customer service to see about getting a replacement or to arrange for a return. To pause, skip a box, or cancel your subscription, you’ll also need to contact customer service directly.

When canceling, you’ll first need to go to your account page and disable the auto-renew option for your subscription and then contact their customer service.

Note that your order will most likely still be processed for your total subscription period, but customer service can advise you if it’s possible to cancel the rest of your subscription if you are dissatisfied with their products.

How Do I Sign Up for Bark Bright?

To sign up for Bark Bright, you go to their subscription page where you will enter information about your dog. If you’re an existing subscriber with BarkBox, you can simply add a Bark Bright Box to your monthly subscription account. 

When signing up your dog for a Bark Bright subscription, you’ll need to enter their name, gender, size, breed, and birthday. Plus, you’ll need to let Bark know about any allergies your dog has to chicken, turkey, or beef. Finally, you’ll enter in your email before coming to the selection page for your Bark Bright subscription: 

Bark Bright Review - enzymatic toothpaste for dogs

FREE extra month: Bark Bright

Once you choose the box subscription that you want, you’ll enter in your shipping and payment information to sign up and create your account.

After you sign up, you can go back into your account to make changes to your subscription.

You can also choose to prevent your subscription from auto-renewing if you wish to cancel or pause your box deliveries.

Bark Bright Customer Reviews

Bark Bright got an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 3,715 reviews over 2 platforms, Amazon and Petco.

Many satisfied customers mentioned that they loved how easy it was to give the treats and the toothpaste to their dogs. Most dogs also seemed to love the flavor of the paste.

Unsatisfied customers noted that their dogs didn’t like the flavor of the toothpaste or the texture of the treats. Some complained that they felt that the kits were not worth the money for the products included. Others mentioned that their dogs went through the treats and paste too quickly.

Many pet parents said that their dogs’ breath was much more pleasant and that they loved how easy the kits were to use.

Bark Bright Review - enzymatic toothpaste for dogs

Bark Bright Review - enzymatic toothpaste for dogs

Bark Bright Special Offer

FREE extra month: Bark Bright

Does Bark Bright Work?

The majority of reviewers found that Bark Bright worked well to improve their dog’s dental health, although some dogs didn’t like the taste of the products and might be reluctant to eat them.

Pros and Cons From Bark Bright Reviewers


  • Most dogs seem to like the taste of the Bark Bright toothpaste and dental sticks.
  • The kit may decrease your dog’s bad breath.
  • Owners found using the dental sticks and toothpaste much easier than a traditional canine toothbrush.
  • Reviewers liked that the boxes are customized to a dog’s size.


  • Some pet parents found the subscription box too small for the price.
  • Dogs may not like the flavor of the treats or toothpaste, refusing to eat them.
  • Certain dogs didn’t like the hard texture of the treat sticks.

Bark Bright Prices

A Bark Bright subscription costs $30 per box when you sign up for a 6-month subscription. The cost is $35 per box each month for a month-to-month subscription. The prices for a small dog, medium dog, and large dog subscription are all the same.

For a limited time Bark Box is offering a FREE extra month here: Bark Bright

Is Bark Bright Good for Dogs?

Bark Bright products are good for dogs if they are applied daily. 

While brushing your dog’s teeth every day is recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC), it’s not always practical with some dogs who may not like the sensation of having you brush their teeth. [1] 

That’s why Bark Bright products can make it easy to keep your dog’s teeth cleaned without brushing.

Using enzymatic toothpastes like Bark Bright to brush your dog’s teeth can reduce bacteria in the mouth by around 70 percent. [6] 

In addition, when combined with their ridged dental treats, their toothpaste not only breaks down debris in the mouth but can also physically scrape debris off the teeth. 

By keeping your dog’s mouth healthy, it ensures that your dog’s breath stays fresh, but it also means you’ll avoid issues like gingivitis, periodontitis, and other serious health problems down the line. 

Most Bark Bright users found that their dogs enjoyed eating the treats and the toothpaste with no issues. Plus, all the boxes are tailored to your dog’s size, so you’ll know that your dog will get the right size treats to clean their teeth properly and enough toothpaste to last the month. 

In addition, no matter what the size of your dog is, all Bark Bright boxes are priced the same, so you don’t have to worry about an increase in price if your puppy grows larger during your subscription.

To determine if Bark Bright is right for your dog, consider signing up for a month’s subscription and trying out the products. If it works for you, you may be starting your dog on a healthy dental routine that you can continue for years to come. 

Bark Bright Special Offer

FREE extra month: Bark Bright

What Other Products Does Bark Offer?

  • BarkBox: Their original subscription box containing treats and toys for dogs.
  • Bark Super Chewer Box: A subscription box containing extra-durable toys, chews and treats specifically for dogs who love to chew.
  • Bark Eats: A subscription dog food service that provides your dog with kibble, toppers, and nutritional supplements.
  • Bark Shop products: Their online shop offers their most popular products that are available to purchase separately, without a subscription.
  • BarkBox Amazon: Bark products are available and sold through Amazon directly, including via subscription.

Bark Bright Special Offer

FREE extra month: Bark Bright

FAQs Bark Bright

Is Bark Bright safe?

Yes, Bark Bright toothpaste contains dog-safe enzymes that work together to remove and break down debris in your dog’s mouth. Their treats contain natural dog-safe ingredients as well.

Is Bark Bright VOHC approved?

The VOHC does not list Bark Bright on their list of approved products (7). 

Is Bark Bright good for dogs?

Yes, the enzymes in the toothpaste can remove plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth without the need for brushing.

Do vets recommend Bark Bright?

Yes, veterinarians recommend regularly keeping your dog’s teeth clean between professional dental cleanings, with the use of an enzymatic toothpaste or dental treats, both of which are included in a Bark Bright subscription.

Is Bark Bright safe for puppies?

Yes, once your puppy’s permanent teeth come in, they are ready to use Bark Bright products.

Can Bark Bright improve my dog’s breath?

Yes, with regular use, these products can improve your dog’s breath within one to three weeks.

Can cats use Bark Bright?

Yes, cats can safely use the products in the small size, but always consult with your veterinarian first.

Can I use Bark Bright if my dog is allergic to chicken?

No, for dogs allergic to chicken, both products do contain real chicken and could result in an allergic reaction if used on your dog’s teeth.

Bark Bright Special Offer

FREE extra month: Bark Bright

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