Babysense Monitor Review: Is Their Video and Breathing Monitor Bundle Worth It?


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Babysense monitor review - babysense 7 breathing monitor review

Carly Hayes

As you head home from the hospital with your most precious possession – your newborn baby – along with the joy, you may find the worries start to creep in.

One worry tends to take precedent above all others for new parents. The risk of sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS.

You follow all the guidelines provided to reduce the risk of anything like this happening but the nerves are still there. Before you know it you may find yourself checking on baby’s breathing several times in the night.

The stress becomes even more acute if you’re the parent of a baby that’s been in NICU or who was born prematurely. You will probably be used to baby’s every vital sign being monitored in the hospital. Now that they’re home they suddenly seem completely alone.

Breathing monitors help parents with this stress by monitoring baby’s breathing and sounding an alarm if it stops or slows considerably.

They cannot prevent SIDS but they can give parents the reassurance that their baby is OK while they’re sleeping.

In this review I’ll be looking at one of the most established baby breathing monitors on the market: Babysense. They produced the world’s first non-contact breathing monitor and have been an established name ever since.

Their bundle includes 2 monitors; one for video and audio of baby and the other for baby’s breathing. We’ll look closely at each one so that you can see if they’re the right fit for you.

In this review I’ll discuss:

Babysense Monitor Chart: Video and Breathing Monitors

What Is BabySense?

Monitor Features and Setup Process

Babysense Monitor Reviews

Would I Recommend Babysense Monitors?


Babysense Monitor Chart: Video and Breathing Monitors

The Babysense Bundle includes two monitors. The first is for video and audio and the second is for breathing:



Babysense Video Baby Monitor V24R

This contains a high-resolution camera and a receiver.

It allows you to hear and see your baby clearly during the day and at night.

The camera talks to a screen receiver that you can keep with you to keep an eye on baby.



Babysense 7 Baby Breathing and Movement Monitor.

Two large sensor pads clip into a unit on the side of the crib. Nothing needs to be plugged in as it’s battery operated.

These pads measure baby’s tiniest movements, including breathing. If baby stops moving or moves less than normal, you will hear an alert sound and see a red light flashing.

Babysense Review Babysense v24r Review Babysense 7 Review
Models Babysense V24R Babysense 7
Contains: 1 Camera
1 LCD Screen
2 Power adapters
1 Mounting set
2 Sensor Pads
1 Control Unit
Cable plates
(needs 4 AA batteries)
Monitors: Temperature
Age range All ages Birth to 12 months
When do alerts sound? High and low temperatures
Out of range
Baby stops breathing for 20 seconds.

Baby’s breathing slows to less than 10 breaths.

Time to set up 2 minutes.
Plug in and turn the power on.
5 minutes to place sensors under the mattress and plug in the base.
Ease of use Very straightforward to use. Once set up very easy to use. Tap the unit to activate the breathing monitor.
Technology it uses 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission technology.
Infrared technology for night vision.
Sensor pads under the mattress operate on standard AA batteries.
Picture quality High quality color 2.4″ LCD screen.
Black and white night vision view.
2 x zoom if you would like to see your baby more clearly.
Stable stream.
None, monitors breathing only.
Audio quality Audio is good quality, not crystal clear but good enough and with a steady stream. None, monitors breathing only.
Range 900 feet clear space.
Within a home it had reception across 2 walls and 1 storey.
Alarm sounds on the unit on the side of the crib.
Safety Wi-Fi free and hack-proof. No contact breathing detection.
Wires are hidden under the mattress and secured using the cable plate.
Radiation free and doesn’t heat up.
WiFi-free and hack-proof.
HSA and FSA approved.
Bundle Prices US Bundle: $159.99 (usually $206.98) — save $55 compared to buying separately.
UK Bundle: £169.99 — save £30 compared to buying separately.Each one has the:
Babysense 7 (breathing monitor)
Video Baby Monitor V24R (latest model video monitor)
Individual Prices Babysense Video V24R

US – $69.99 (reduced from $84.99)
UK (V24R-2) – £99.99
Check latest prices

Babysense 7 Breathing Monitor

US – $129.99
UK – £99.99
Check latest prices

Refunds 45-day money back guarantee 45-day money back guarantee
Review Summary 4.5 stars

The V24R video monitor received an average of 4.5 stars from 252 reviews across 2 websites.

4.4 stars

An average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 280 reviews across Amazon sites. 73% of parents gave it 5 stars.

Warranty 1 year manufacturer’s warranty 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Where to Buy Babysense Monitor Bundle

What Is BabySense?

The Babysense brand has been around for nearly 30 years and has won numerous parenting awards during that time.

They developed the world’s first non-contact breathing monitor which detected micromovements in baby. This monitor was made to alert parents to sleep apnea in infants.

Their core focus has been keeping babies safe and giving parents peace of mind.

Babysense monitors are considered reliable, secure and have been used by many parents across the world.

Babysense monitor review - babysense 7 breathing monitor review

What Are the Latest Monitors?

The Babysense Video Baby Monitor V24R is a new release, replacing the previous model (V24UK) which is pictured here.

This monitor includes a high-resolution camera and a high-quality colour LCD screen receiver, allowing you to see and hear your baby when they are playing and when they are asleep. The monitor works during the day and at night.

You can purchase it with 1 or with 2 cameras. You can also add the second camera on at a later date.

The Babysense 7 Baby Breathing and Movement Monitor includes two sensor pads that sit under the mattress and a control unit that clips onto the side of the crib which sounds the alerts.

This monitor detects your baby’s breathing through the tiny movements they make in their sleep.

The video and breathing monitors work independently of each other. However Babysense always recommends using a video or audio monitor with any breathing monitor.

Babysense 7 Breathing Monitor and Babysense V24UK Monitor

Monitor Features and Setup Process

Babysense Video Monitor 

The video monitor has a built-in temperature sensor, so you know that your baby is comfortable.

If your baby wakes, you can sooth them by speaking to them through the receiver of the video monitor. Or, you can play one of the lullabies Babysense offers, to settle them back to sleep.

Bonus features of the video monitor also include a night light that you can turn on from the receiver and an ECO mode to save battery when your baby is not stirring.

Babysense Breathing Monitor

Unlike other breathing monitors which have one pad underneath the mattress, Babysense offers 2 large sensor pads. This means that they can cover the whole area of the crib to detect micromovements in baby. This is especially helpful when your baby starts to roll over or move around the crib.

The breathing monitor is suitable for bassinets, cribs and cot beds, as long as they have a rigid base.

Version 7 of the breathing movement monitor has improved sensitivity to previous versions, so there is a lower risk of false alarms.

Here are some of the key features of the Babysense Video and Breathing Monitors:



Built-in Alerts

The video monitor will alert you if:

  • the temperature of the room becomes too high or too low; an alarm will sound from the receiver of the video monitor.
  • you move more out of range of the camera or if the battery is low.

The breathing monitor will alert you if:

  • your baby does not move or breathe for 20 seconds.
  • your baby makes less than 10 tiny movements in a minute.

This alert comes from the fixed unit that clips onto the side of the crib. An alarm sounds and a red light starts flashing.


Babysense monitor review - babysense breathing monitor review - babysense video monitor review V24R V24UK

Easy Set Up

Both of these monitors were simple to set up and use.

The video monitor was the most straightforward. You only had to plug in the camera and receiver unit to the power supply for them to start working. Then you position the camera so that it can have a good view of baby, without leaving any loose cables around the crib.

You also have the option to wall mount the camera and Babysense provide a screw and plate for you to do this.

The breathing monitor takes about 5 minutes to set up. You:

  • place the sensors under 2 different parts of the mattress. They must sit on a rigid base.
  • secure the cords by passing them through the safety plate provided, so that no loose cables are hanging.
  • connect the cables to the alert device that sits on the side of the crib.

The manuals give clear pictures on how to do this. Other reviewers also reported that these devices were easy to set up and use.



Tamper-free Technology

Both of these monitors have been designed to communicate only with their respective receivers and this transmission cannot be tampered with.

The video monitor also uses infrared technology for night vision.

The breathing movement monitor works through its sensor pads placed under the mattress that are operated using standard AA batteries. These batteries have a long life, lasting for more than 6 months.

The way that the breathing monitor works means that it cannot be accessed from the outside.


Babysense 7 Breathing Monitor and Babysense V24UK Monitor

Clear Image and Sound

Image Quality:

The video monitor has a colour LCD screen that gives you a clear image. During daytime this is a full color image. During nighttime the Infrared gives a clear black and white image. You can see an example of each in the image here.

The signal between the camera and screen is stable and does not need a Wifi signal.

View Adjustment Options:

If you want to see your baby more clearly, you can also use the 2 x zoom function.

If you need to change the angle of the camera you can manually rotate the camera all the way around. Or you can tilt it up and down using the receiver if your baby moves in the crib.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality could be clearer as there is a haze to it but it’s generally good. I tested the sound transmission in different areas of the house and it always reached the receiver in a constant stream without breaks.

Sound Adjustment Options:

There is an ECO mode where you can turn off any sounds such as background static or shuffling, from the monitor. It turns on only when baby cries. This can help to save battery and to also help you sleep better when baby is quiet.



High Safety Standards

Neither of these monitors connect to the internet. They use wireless technology, meaning that they won’t lose signal or be hacked.

The breathing movement monitor is battery-operated. This means there are no excess cords running to power sockets around the crib. The 2 cords that go to the receiver sit under the mattress and are secured using the safety plate. This takes away the risk associated with loose cables.

The two sensors cover the whole area of the crib. This means that movement can still be monitored, no matter where your baby rolls to. It also helps to prevent false alarms from going off regularly.

The breathing movement monitor is also radiation-free and doesn’t heat up. It’s medically certified and clinically approved in various countries, so it can be trusted.



Suitable for birth to 12 months of age

The video monitor is suitable for all ages. Some of those who left reviews also recommended it for talking to older children.

The breathing movement monitor is suitable from birth to 12 months of age, covering the period when babies are most at risk of SIDS.



Offer Good Value for Money

Both monitors are great value for money considering what they offer.

They have breathing detection, high resolution video and audio monitoring using modern technology. Smart baby monitors are 2-3 times the price of this device as they offer smart features.

Ultimately though the monitors do the same thing in that they monitor baby’s breathing and allow you to keep an eye on them when you’re in another room.

Babysense monitor review - babysense breathing monitor review - babysense video monitor review V24R V24UK

Babysense Monitor Reviews

Here’s how I found the monitor and where I feel it could be improved, as well as what other parents had to say about it.

How I found the Babysense Monitor bundle

I tested out the Babysense 7 Breathing Monitor and the Babysense V24UK Video and Audio monitor. I should note that this video camera model is slowly being replaced by the new version – the BabySense V24R Monitor – which has better range and sound quality.

Both monitors were tested in a large dwelling so that I could experiment with the quality of the video as well as the range of the monitor. I have summarised how I found their performance here:

My Rating

Ease of set up ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Very easy to set up both monitors with clear manuals provided for both. The breathing monitor involved lifting the mattress to position the sensor pads and then securing the cords safely on the side device. Otherwise once it was plugged in everything worked straight away.
Video Quality  ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Great video quality with a clear, high res image during the day. When it was dark the image went to black and white with some slight graininess but it was still very clear.
Audio Quality ⭐⭐⭐
There was some background static behind the audio which could be improved. The sounds made in the room came through the monitor very clearly and in a constant stream.
Range ⭐⭐⭐⭐
I tested the range thoroughly as a few online reviews refer to it. The video receiver worked well in most rooms of the house, including through 2 thick walls, up or down 1 storey and about 25 meters away. It lost range halfway down the second storey but it was also travelling through several thick walls at the same time. I was able to use the monitor in all the rooms I would normally be in while monitoring baby so I found the range acceptable.
The breathing monitor has no range as the alarm sounds on the side of the crib so you need an audio monitor in order to hear it.
Quality of Materials ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I was really impressed with how this monitor looked and felt. The materials felt high quality and sturdy rather than flimsy. Everything had been quality checked and signed off and all monitors worked out of the box. They also included a note with details of how to get in touch if anything wasn’t right.
Value for Money ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
For me this is monitor offers the best value on the market. It has high quality materials, research and design, and monitors everything you need to know about baby, without the extravagant pricetag. It comes from a reliable brand with good customer service. I would recommend the bundle to anyone looking for a monitoring system for baby.
Check Latest Offers Babysense Video and Breathing Monitor Bundle 


Babysense Video Monitor Reviews

The latest video monitor (the Babysense V24R which replaces the V24UK) received an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 from 252 reviews across 2 websites.

85% of Amazon buyers gave it 4 or 5 stars.

Users liked that it was:

  • Great value. The video monitor offers high quality video and audio for a good price.
  • Eco-mode. They loved eco-mode which meant that the screen and background audio turns off but the monitor stays connected. This saves battery life and helps parents sleep better without the white noise.
  • Portable. The video receiver is small and light so it’s easy to put in a pocket. Many reviewers used the video monitor for travel.
  • Peace of mind. Being able to see baby as well as hear them, gave parents peace of mind that baby was fine.

A few had experienced technical problems with the camera’s screen or with a particular feature. However, they did also write that they were provided with a new one under their 1 year warranty. Some even commented on how quickly the replacement monitor was delivered.

Here are a few examples of customer reviews:

Babysense v24r Review

Babysense v24r Review

Babysense 7 Breathing Monitor Reviews

The Breathing Monitor also got overwhelmingly positive reviews among parents. A huge 73% gave it 5 stars.

It’s average rating was 4.4 out of 5 stars from 280 reviews across Amazon UK and US.

Users loved that:

  • Peace of mind. Knowing that baby’s breathing movements were being detected gave parents a great deal of peace of mind.
  • Full crib coverage. The 2 large sensor pads meant that it could detect micromovements on the entire crib.
  • Possibly ‘saved baby’s life’. Some parents think it may have saved their baby’s life as her breathing had stopped for 20 seconds.
  • Fewer false alarms. The high sensitivity of the sensor pads (and the fact that there are 2 pads) meant that reviewers reported experiencing fewer false alarms with this monitor, than with similar products.
  • Monitors breathing effectively. It’s not as flashy as other products but did the job and did it well.
  • Reminder to switch it off. When you pick baby up out of the crib it’s common to forget the turn the breathing monitoring off. Babysense has designed a gentle beep to remind you that it’s on so you can switch it off before the alarm sounds.
  • Good value. Many users found that the breathing monitor was great value, citing quality materials, a great design and a good performance.

One comment users had was regarding the installation. This monitor needs to sit on a flat surface under the mattress for it to work well. Some users had to put a sheet of wood or a piece of perspex under the mattress for the monitor to rest on in order for it to be installed correctly. After this though, the monitor didn’t need adjusting. It just stayed there.

Here are some sample reviews from users of the Babysense 7 Breathing Monitor:

Babysense 7 Review

Babysense 7 Review

Would I Recommend Babysense and Are Baby Breathing Monitors Worth It?

The Babysense bundle offers quality video, audio and breathing monitors at a great price for what you’re getting. You’re given all the information that you need about baby: you can see what they’re doing, you can hear them and you can have the reassurance that baby’s breathing alright.

It’s also been well designed with modern features. For example the breathing monitor has 2 large sensor pads so that it covers the entire crib and works as baby grows and starts to roll around. The camera itself is lightweight and compact so it can fit in your pocket as you move around the house. It also has an eco mode so that your sleep isn’t disturbed by white noise at night.

Whether you get just the video and audio monitor, or the full bundle is your decision. Worried parents may be better suited to the full bundle as they will get reassurance that baby is breathing – as well as seeing and hearing them.

If baby’s breathing isn’t something you’re anxious about, then the audio and video monitor would be sufficient.

Whether you choose the video monitor or the whole bundle, I hope that they bring you peace of mind and a few good nights sleep.

Latest Prices and Offers on Babysense Monitors

Babysense Bundle US
Babysense Bundle UK

Individual Monitors:

Babysense Video Monitor
Babysense Breathing Monitor


Do breathing monitors prevent SIDS?

No breathing monitors don’t prevent SIDS but they can alert you to other conditions such as sleep apnea. To protect your baby from SIDS you can follow the guidelines from the Lullaby Trust, included here below:

✅ Always put your baby down to sleep on their back
✅ Keep your baby away from cigarette smoke
✅ Breastfeed your baby, if you can
✅ Keep them in the same room as you at night for their first 6 months
✅ Use a firm, waterproof mattress that is in good condition
❌ Don’t sleep in an armchair or on a sofa with your baby
❌ Don’t share a bed with your baby if you
Have taken alcohol or drugs
Are extremely tired

❌ Don’t cover your baby’s face or head while they are sleeping
❌ Don’t use loose coverings
❌ Don’t let your baby get too hot
❌ Don’t use pillows, soft toys or duvets in the crib

Babysense Video Baby Monitor V24R:

Can I connect to it using a smartphone?

No, the camera and screen do not use a Wifi or internet signal, so you can’t access the camera using a smartphone.

Does Babysense monitor use WIFI?

No Babysense V24R monitor does not use WiFi, making it hack-proof. It uses 2.4GHz closed loop technology.

Babysense 7 Baby Breathing and Movement Monitor:

Why are there two sensor pads?

There are two sensor pads so that the monitor can accurately detect baby’s movement over the whole area of the crib. Baby needs to be on or near a sensor pad for the micromovements of breathing to be picked up.

How long will the batteries last?

The batteries should last for at least 6 months.

Can I use it on all types of cots?

Yes, this monitor can be used with many cribs. It does need a rigid base so if your baby’s bed has slats you may need to add a wooden plank or a sheet of perspex under the mattress for the monitor to sit on.

Can it be used for twins?

No, it’s recommended that twins are put down in separate cribs with their own baby monitors for accurate monitoring.

Can I connect to it via a smartphone?

No, the camera and screen do not use a Wifi or internet signal, so you can’t access the camera using a smartphone.

Does it prevent SIDS?

There is no evidence that this monitor prevents SIDS. It is an aid only, and does not replace a parent or caregiver.

Do baby breathing monitors work?

Yes, provided it is installed and used correctly, it should alert you if your baby’s breathing movements slow or stop.

Latest Prices and Offers on Babysense Monitors

Babysense Bundle US
Babysense Bundle UK

Individual Monitors:

Babysense Video Monitor
Babysense Breathing Monitor

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